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Vaccines – joining the dots

First a presentation of figures that is easy to understand and difficult to refute. In the three months from December 2020 to February 2021 in the UK there were more Covid-19 deaths than at the time when the so-called pandemic was at its peak from March 2020 to May 2020. And it was not just a handful more deaths – there were in excess of two-thirds more than the spring 2020 deaths from Covid-19. This story, which is alarming, never made it onto your TV news channels. It did not make your daily newspapers. Have you ever wondered why that is?

The period December 2020 to February 2021 coincides with the start of the vaccine roll-out. You would think such a coincidence could not be ignored – but mainstream media can ignore anything it chooses.

COVID-19 deaths 2 June 2021

March 20 – May 20            38,216
Dec 20 – Feb 21                 63,655

These death figures from the Office of National Statistics are not constant. The day before on 1 June 2021 they were apparently:

March 20 – May 20            37,443
Dec 20 – Feb 21                 64,419

Anyway, in whatever way these figures are manipulated there is nothing can be done to conceal the fact that there have been many more Covid-19 deaths than when such deaths were splashed all over the news to cause lockdowns, mask-wearing and all the other nonsense from the control-freaks pulling the majority’s strings. A growing number of people, me among them, think that an attenuated vaccine, or a placebo, is now being used more frequently because of the alarming toll of deaths in the initial vaccination period.

So did vaccination actually cause the Covid-19 deaths?

A difficulty for ordinary individuals, who do not have the years of training that members of the medical profession go through, is understanding the terminology specific to that industry in a way that it can be discussed with someone equally ignorant, and still make some kind of sense. There is no word medicalese to join commercialese, sociologese, journalese and officialese. Perhaps there should be. In today’s climate there is even an argument for a more specific field of jargon: virologese.

When a lay person encounters a medical phrase like “some patients develop a severe proinflammatory state which can be associated with a unique coagulopathy and procoagulant endothelial phenotype” he, or she, either discounts it as being outside their knowledge-base or reaches for a dictionary. It is rare, but some doctors have a gift for being able to understand and explain such virologese for people like you and me.

Recently published is an article, COVID19 – the spike protein and blood clotting which goes some way to bridging the gulf separating doctor from patient. It is by Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, a general practitioner, who primarily blogged about heart-disease until the “deadly virus” arrived and changed how people think and behave. Since then most of his blog-posts have been concerned with countering the propaganda emanating from corporate media.

In brief, according to my understanding of the article, there is a slimy substance called glycocalyx which lines vessels in the bloodstream and helps prevent the invasion of bacteria and viruses – just one of the benefits of glycocalyx. Damage this, or “the underlying endothelial cells” and the chance of a blood clot developing is increased. The cause of such damage can “often be” an “immune system attack”. And indicative of such an attack is a reduced level of platelets in the bloodstream. Platelets (thrombocytes) help repair damaged blood vessels and a reduction in the count suggests widespread clotting.

Of all the body’s cells the SARS-Cov2 virus can only gain entry to those cells with an angiotensin II receptor (ACE2 receptor). Cells with this receptor predominate in the lungs, the lining of blood-vessels and the lining of the gut. To begin with a SARS-Cov2 attack generally starts in the lungs. But the biggest danger of death comes when the virus gets into the bloodstream, attacks endothelial cells and causes damage to the glycocalyx. This leads to clotting. To get Dr. Kendrick’s full explanation you need to go to his blog.

My understanding is that a SARS-Cov2 virus when it penetrates a cell, shedding its protein coat along the way, then uses that cell’s machinery to multiply (it is incapable of replicating on its own). Apparently all viruses behave that way. The newly-formed RNA and proteins then associate with each other at the surface of the cell and bud off from it as new virons (virus particles). These newly formed and released SARS-Cov2 virions are capable of infecting other cells. The infected cells may be severely weakened or killed in the process.

As may be seen the process of viral replication entails the sorting of viral proteins to the cell surface. This applies particularly to the spike-protein. Escaping virions leave a spike protein on the surface of the cell. It is well-accepted that the immune system recognises this spike protein as the enemy and rushes to snuff out the infection by attacking and destroying the virus-infected cells which display the spike protein.

