Support Willem Engel – in prison for all of us

Tulips from Rotterdam.

Well-wishers place flowers against a wall in support of Willem Engel, imprisoned for speaking the truth about what is happening all around. Good doctors are being sacked, good nurses are being sacked, good academics are losing their posts, good people are going to prison. What has happened to the world?

Some of you will be too young to remember but when Nelson Mandela was imprisoned there was outcry from people, including mainstream journalists, petitioning for his release. He still spent 27 years in prison and was not released until 1990.

Today Julian Assange has been incarcerated one way or another for more than a decade. Those who would once have fought for the freedom of a truthful reporter – a reporter who revealed US war crimes in a video called “Collateral Murder” – have stayed silent. The Guardian has been despicable. Nothing new there. In the days when there was still a flickering of honesty in that paper, it published details of leaked and carefully-vetted releases from Wikileaks, a most reliable source of information and co-founded by Assange.

Julian Assange has done nothing wrong and everything right. Last year a resolute campaigner on behalf of Assange, Craig Murray, former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan, was imprisoned for reporting on the Alex Salmond court case brought by a coterie of vindictive women. Murray’s case was a farce and some new aspect of Scottish law called “jigsaw identification” was introduced whereby people, in this case the women who brought the trumped-up and legally-defeated Salmond allegations, could, the court claimed, be identified from Murray’s blog reports.

Having read all of his posts on the Salmond trial, I, for one, still have no idea who these false accusers were. Not only were these women liars, their anonymity was protected by the court, despite their lies. Perhaps I should demand to know who they are since a good man was imprisoned on another lie which claimed it was possible to identify them through Murray’s posts. And I can’t.

This is the world we live in. Unless we, the people, do something about it the growing imprisonment of the innocent can only get more frequent until there is nobody left speaking out. Free speech is almost dead. What’s more this abuse of authority demonstrates the control the World Economic Forum (WEF) has over, the press, the police, the judiciary and even governments.

Willem Engel – an exemplar

Willem Engel, who was only released last Wednesday (31 March 2020) was re-arrested yesterday on his way to a demonstration. He has long been outspoken against the mainstream misinformation regarding SARS-COV-2, the PCR-test and about “vaccines” being of proven benefit. For his courage he was taken into custody spending time in prison waiting for his case to be heard. Willem is a jovial man, a quick thinker and dedicated to exposing the nonsense that has been inflicted on society.

Below he interviews the eminent doctor, microbiologist and scientist, Professor Sucharit Bhakdi. The importance of this video will become apparent in the section dealing with Willem’s latest arrest.

Willem Engel interviews Sucharit Bhakdi about coronaviruses

In the interview, among other false statements the public has been forced to listen to over the last two years of Covid yerunda, Sucharit Bhakdi explains how coronaviruses enter the body via the respiratory system, that is, not though the bloodstream. Bhakdi also exposes the lie about the masks being of any benefit. No meaningful diagnosis can be made through the PCR-test he says and Willem points out the test is illegal, saying he:

“spoke with one of the suppliers and it was a very awkward silence when I mentioned the CE mark on the test, because the CE mark reads ‘research use only’ which is specifically not an in vitro diagnostic device” (22 mins).

Willem makes the distinction that the device itself is not illegal, but the use of it is.

Imprisoning people like Willem is criminal. It is not new, of course. What is new is the scale of this imprisonment. Having an alternative opinion used to be fine. All progress once depended on it.

Throughout history great thinkers have been persecuted for their knowledge. Socrates was forced to take hemlock, Galileo imprisoned for heresy, Dostoyevsky and Pushkin imprisoned for their writing talents and philosophies, Oscar WIlde imprisoned for being a homosexual – the list is endless. Never before, though, have so many intellectuals been targeted simultaneously over their objection to false dogma.

Willem talks eloquently about Agenda 2030. What he does not say, but perhaps ought to have done, is that the global elite – a tiny minority which has stolen everything from those who contributed to its production – is pushing for total control of a slave society. To achieve this an individual’s God-given genetic code is being altered with nano-technology, introduced via gene-therapies which are injected into the arm. These are injected without the “informed” consent of the recipients, while being paraded under the false name of “vaccines”.

At least that is the elite’s intent – to control people remotely. Anyone the injection fails to kill after taking the poison will have sections of their DNA replaced by synthetic protein strings to make anything they do controllable from any distance, hope the control freaks.

This is not science fiction. It is the plan. They, the tiny minority global elite, have spoken openly about it. Even though it is unlikely to work. They know when the experiments fail they can always revert back to their original plan of microchips under the skin. The other aim of these sociopaths is mass depopulation, because a large population is more difficult to control. Remember they are only a tiny minority.

