The last Mariupol Theatre production – and the UK diktatoriat

Time and again the UK government and its media mouthpieces have been forgiven for being devoid of democracy while imposing neo-fascist policies never previously known in my lifetime. Since the turn of the century parliamentary acts, one after another, have chipped away at people’s rights. Prime among these was the “emergency” Coronavirus Act 2020, rushed through parliament without debate supposedly because there was a pandemic – there wasn’t. The act gave enormous powers enabling policy to be administered by the three stooges- remember them? – dictating from behind lecterns. The pandemic – there was no pandemic – was fake news.

The new diktatoriat, which replaced parliamentary debate, imposed measures – often ludicrous – to demonstrate what power could be wielded at a whole country’s populace against its will. Nobody really wanted the harsh measures created by edicts never sanctioned by those they were levelled against. The press went along with the subterfuge. Parliament went along with it. The police went along with it. The NHS went along with it. Perhaps most striking of all, universities went along with it.

Until this time there had always been debate and open discussion in universities. Suddenly debate was without form and void, and darkness was upon the faces of previously deep academic thinkers. The Coronavirus Act 2020 is still dictating policy more than two years on. It allows, among other repressive measures, the right to take away a family’s children for not complying with the nonsense dictates.

So when you voted for your MP did you also vote for your children being taken away from you for not, for example, succumbing to the poison jab? That’s what the act allows.

How refreshing therefore that a Scottish professor has drawn attention to the fact that the Mariupol Theatre bombing could have been orchestrated by the neo-Nazis who were at the time of the bombing in control of Mariupol central area, rather than the MSM narrative version, without a scintilla of proof, of a Russian air-strike. The Times notes that Professor Tim Hayward has been accused of spreading Russian propaganda for “tweeting a link to an article suggesting that the attack on a Mariupol theatre was a false flag operation.”

The article Tim Hayward tweeted was from the Grayzone, and most likely the one by Max Blumenthal linked in my own exposure of the suspected false-flag hospital bombing. The theatre bombing, also exposed on this blog, is even more suspect as a false-flag, especially since new witness reports are emerging by the day.

Russian propaganda – western propaganda

As our tagline at All the Goss says: “Propaganda can be bought – the truth is free”. More to the point, whether paid-for or not, propaganda can be true or false. If it’s false – that is, deliberately false – it has almost certainly been funded by those with an agenda to distort the truth. That might be a government, its media, its health services, its universities and any outlet which by its words or actions can create an illusion of reality and gull the public into believing the unbelievable.

As far as the Corona scam goes Russia and the west both went along with this false narrative and WHO directives. Apart from a few African countries, and Belarus – Russia’s closest ally – nearly every country in the world accepted bribes from the World Bank to follow locking-down, social-distancing and mask-wearing dictates – showing to any thinking person the global extent of broad-based political ownership the WEF controls.

Thankfully the control is not total as witnessed by the president of Belarus, Alexandr Lukashenko and Professor Tim Hayward, who have offered different, more credible, accounts. Professor Hayward is almost certainly right as descriptions of what actually happened are starting to emerge. Not that that will stop bigots like Robert Halfon M.P. blowing off steam on behalf of the agenda. He called Professor Hayward “a useful idiot for President Putin’s atrocities”.

Robert Halfon – a mouthpiece for neo-Nazi atrocities

Professor Hayward’s scepticism of mainstream news is justified. According to one interview from a former policeman who was informed by the cook catering for those held hostage in the theatre, the soldiers blew up the building themselves. A second account confirms this and comes from a survivor of the bombing, whose son also survived, although his mother was never found.

The survivor’s account given yesterday tells how his family was enticed to the theatre under the pretext of “protection from shelling”. He said that to begin with there were about 2,000 people there, including families of the soldiers. Food was brought by volunteers. When the soldiers families were let out it raised alarm among those remaining captives.

According to what he says the theatre was set up on purpose to make it look like an air attack. Military men wearing black uniforms, who arrived in American jeeps, fired shells at the building. Explosives had already been planted in the theatre.