Enter modern RNA and genetically modified vaccines. Unlike vaccines in the past the new vaccines do not use dilute or dead fragments of the virus to create antibodies. Instead – as I understand it – they instruct healthy cells to create the virus spike protein on their surfaces without any penetration of a virus into the cell. The immune system then creates B-cells which will in turn create antibodies against the spike protein. This is considered the main purpose of vaccination. However, in addition the immune system also creates T-cells which recognise the “vaccinated” cells and kill them off, just as if they were virus infected – even though these are in fact healthy.

Some hold a theory that when an actual coronavirus gets into the body of a vaccinated person the immune system will attack not just cells damaged by the virus, but healthy cells as well, leading to what is termed a “cytokine storm”.

Since the introduction of these vaccines there have been many instances of clotting – manifest as thrombosis, stroke or heart-attack – as well as of death and other severe illnesses. People should be asking what the agenda really is when the deaths from Covid-19 since vaccines were introduced far outnumber deaths at the peak of the so-called “pandemic”.

Not only are our media ignoring this, they are actively pushing for the vaccination of our 12 to 15 year-olds. The time to challenge government and media is now. Tomorrow, your children may be dead, sterile or irrevocably damaged.

At the end of Dr. Malcolm Kendrick’s article he asks readers to join the dots. That is what I have tried to do here. Hope you can too. You don’t need to be Einstein. It’s simple arithmetic.

(Edited thanks to suggestions from an expert on viruses and vaccines: Professor Michael Palmer)

Loads of people, loads of photos – the demo they want you to think never took place

What a day! What beautiful people! What a kick in the teeth for the establishment! And not a mask in sight – except from the police who were forced to wear them. Poor things.

Were you there? If you were you might be able to spot yourself in one of these pictures from the march and rally that yesterday brought central London to a standstill. Or perhaps you can spot the poster you designed and carried.

The featured image prophesies and encapsulates media reaction. Silence. Here it is again.

First about the size of the rally. Some may think it is not the place of a man of my years to be climbing up onto the lions in Trafalgar Square to get some of the best exclusive photographs of a turn in the tide. They might be right. But what the photos show is the rapidly growing movement opposed to the mad perpetration of this new totalitarianism. Everyone demonstrating yesterday was a hero.

As far as the eye could see crowds of marchers filed past Trafalgar Square.

If that looks like a crowd, let me say it is the tip of the iceberg. Look at the size of the crowd coming towards Trafalgar Square from the same vantage point of Landseer’s lion at the south east foot of Nelson’s column.

Crowds as far as the eye can see and beyond. If you were there you know just how impressive this demonstration was. If not, why not?

My mission was to distribute 1,000 stickers on behalf of Doctors for Covid Ethics (D4CE) and capture people’s posters as inspiration for future print runs. So the following photos are mainly of posters, with the odd nun or two and the odd heavily-armed riot policeman. Enjoy.

The Pandemic that never was

The media still talks about a Covid pandemic that never took place. It is meant to instil fear and thus encourage – cajole might be a better word – people into taking vaccines which are next to useless.

Here is the total number of burials and cremations for my home city of Birmingham for the “pandemic” year – less in fact than any of the previous five years. Yet people are climbing over one another to get to the front of the vaccination queue for injections of an untested genetic concoction.

And if you think Birmingham is an exception here are figures from some other towns and cities obtained by Nick Milner using Freedom of Information (FOI) requests. Central Bedfordshire seems to be the most inefficient region in the country for record-keeping and refused Nick’s request on the grounds of the search being too costly.

There was no pandemic and the Office of National Statistics is sitting on figures which should have been released more than two months back on 19 March to get as many people vaccinated with their poisons as possible before the truth emerges – it was just the annual flu.

Already five so-called vaccines have resulted in untold damage and death to those taking them. The following figures and explanations of them have been prepared by a colleague from official sources.

UK Adverse Events to 12th May 2021 as released by the MHRA (UK) .

A total of 1,180 deaths (plus many miscarriages) and over 822,000 injuries now reported through the Yellow Card Scheme in the UK in regards to the experimental Covid-19 vaccines. Each person for whom a Yellow Card (UK) is being completed has suffered on average more than 3.5 adverse events with over 235,000 individual reports now having been made.

According to the government about 53% (last week 51%) of the UK population has had the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and 28% (last week 24%) have also had their second dose.

The latest adverse reactions from the Covid-19 vaccine provided by the MHRA / UK govt these can be located here : and are also attached in the PDF documents and can be located here thanks to UKC :

Losing it. Your freedom on the line. Are you being controlled?