Although more people are dying now than at any time in recent history the elite’s plan is not going well. What that probably means is more death-shots, to flatten the curve, for the sake of others, or whatever other meme they can dream up. Sucharit Bhakdi says that for every extra shot a person takes the damage to the immune system increases.

The next stage in the tiny elite’s plan is total control through knowing where everyone is at any given point in time. They will need this because otherwise they are vulnerable from families and friends of those they have deliberately murdered with fears they will rise up against them.

On their behalf authorities are getting rid of decent people in whatever way they can, taking them out of society, sacking medical practitioners and academics, to prevent others from taking similar action. Everyone is shit-scared of this tiny minority. And if people do not wake up soon it will be too late.

Yesterday’s arrest

From the video interview Sucharit Bhakdi, likens the whole corona business to diagnosis by a jungle witch doctor who tells the patient: “you have corona. Off you go into prison . . . if you say No you’re dragged off in handcuffs.” He goes on to say that the “situation is so weird, Kafkaesque, you know, Franz Kafka, he would love this. . . so we say there must be an agenda, a purpose behind this. And the purpose cannot be good.”

Here Willem says the agenda is very clear, Agenda 2030, “Build Back Better”, it’s the New Normal – the agenda is very clear. Yesterday the Dutch police proved him right.

Anyone who has read Kafka’s “The Trial” will know about K and the surreal world that played prologue to Hitler’s Germany; the knock on the door, the arrest, the imprisonment. Yesterday this was embodied in Willem’s manhandling by armed police in masks, (kindly note: it used to be the gangsters that wore masks). He was handcuffed (illegal), bundled into a police van and taken away.

Alarmingly, the police refused to identify themselves (also illegal).

Armed Dutch police in masks bundle Willem handcuffed into a police van

You can watch the arrest here. His case will be heard tomorrow (05/04/2022).

We must start working together to get our world back out of the hands of the tiny elite and their paid thugs.

Update: Willem free again

(1700 hours, 05 April 2022)

Great news. Willem has been released again from custody. Furthermore he is free to post again on social-media platforms because the judge found the original ruling too harsh in the “fundamental” light of freedom of speech. There is still an outstanding case against him which is due to be heard in two weeks.

12 thoughts on “Support Willem Engel – in prison for all of us

  1. You need a lot of words to twist the truth. Willem Engel is arrested, not because of a different opinion, but on 4 accounts: sedition, fraud, scamming and spreading medical misinformation.
    He broke the terms of the suspension of his pre-trial detention, and so he is back in jail.
    Yes we have the right of free speech. We also have the right to be protected from these charlatans.


  2. Truly, if humanity does not wake up now and take a stand against this EXTREME AND RAPID errosion, literally overnight, under the disguise of MEDICAL INTERVENTION, ALL CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, that is being put into illegal effect SIMULTANEOUSLY without due process, or referendums and open debates.

    They are busy installing police states world wide by enacting Bills and Laws, like in South Africa, wherein the government is given the right to do anything they want to anyone without recourse because it seems that every institution and civil structure has been usurped by these who serve the serpent race who are the royal families of old, still going strong embedded in those so-called secret societies like the Club of Rome, Bilderbergers, The Royal Society, Rosicrucians, Jesuits, Vatican and under Buckingham Palace and Lake Geneva, and it is a long and winding road all the way to Rome. The highest echelons of this wealthy society run Trust Funds and Think Tanks, like the Atlantic Council, for it is Atlantis that they seek to revive. And its circles within circles.

    The WEF is an intermediary, grooms and passes on directives to the embedded treasonous psychopathic global leaders of this dystopian world order but are currently presenting their snake face to us boldly because they are the saviours, they are ushering in the bible blueprint of the end times to deceive, for they want to control when and how the apocalypse happens. There may be knowledge of a near climatic upheaval, which they are not clearly sharing with us, perhaps because that too may be their fault for deliberately messing with the sun and the weather and violating the laws of nature in ways we don’t like to think about, or perhaps it in preparation to war against the return of Jesus Christ and His army Hosts of Angels. After all, these people who choose to serve the beast are intitiated into the pagan imperial death cult of the nephilim serpent seed races and have sold their soul to the devil, since they made a pact with him, sometimes bewitched or just greed, in return gold and fame, or just an easy and expensive life doing drugs and often other abominations.

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  3. “What has happened to the world?”

    What has been happening to the world is that it got under the destructive dominance of “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room” …

    “The inhumane abominations, issued by the highly credentialed professional class of psychopaths-in-control and their lauded sycophantic minions, of “No Jews Allowed” and “No Colored People Allowed” of yesterday is the “No Unvaccinated People Allowed” of today.” (from cited article above)


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