War crime or false flag

Some ten days ago All the Goss exposed what appears to be “fake news” that Mariupol Hospital No 5 was bombed from the air by Russian armed forces. Western corporate media – that’s the media that brainwashes the gullible – continues to push the story, seemingly oblivious to it being a load of tosh. At least it does not entertain an alternative.

The name of the “actress” who allegedly played the roles of two pregnant women in the potentially false-flag hospital event is well-covered everywhere but in the west. Her name is Marianna Vishegirskaya (Podgurskaya). Among other pastimes she writes a blog on fashion.

Being pregnant made her a rare commodity in central Mariupol and may be the reason why she was chosen for, or coerced into, the dramatic roles. She is not an actress, although apparently she has a modelling background from when she lived in Donetsk two years earlier.

One thing is certain, Marianna Vishegirskaya did not die in the bombing whatever kind of juicy, emotive and provocative stories The Sun and other mainstream tripe-mongers may choose to sell you.

Allegedly Marianna Vishegirskaya (Podgurskaya), pretending to be a victim of a Russian air-strike

The Russian Embassy here in the UK broke the story of who she was with the following response to a tweet. This was promptly taken down by Twitter for not complying with its standards.

The day after the bombing Marianna gave birth to a daughter, Veronica. Let’s hope and pray that for her sake and the baby’s peace will soon replace the turmoil of seven-and-a-half years of neo-Nazi occupation. Then perhaps mother, husband and daughter can enjoy a life free from the threat of war. The blog Afinskie Novosti (Athenian News) maintains, like the BBC, that Marianna is the victim of “Russian lies”. However, its heading, emphasises:

“Non-pregnant” model gives birth to a daughter. Is she a victim or a charlatan?

There is nothing in the Russian Embassy tweet suggesting Marianna is not pregnant. On the contrary it says the “indeed pregnant beauty blogger”.

In Greece they must still believe that the BBC is a reliable source of information. The Athenian News post says: “The BBC’s disinformation team found evidence contradicting the baseless claims.” This, I confess, jolted my old eyes wide open, so I wondered if there was something I had missed.

Like a good journalist, who is not beholden to either owner or editor, I looked for evidence to support the writer’s confidence in misinformation spreaders like deputy mayor, Sergei Orlov, to see if in fact the BBC had reformed. What I found instead was an excellent article by Max Rosenthal on the theatre at Mariupol and a BBC correspondent fixer person, Orsia Khimiak, whose links to the Kiev regime, and anti-Russian rhetoric, make her an ideal choice for the BEEB, if perhaps the objective observer might think a tad biased. Rosenthal notes:

“Four days before the incident, Mariupol locals informed Russian media that the theater was to be the site of a false flag operation aimed at generating Western outrage and triggering NATO intervention.”

That Telegram message, in Russian, by reporter Dmitriy Steshin, made two predictions based on what locals had told him: that the Turkish mosque was going to be attacked to try and draw Turkey into the war and that Mariupol theatre was going to be destroyed and blamed on Russian bombing.

The first never happened. However, the same day that announcement was made one of the very few bastions of western thought in Russia reported that it had already been under attack. So did Sky news. Thankfully for all the worshippers and shelterers there the Ukrainian rocket landed short by half a mile, reportedly.

Everyone knows what happened at the theatre – except nobody knows.

What was being placed at the entrance to the theatre the day before it was blown up? They seem like wooden pallets, corrugated panels and other furniture. Behind the pile on the left of the entrance something is smoking and there are men carrying buckets. This photo is taken from a Grayzone exposure of goings-on at the theatre. That was a few days after the maternity hospital was brought down.

Was Marianna involved in a false-flag operation?

Suspicion is not proof. But it is highly likely from a whole catalogue of suspected “false flag” events that Marianna, wittingly or not, was part of the subterfuge. In the mothers’ home incident, against a background of suspicious activity, Marianna emerged from the smoke and wreckage looking scared, scarred and battered.

How scarred, scared and battered depends on whether her injuries were real or cosmetic.

Marianna Vishegirskaya (Podgurskaya) on the stairs of the maternity home.

The photo of her coming down the stairs shows someone with a nasty gash down the left side of her nose and above her left eye, which you might think would need stitching. In our media little debate about this being anything but a Russian attack can be found so it’s thanks again to Athenian News for this photo showing Marianna with her new baby, and you can see that here is a woman who heals quickly. Yes, there is some evidence of scarring, but again it has to be asked if this is real or cosmetic.

Marianna and child

Not to dwell too long on this issue one more recent identification of Marianna has emerged of her receiving supplies from the nasty Russians who allegedly bombed her and other mothers as they awaited the new arrivals. It was published on 21 March and pleased to say she looks fully-recovered.

Here is a still from the short clip contained in an article

A “wounded woman” in the Mariupol maternity home statistics again takes part in a film-shoot

When baby Veronica, born on 10 March, gets a little older, her mother will be able to tell her the full story of her war-torn birth, since she is one who really knows the truth of what happened that day.

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