On my long cycle trip in 2000 I was most impressed by how easy it was, when we were part of Europe, to get from country to country without border controls or checks. Having cycled up to Hull for the ferry I then peddled from Rotterdam to Bratislava, going through Holland, Germany and Austria, largely following the Danube, without the need to ever show my passport. There were Watch towers near the borders – skeletal remains of former days. It was a freedom I am unlikely to see again in my lifetime. All because of a virus from which hardly anybody dies.

Before our entry into Europe I had memories of long queues at every border. Being on a bike of course meant I had extra freedoms even in countries where border controls were in still in place: Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey. I could cycle to the front of the queue.

Today though the world is becoming a much different place. In the health services the queues get longer for those needing elective surgery, or even simply diagnosis. Try making an appointment with GP practices by phone (the only way you can) and you speak to a machine which probably tells you “you are number 25 in the queue”. Soon we will have forgotton what it was like to walk into a surgery with a problem, see a doctor, receive treatment or a prescription and go home. GP practices are quickly turning into vaccinaton centres where people queue to have some untested and alien poison pumped into their bloodstreams in a global experiment never witnessed in three quarters of a century.

Your rights to freedom are being removed at an alarming rate. This article, from Children’s Health Defence Europe, explains what further rights have been taken away from you, should you get to cross the channel again, with the legalisation of new types of passport controls in the form of the Digital Green Certificate (DGC) and Passenger Locator Forms (PLFs). It also explains what you have lost in personal choice and bodily integrity regarding the right to refuse medicines and treatment if you wish.

It’s not that you can’t travel anymore. The State will still let you travel—in return for certain permissions. Before you can move, you will let the State do things to your body; conduct an unsanitary test or administer an experimental gene therapy for example—whether or not you are sick. Then, as you begin to move, the State will track and imprison you as it sees fit.

That unsanitary test may well contain Darpa Hydrogel and lithium which attach to the pineal gland, producer of serotonin, the happiness hormone, thus causing disturbance of crystals in the magnetic field of the pineal gland. What it says is that the hollow fibres in the swab, patented by DARPA, “disrupt the epithelium (surface layer) on the mucosa, thereby also their breakage and subsequent leaching of the fiber content”

The article does not mention 5G, or the magnetic fields in 5G phones, or magnetic components in modern computers.

It does speculate that people may be controlled electonically from one of these tests you are made to take even if you are well.

I remember the beautiful old city of Bratislava, with its cobbled roads, and thank the scientists there for alerting us to possibilities of further loss of freedom and further control measures.

The Naked Science of Dr. Chris Smith exposed

Today I am republishing a piece that first appeared in The Daily Expose. The fearless Dr Bhakdi has no compunction in criticising any of the malevolent perpetrators of more than a year of government misinformation. He has some endearing terms for the likes of government stooge, Professor Neil Ferguson, who Bhakdi calls “evil” and “a criminal” with a long record for re-offending.

His main message, however, is to people like BBC stooge, immunologist, Dr. Chris Smith. The “ginger whinger” is disappointed that the mass vaccination of children – children who incidentally do not suffer from Covid-19 – is not proceeding fast enough for his liking.

Dr. Bhakdi challenges Dr Smith to prove his credentials as an immunologist. He says Smith “obviously has no inkling of immunology” and is under the impression that antibodies in the blood will protect against a respiratory virus when in fact coronaviruses enter through the nose which has been dealing with them for eons.

Don’t expect the exposed scientist to accept the challenge in any MSM debate.

Exclusive Interview with Dr Bhakdi – “Parents are willingly allowing their children to be killed if they allow them to have the Covid Vaccine”

The Daily Expose

EVIL and ignorance is turning the world into a living hell where parents are willingly allowing their children to be killed.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Expose, retired microbiologist Sucharit Bhakdi, a signatory of the group Doctors for Covid Ethics, says he hopes world governments will reverse their vaccination plans, saying if they do not, vaccines will soon receive full approval, meaning they can be released without the need for any risk-benefit analysis.

And he also hit out at the “ignorance” of Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London, Vaccine Minister Nadim Zahawi and Dr Chris Smith a Consultant Virologist at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, while sending a message to governments across the world, urging them to start dialogue with Doctors for Covid Ethics because they share a common cause – saving lives.

