A timely wake-up call

This might be the most important article you ever read. Please, do read it. Your future depends on having read it or, at least, being aware of what is planned for us all. Countering “The Great Reset”. “Exit Globalization”, Refuse “Digital Tyranny” and “Global Governance” Derailing the Endgame By Peter Koenig First published at Global... Continue Reading →

The oaken roots of truth

Continuing the Easter run of guest articles. this one comes highly recommended, like the others. We really need to resist what is happening, through mainstream indoctrination and pseudo-science that they want people to follow. Winter Oak is a blog well worth following. The Duke of Edinburgh wanted to come back as a virus. There is... Continue Reading →

War crime or false flag

Some ten days ago All the Goss exposed what appears to be "fake news" that Mariupol Hospital No 5 was bombed from the air by Russian armed forces. Western corporate media - that's the media that brainwashes the gullible - continues to push the story, seemingly oblivious to it being a load of tosh. At... Continue Reading →

Humanitarian aid versus war-crimes

Good and bad exist in the world, during peace and in war. War brings out the most extreme cases of both, cases of courage, comradeship and self-sacrifice on the one hand, and devastation, cruelty and torture on the other. Anybody today believing what our mainstream media tells us is probably still wearing a mask. War-crimes... Continue Reading →

Comment on Dr Malcolm Kendrick’s post

Dr Malcolm Kendrick has today published another enlightened blog-post "A Few thoughts on Covid-19 vaccination." This post, because it questions the power of the GMC, and the fear this body engenders in medical practitioners who might be accused of thinking for themselves, pushed me into writing a comment. I would not normally share a comment... Continue Reading →

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