Support Willem Engel – in prison for all of us

Tulips from Rotterdam. Well-wishers place flowers against a wall in support of Willem Engel, imprisoned for speaking the truth about what is happening all around. Good doctors are being sacked, good nurses are being sacked, good academics are losing their posts, good people are going to prison. What has happened to the world? Some of... Continue Reading →

Every blogger should read and watch this

As bloggers our human rights went to Saughton prison with Craig Murray. Our human rights are still in Belmarsh prison with Julian Assange. Anyone who writes a blog or journal should be allowed to speak freely, providing their words are not hateful, harmful or based in fascist bigotry. Craig Murray, imprisoned for doing nothing but... Continue Reading →

Hardly anyone spoke out

The fallacy that 6 million Jews were the only victims of Nazi Germany might have something to do with who owns the media, and who our elected representatives really serve. As well as the 6 million Jews there were nearly as many non-Jews murdered and experimented upon in concentration camps. Ina R Friedman has spent... Continue Reading →

The ongoing torture of Julian Assange

People had better wake up fast. We never tolerated the imprisonment of innocent people or political prisoners for having a different point of view. Indeed we fought against such evil. But that was in the days of Nelson Mandela - when freedom for having different political opinions was valued and encouraged. What is creeping into... Continue Reading →

The vaccine war of 2021

Two days ago the personal testimonies of deaths from various vaccines were posted on this blog gleaned from a site now taken down by Facebook. This censorship is everywhere. Four days ago I handed this blog over to Doctors for Covid Ethics (D4CE) for an article which blew out of the water any ideas that... Continue Reading →

Craig Murray and his moderators

I have long - well above ten years - been a supporter of Craig Murray's doughty reporting and a contributor to his comment section. Indeed I re-published three of his recent articles regarding the extradition trial of Julian Assange on this blog. Today he has written a blog-piece about his inability to renew his membership... Continue Reading →

Court Reporter – Craig Murray, Day 4

For the fourth time this week I hand over my blog to Craig Murray who has doggedly, tirelessly queued for a seat in the public gallery to bring us stark accounts of proceedings in Woolwich Magistrates Court - an appendage to the notorious Belmarsh Prison. Your Man in the Public Gallery – Assange Hearing Day... Continue Reading →

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