By Stefan Schultz

According to the UK Government’s figures, more than 1,100 people have died due to an adverse effect caused by one of the vaccines currently being rolled out via Emergency Use Authorisation. But Dr Bhakdi reveals that worse is yet to come, with manufacturers, he says, creating a false sense of security.

“It’s so easy to manipulate the nano-particles,” he said. “All you need to do is take out one component, one lipid, and the vaccine will not be taken up by the cells any more. And then you have no side-effects. And you will have a vaccine that is well-tolerated.

Open Letter from Professor Sucharit Bhakdi to German Chancellor Dr. Angela  Merkel – Athanassios
Dr Bhakdi

“That is what’s happening now with the mRNA vaccines, so the AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Sputnik will be removed from the market. So there will be a monopoly of the mRNA vaccines, which are being backed by Bill Gates.

“This plan was conceived years ago. Once this vaccine gets legally, fully approved, not approved for emergency use, but fully approved, no more risk analysis needs to be done.

“Pfizer are going to submit an application for this in June. And the authorities have already released underground information that the approval will probably be given in October. When this happens, it means that every subsequent vaccine is automatically approved. They have to sign no more application, there will be no more trials, no more risk-benefit analysis. No more notification of side effects.

“It’s such a nightmare. They can say, ‘well the care homes are overcrowded. India and South Africa…

“You know that with each subsequent vaccine the chances rise that you are going to kill people. That’s why they are starting to vaccinate children – they are going to show that the vaccine is tolerated by children – then they are going to use this wherever they want to.

“Once that has come through, these guys have a free hand to do whatever they want, wherever they want. And no one can do anything about it. It’s so horrible.

“How can people be so evil? How can people be so ignorant? It’s that combination of evil and ignorance that is making the world a living hell. And the only people who can do anything about it is us because we have to get the world around us to stand up and realise that they are being led to a living hell.

“It’s a devilish plan, satanic. But the very, very small chance we have is that they made a mistake, which was they thought that this vaccination programme would go through smoothly, as they were not aware that the adverse effects would be so severe and so widespread.

“This is where they may trip if we can force them to turn back on the vaccination programme. Now there have been legal charges brought against the EU, for nullification against all the vaccines.” 

Further worrying developments across the globe is the apparent eagerness to vaccinate children against a virus they have little to no risk of severe infection or death from.

Dr Smith appeared on English TV recently to advocate the vaccination of children, saying he believes it is a good idea in the short term to give a “belt and braces” control of the virus, stopping them from catching it and passing it on, despite the fact that the vulnerable have already been vaccinated.

Dr Bhakdi said: “Children are dying. They are dying by the day I believe. Just three days ago a 16 year old boy died of a heart attack following vaccination.

“One thing that people simply have to start to understand is that antibodies will never ever be able to protect anyone because the antibodies in the blood are on the wrong side of the wall.

“So if we are sitting in this room, which is the bloodstream, that virus is not going to come into this room it’s going to come into the front door, from the outside, from the airway. And it’s going to enter the door which leads you into the hall of the house and that hall is the airway epithelium, the cells that line the airway. That is the essence of invasion of a respiratory pathogen, a virus.

“Now, people like this Dr Chris Smith, who obviously has no inkling of immunology, might say, ‘OK, but this guy Bhakdi doesn’t realise that certain antibodies are secreted out of the door to meet those viruses coming in’. These are so-called IgA secretory antibodies. True. However, Dr Smith, my dear colleague Smith, you obviously forgot – or maybe you never learned – that these IgA secretory antibodies do not protect against respiratory pathogens, they protect against pathogens that enter your stomach and they protect you against diarrhea but not against pneumonia.

“Dr Smith, did you never, ever learn that this is known that these IgA antibodies cannot and do not protect because there are too few of them out there in front of the door of your airway respiratory? There is a genetic deficiency called selective deficiency of IgA. It is one of the most frequent deficiencies in mankind. It occurs in a frequency of 1 to 500, which is a huge number. These guys don’t have the secretive antibodies but they do not suffer more often from viral pneumonia.

“And that’s why when I taught many years ago I would always tell people the secretory IgA plays no role in the respiratory tract, it plays a role in the intestine. So you can jab as much as you want. You can buy antibodies and put them in people – they will never protect people against the virus which is entering through the front door. It’s incredible isn’t it, that the whole world believes that they have to get the jab to protect themselves.

