A foreboding aboriginal death

Sadly, David Gulpilil Ridjimiraril Dalaithngu, passed away today, (29 November 2021). He will be remembered for his role in Crocodile Dundee. His debut into the world of films took place after being discovered by Nicolas Roeg and engaged as a child hero in the film "Walkabout". At the time he could speak no English and... Continue Reading →

BBC – deaf to debate, blind to reason

James Gallagher, Health and Science Correspondent for the BBC, put up an article "Where are we at with Covid" on 5 November 2021. For his "unbiased" research James Gallagher used comments from three Professors, Professor Tim Spector, Professor Mark Woolhouse and Professor Mike Tildesley. All three are members of the government body driving the yerunda... Continue Reading →

Countries under the Covid cosh (5) – Costa Rica

Costa Rica president, Carlos Andrés Alvarado Quesada, came to power on a gay rights’ platform with an unexpected yet overwhelming victory over his opponent. Other campaigns he has promoted, which link him to the New World Order, are compliance with the climate-change agenda, especially through electrification of motorised vehicles, and the most ruthless drive from... Continue Reading →


Ode to MODERNA “Grab ’em and jab ’em”’s our modus operandiand so far it’s proved – a nice little earner –no matter how many come a cropper and die,your coffins - our coffers – are full from MODERNA. We grab ’em and jab ’em and prick ’em and stick ’emand send ’em away with a... Continue Reading →

Hope for Covid jab refuseniks

Although the government and its assets, backed by MSM, is hell-bent on getting everybody vaccinated to death, wise doctors, scientists and other professionals are advocating caution against taking these experimental jabs. To cajole people into taking the vaccines, first they took away people's freedoms through introducing in 2016 the Investigatory Powers Act, also known as... Continue Reading →

J’accuse – stop the infanticide now

State murder of babies and the unborn went on in Germany less than 100 years ago together with sterilisation . Few dared to speak out. Nurses actually left babies out on a cold verandah to die of starvation and hypothermia. That's right - nurses. Doctors determined which babies should die. That's right - doctors. Their... Continue Reading →

Haiti – the clot-shot assassination

To get vaccines into Haiti it took the assassination of its president, Jovenel Moise. Haiti has rarely been a stable country since Toussaint L'Ouverture gained independence from France, defeated a 60,000-strong British army, and kicked the Spanish off the island. He led the Haitian slave revolt which gave the country a Constitution written in 1801.... Continue Reading →

Hardly anyone spoke out

The fallacy that 6 million Jews were the only victims of Nazi Germany might have something to do with who owns the media, and who our elected representatives really serve. As well as the 6 million Jews there were nearly as many non-Jews murdered and experimented upon in concentration camps. Ina R Friedman has spent... Continue Reading →

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