Standing by the wall at the time he was blown out with the bricks. His son, who was sleeping on the balcony, was crushed by an oak door but managed to crawl out.

Mariupol theatre 15 March 2022

The day before the bombing stacks of pallets, with smoke coming form behind them, and men with buckets were photographed. What were they doing there? It wasn’t for a production of Chekhov’s The Wood Demon. Something was being planned.

Unlike previous days on the day of the bombing there were no cars in the car-park. Why would that be?

The second account, from a former police officer, Maksim Pavlenko, who’s information comes second hand from a cook, Mikhail, who helped cater for the 2,000 people sheltering in the theatre. Mikhail said “on the eve of the explosion, militants of Azov brought boxes into the theater” and “told the cooks not to go near the boxes and to leave the premises because, according to them, Russian troops would allegedly carry out air strikes the next day.”

These two reports substantiate Max Blumenthal’s Grayzone revelation which as well as pointing to the tweet which three days earlier had said that Azov fighters were planning to blow up the theatre when they retreated, carried an eye-witness account.

“The Azov fighters were simply hiding behind us,” she [a young woman] told a reporter. “We were their human shields, that’s it. They were breaking everything, all around us, they were not letting us outside. We spent 15 days in a basement, with kids… They gave us no water, nothing.”

Describing how the Azov Battalion placed its tanks in front of local bomb shelters, the woman offered a revealing detail: “When they were leaving,” she said, referring to the Azov Battalion, “they destroyed the drama theatre. People with shrapnel were brought to us.”

Professor Tim Hayward should be praised to high-heaven for giving an alternative to the incessant barrage of lies coming from parliament and a useless corporate media. Instead education secretary Nadhim Zahawi “said that academics like Hayward were already being investigated, and that their universities would be contacted” Russia Today reports.

So there we have it. No debate any more. No free-speech in universities. And government ministers like Zahawi, and MPs like Halfon, can continue to issue neo-Nazi dictates on behalf of the neo-Nazi Azov battalion, the war-crimes of which are legion, and whose conscripts deliberately bomb sheltering civilians.

Welcome to the UK diktatoriat.

2 thoughts on “The last Mariupol Theatre production – and the UK diktatoriat

  1. Thank you for this article, It has everything single thing, that I have known about and been reading for years. How on earth are we going to overcome the Devil’s lies that are being promulgated? I feel the majority of the sheep are walking us all right into the abattoir and I am powerless, in fact I feel like I no longer want to live in this world of imbeciles. Because that is exactly what they are.. Functional Illiterates who have no purpose in life except to eat, drink and breed, capable only of regurgitating lying propaganda narratives to aid the Vampire Parasite States of Amerika to suck the life blood from everyone… How will they ever be stopped?
    You hit the nail on the head with the Plandemic.. I saw this from the very beginning.. A flu bug was weaponised, designed specifically to rid the world of useless eaters, as we are called.. And we are powerless, because voices like yours/Grayzone/JimmyDore/Patrick Lancaster/Anne-Laure Bonnel/Veterans Today/Moon of Alabama/TapNewsWire and others are being dismissed by the Presstitute Propaganda flock.. It is as though the World has been infected with a poison?? Well they have, haven’t they, do you think that 5Gcould be a reality? How else would so many people have suddenly accepted the Anti Russian propaganda so readily, the day after the Convid plandemic ended? All was made expressly clear in “Ukraine on Fire” Biden and Victoria Nuland have disclosed their forked tails, yet no one seems to care? Ukraine even promoted a comedian who plays the piano with his dick, and the UK and shambolic clown who is totally incapable of telling the truth. Whose rallying cry is “Showtime.”
    Until I read this article, I was filled with despair, wondering how all the information I already knew would ever get out there, and here we are. I shall share this on every site I visit, and live in the hope that even a grain will seed.
    I can’t wait to read more of your articles….


    1. Those of us speaking the truth in a world of lies are vulnerable to the evil deeds of the liars. Only today a UK magistrate has approved the extradition of Julian Assange to the US for speaking the truth. Where are the MPs to speak up on his behalf? Our parliament, with very few exceptions, has been bought. WEF appears to own the planet. That needs to change.


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