“You see the doctors like Smith are actually ignorant. They’ve forgotten their immunology. They’ve forgotten the fact that viruses that enter via the respiratory tract are not…we don’t defend ourselves against them via antibodies, we defend ourselves against them via lymphocytes and this has been known for 40 years now.

“These viruses, the coronaviruses, they enter via the nose and the mouth and the first thing they do is they attach to the cells lining the nose and the throat. And this is OK. They can even replicate and what people don’t know is that about 0.5 to one per cent of the world population, the healthy population, has coronaviruses in the nose and throat, they are healthy carriers of the virus.

“The virus will replicate and, after a few days, it will go away again and you don’t notice this because the cells of the nose and throat renew themselves every few days, they’re gone and the virus goes with them. And this is the essence of peaceful coexistence between viruses that have coexisted with us since the beginning of evolution.

“The coronaviruses belong to these and they do not want to kill us, not even if Neil Ferguson thinks they do, it’s not true. And Smith, it’s not true. They just want to come and then they’ll go away again.

“So this business of healthy carriers is an old story. And don’t go around looking for them because if you do you will find them. And if you find them don’t start thinking you will have to exterminate them because you never will – you can’t.

“I went to a British school and was taught the meaning of honesty and courage and you have lost all of those things. You have lost everything. The British are following in the past and present footsteps of the Germans. How absolutely shameful. Don’t you have any pride?”

Professor Ferguson, author of several catastrophic models for Foot and Mouth Disease, Bird Flu and Swine Flu, and who resigned from Sage after breaking lockdown rules to see his married lover, is still advising the Government on its Covid-19 response.

He believes booster jabs will be essential adding that it was “much better to be vaccinating people than shutting down the whole of society”.

But Dr Bhakdi was scathing in his short and sweet response, saying: “Neil Ferguson has been around for ages doing the same thing over and over again. He is such an evil person. He is a criminal.”

And Dr Bhakdi was equally quick to dismiss Vaccine Minister Zahawi, who said recently that the current roll-out has “saved millions of lives”.

“Of course he doesn’t know this, it’s a lie. It’s a blatant untruth,” said Dr Bhakdi. “In the first six months of this damn episode last year, there were about 60 million Germans under 60 years of age. How many lives were lost of this 60m, without pre-existing illness, in the first episode? 52.

“Give your damn minister these numbers; vaccinate the 60m and save their lives, you would have saved 52 lives. Now the AstraZeneca vaccine was tried out on about 10m below 60 years old. How many were lost for blood clotting? 10. At least 10 lives were lost.

“If you had vaccinated 60m, how many lives would you have lost because of clotting events? 60 – which is already 10 per cent more.

“Now those 10 lives that were lost were the tip of a huge iceberg, because those guys with Cerebral venous thrombosis [CVT] had the symptoms that thousands of people had; splitting headaches, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, loss of hearing, they couldn’t speak properly, they were losing consciousness, they were getting paralysis, in the face, limbs, everywhere.

“These are the cardinal symptoms. If anyone young has these symptoms you have to take them to the emergency room to find out if there is a blood clot forming in his brain because, if you don’t, he may die.

“This event is very rare. It is one in a million per year. It is so rare that the people, the doctors in your country, Great Britain, have forgotten it. Thousands have been going to the emergency department with these symptoms and they say nothing to do [with the vaccine]. I get so furious with my so-called colleagues who are so imbecile, so stupid, so ignorant.

“They have forgotten all their medicine and they send the people home. These people who have the jerks, that is typical of CVT as this is the one thing that can cause all these symptoms. I saw these symptoms coming out in December and January and said the one thing that would put the lid on all these symptoms is CVT and that is why we wrote this letter to the European Medicines Agency saying guys you have to think about this, you are killing people, murdering them. That’s what’s happening and no one is stopping them.

“Your stupid Government, Neil Ferguson, who has no idea what’s going on in medicine, never studied anything that would allow him to…why don’t people listen to doctors? Because they are corrupt. Science is corrupt and the scientists are corrupt.”

Despite all this, there remain millions who are ready to believe anything and everything that their politicians say. Many who are still calling for further restrictions and a delay to the scheduled further reopening on May 17 and June 21.

And it is to these people, those all too eager to dismiss arguments against the official narrative as conspiracy, that Dr Bhakdi talks to directly, along with governments across the world, when he offers something of an olive branch, an opportunity of official talks he hopes will be accepted.

