How many Tiffany Dovers?

Up to now there have been at least two imposters pretending to be Tiffany Pontes Dover. This blog covered the first deception, perpetrated by CHI Memorial Hospital when Tiffany vanished in December 2020, one of the first of Pfizer's victims. It is strongly suspected that the nurse who stood in for Tiffany was Amber Honea... Continue Reading →

Why people must wake up – before they die

In 1996 Yevgeny Yevtushenko came to Birmingham, a key participant in Birmingham Readers' and Writers' Festival. He was promoting the English translation of his novel "Don't Die Before You're Dead." We got chatting afterwards, he was partial to an English pint and there was other common ground. We both wrote poetry, both cycled and both... Continue Reading →

Latest UK deaths from Covid “vaccines” plus

The MHRA in the UK states (to 26th October 2022) that 2,330 deaths and 1,533,654 injuries have now been reported by 470,023 people following a Covid-19 injection, an average of 3.3 injuries reported per person. Only 1-10% of deaths and injuries are known to be reported. ·         UK- Deaths Reported Following a Covid-19 Injection -26th October 2022.... Continue Reading →

This blog gets fact-checked

It speaks volumes when a major fact-checker swoops down on a small blog such as All the Goss. NewsGuard is funded by some of the largest transglobals and international organisations in the world. As those of us on this side of the DAVOS divide know if a gigantic bald-eagle of an organisation tries to prey... Continue Reading →


By Mark Playne This example of lateral thinking by WW2 Abraham Wald reminded me of the logical gap we face in the worldwide medical information war of 2022. Just as in Plato's cave, the viewers or shadows never understood the idea a 3D object blocking a light source–forming a 2D shadow on a wall–we are... Continue Reading →

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