He said: “The word conspiracy always has a negative touch. People who are conspirators want to do something that is bad. What I would tell them is, let’s not argue about this, let’s sit down like civilised people and talk with each other. Because what we’re doing is for you and for our children.

“We want to help you. We don’t want to do anything against you. And more than to help you we want to help your loved ones and your children and the next generations, because we are afraid for them.

“Now, it could be that we are wrong. But if we are, then please come and tell us why we are wrong. And tell us why you want to keep jabbing your children.

“Now imagine that there is a grain of truth in what we say. Maybe you should think about this and think about the fact that you may be harming your children, or even killing your children.”

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Deaths and side effects from vaccines in Israel

Israel was one of the first countries to get most of its inhabitants vaccinated. In the first two months of this year total deaths in the twenty to thirty age group are up 32% from the previous year. The Israeli government has done everything in its power to stop reported damage from its own sources getting into the public domain. Doctors for Covid Ethics (D4CE) brings you the interim report here or here. I am reproducing it on All the Goss in case, as with the last D4CE article, it gets taken down. A full report will be produced later.

The Israeli People’s Committee Report of Adverse Events Related to the Corona Vaccine, April 2021: May 11th, 2021

Never Has a Vaccine Injured so Many

The Israeli People’s Committee, an independent investigative group that comprises medical, legal, and epidemiological expertise, has released a summary report on the experience of mass experimental vaccinations in Israel, which uses the Pfizer mRNA vaccine.

The data collected by the group paint a grim picture:

  • The overall mortality in the January-February vaccination period was higher in 2021 than in any other year within the preceding decade. In the age group of 20–29 years, mortality in this time period exceeded that of the previous year by 32%.
  • 288 deaths overall, mostly within the first 10 days after vaccination, were reported to the group. This number is more than six times greater than the 45 deaths officially admitted to by the Health ministry.
  • The group gives the following estimates for the mortality among the vaccinated: overall, 1:5,000; age 20–49 years, 1:13,000; age 50–69 years, 1:6,000; age 70+, 1:1,600.
  • Across lethal and non-lethal adverse events there was a relatively high rate of cardiac-related injuries, 26% of which occurred in young people below the age of 40, a high prevalence of massive vaginal bleeding, neurological, skeletal and skin damage, and events directly or indirectly related to coagulopathy (myocardial infarction, stroke, miscarriages, disruption of blood flow to the limbs and pulmonary embolism).

According to the authors, the compilation of the report was severely hampered by obstruction on the part of government authorities, involving in particular the shutting down of all monitoring and tracking systems for adverse events.

The group notes that while “Israel serves as a global model for nationwide vaccination” and “Pfizer has chosen us to be the experimental country”, the “silencing mechanisms of the health system regarding the vaccine’s adverse events… have created a situation whereby the Israeli [and international] public is almost completely unaware of the existence, nature and prevalence of [those] adverse events.”

The report concludes as follows:

“These figures also highlight the inconceivable gap between official Israeli media reports and what is actually happening, enabling a ‘two worlds’ situation due to journalistic failure to sense, identify and report on what is [taking place] in citizens’ real-life.”

This is a brief summary of the full report released due to the urgency of its contents.

The full report will be published and distributed soon.

We hereby clarify that The Israeli People’ s Committee is an independent organization relying on publicly available information from official publications and social networks. The information has been checked by members of the committee to avoid false, refuted, and erroneous data. However, the report should not be relied upon for medical or other purposes, and it certainly does not contain any medical recommendation. Anyone who considers it as such, does so of his own accord.

While the Prime Minister of Israel and senior officials of the Ministry of Health brag that Israel serves as a global model for nationwide vaccination, and while they boast that Pfizer has chosen us to be the experimental country thanks to the advanced technological systems of our HMOs [Health Maintenance Organizations], the state has systematically shut down all monitoring and tracking systems, which are designed to identify and alert of adverse events that occur in proximity of receiving the vaccine.

This irresponsible conduct by the Ministry of Health during this mass operation providing an experimental treatment to millions of people, regardless of whether such conduct is negligent or intentional, has led to an unprecedented flood of thousands of serious adverse event reports after the vaccine on social media, which seems to be the only forum that still allows people to share their experiences. Surprisingly, such widespread phenomena have not received any media coverage or attention from public officials.

The silencing mechanisms of the health system regarding the vaccine’s adverse events, and the denial of their severity and worrisome scope, combined with the fact that the mainstream media have ignored adverse events and avoided reporting them, have created a situation whereby the Israeli public is almost completely unaware of the existence, nature and prevalence of the vaccine’s adverse events. This smoke screen which exists between the Israeli public and this vaccine’s adverse events prevents citizens from receiving all the information they need to make a balanced and responsible decision about the vaccination; and moreover, raises the concern that the lack of contraindications for susceptible populations to the vaccine has unnecessarily harmed the citizens to the point of needless mortality.

The healtcare system’s failure to monitor the vaccine’s adverse events and issue alerts, coupled with the media’ s transgression of its roles as an important mechanism for monitoring and criticizing the establishment’s conduct and as a pivotal platform for exposing the hard truth, have led to the abandonment of the health of the citizens of the country.

In the vacuum that has ensued we, as an independent investigation committee comprising of concerned citizens, have been left with no choice other than using all means, albeit limited, at our disposal to research and expose the truth regarding the corona vaccine’s adverse events. From our inquiry a disturbing image has emerged of the high rate of serious adverse events, observed in proximity to receiving the vaccine, even among young people. Many adverse events are life-threatening, and regretfully, more than a few ended in death.

The inconceivable gap between the existing reality and the information published by the Israeli Ministry of Health and by the Israeli media raises concern of a dangerous deception not only of Israeli citizens but of citizens of the entire world who view Israel as the research laboratory of Pfizer’s corona vaccine. Such a deception, whether negligent or premeditated, could create additional cycles of harm to humans around the globe.

In this report we wish to say to the Israeli Government and governments throughout the world: a lack of transparency kills people. Deception and concealment lead people to disability and loss of life. Remove all confidentiality, create transparent and controlled reporting mechanisms; only then can lives be saved and further damage avoided from the very tool that is supposed to preserve health. Is this a case where the drug is more deadly than the disease? Or is it equally or less deadly? We can only come to a true conclusion if comprehensive data is revealed in real time and if the press, which is supposed to be free and a watchdog of democracy, will remain on guard and raise the alarm when necessary. And it is indeed very necessary.

Here are our main findings:

  • We received 288 reports of deaths occurring in proximity to the vaccination (90% up to 10 days after the vaccination). 64% are men. According to the Ministry of Health’s figures: only 45 deaths occurred in proximity to the vaccination.
  • According to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), during January-February 2021, in the midst of the vaccination operation, there was a 22% increase in overall mortality in Israel compared to the bi-monthly average mortality in the previous year. In fact, the period of January-February 2021 is the deadliest one in the last decade, with the highest overall mortality rates, when compared to the corresponding months over the last 10 years.
  • Among the age group of 20-29, the increase in overall mortality rate is even more dramatic. In this group, during the same vaccination period, January-February 2021, there has been a 32% increase in overall mortality compared to the bi-monthly average mortality in 2020.
  • A statistical analysis of data from the CBS combined with information from the Ministry of Health leads to the conclusion that the mortality rate amongst the vaccinated is estimated at 1:5,000 (1:13,000 for ages 20-49, 1:6,000 for ages 50-69, 1:1600 for ages 70+). According to this assessment, it is possible to estimate that the number of deaths in Israel that have occurred in proximity to the vaccination, currently stands at about 1,000-1,100 people.
  • There is a high correlation between the number of people vaccinated per day and the number of deaths per day, in the range of up to 10 days post vaccination in all age groups. For ages 20-49 – a range of 9 days from the date of vaccination to death; for ages 50-69 – 5 days from the date of vaccination to death; for ages 70 and up – 3 days from the date of vaccination to death.
  • The risk of death after the second vaccination is higher than the risk of death after the first vaccination.
  • Up until the publication date of this report, a total of 2,066 reports of adverse events have been recorded by The Israeli People’s Committee and the figures continue to flow in. These reports indicate damage to almost every system in the human body. These figures also highlight the inconceivable gap between official Israeli media reports and what is actually happening, enabling a “two worlds” situation due to journalistic failure to sense, identify and report on what is actually happening in citizens’ real-life.
  • There are close similarities in the reports of adverse events from countries with relatively high vaccination rates, with hundreds of death reports, as well as reports of damage to many human body systems.
  • In our analysis, we have found a relatively high rate of cardiac-related injuries. 26% of all cardiac events occurred in young people below the age of 40, the most common diagnosis in these cases being myocarditis or pericarditis.
  • Additionally, a high prevalence of massive vaginal bleeding, neurological, skeletal and skin damages have been observed.
  • It should be noted that a significant number of adverse events reported are related, directly or indirectly, to coagulopathy (myocardial infarction, stroke, miscarriages, disruption of blood flow to the limbs, pulmonary embolism).
  • The reporting of adverse events from hospitals and HMO clinics has been very low, and there is a tendency for a diagnostic bias that excludes the possibility of a link between the adverse events and the vaccination. There are probably many thousands of unreported cases.
  • In light of the extent and severity of adverse events we are witnessing, we would like to express the committee’s position that vaccinating children may also lead to adverse events, as observed in adults, which could result in the death of completely healthy children. Since the coronavirus does not endanger children at all, the committee believes that the Israeli government’s intention to vaccinate children endangers their lives, their health, and their future development.
  • Two days prior to the publication of this report (in Hebrew), we sadly learned of the death of a two-year-old girl in proximity to receiving the Corona vaccine, according to a report in the US VAERS system. We hope that the radical idea of vaccinating children against the coronavirus will soon be taken off the table; and if not, that it will be completely rejected by most of the parents in Israel.
  • Never has a vaccine injured so many! The American VAERS system reveals 2,204 reports of mortality amongst vaccinated people in the United States in the first quarter of 2021, a figure that reflects a rise of thousands of percent from the annual average, which stood at 108 reports per year.

See the table below:

1990                                    39
1991                                   127
1992                                   131
1993                                  163
1994                                  139
1995                                    90
1996                                  103
1997                                    97
1998                                   115
1999                                   113
2000                                  118
2001                                  136
2002                                   97
2003                                  114
2004                                  114
2005                                   93
2006                                   95
2007                                  141
2008                                  141
2009                                  138
2010                                  133
2011                                   106
2012                                    92
2013                                    76
2014                                    85
2015                                    85
2016                                    98
2017                                    70
2018                                    75
2019                                    71
2020                                   101
2021                                2,204

The Israeli People’s Committee is an independent and apolitical group of Israeli citizens, who vary in their worldviews and areas of expertise. Among us there are physicians, lawyers, scientists and researchers from a wide range of academic disciplines. The glue that binds us together is our deep concern with respect to the safety of the Israeli people and the fate of our country in view of the chaotic vortex, which was orchestrated by the Israeli leadership during the last year in the shadow of the corona crisis, and which the Israeli public finds itself trapped in. In the vacuum that was created due to the disintegration of all the systems of our country, we arrive at the understanding that the cure for all the (health, moral, social, economic) ills, which were brought by the spin of the irresponsible government’s management of the corona crisis, must come from the people. We therefore banded together a few weeks ago and established The Israeli People’s Committee in an attempt to of initiate a process of investigation, exposure, change, correction and recovery, and with the hope to encourage many other Israeli citizens to follow us and join our self-healing journey.


Dr. Pinki Feinstein, psychiatrist
Adv. Irit Yankovich, lawyer
Dr. Galit Zapler Naor, physician
Dr. Yaffa Shir Raz, health and risk communication researcher Prof. Eti Einhorn, economics researcher
MPA Limor Frira public management MPH Ella Nave epidemiologist


The link to our website:
Please note that the available information on our website is currently presented in Hebrew only.
In the near future, the information will be given in English as well.
For contact, please email us at

1st International Conference on COVID-19 – and a guest post

Update: 10 May 2021, International Conference cancelled for reasons yet to be made available.

The Quality of Life Research Centre in Copenhagen is hosting the first Covid-19 International Conference promoted by Doctors for Covid Ethics (D4CE), a group dedicated to exposing the truth about the SARS-COV-2 virus and how it is being used to manipulate public opinion and public actions against all logical reason.

Among speakers at this conference are renowned specialists in their respective fields like virologist, Sucharit Bakhdi and Soren Ventegodt, a specialist in holistic, evidence-based medicines, with Martin Haditsch (on vaccines), Mike Yeadon (on medical and pharmaceutical ethics) together with other experts. An overview of the “Big Picture” will be discussed by Wolfgang Wodarg and the legal implications will be explained by Reiner Fuellmich and Renata Holzeisen, who will be offering advice on how people can protect themselves.

This conference starts on Monday 17 May 2021 and is a two-day event. It starts at 10.30 am (UK) and the Tuesday session starts at 11.00 am.

If you cannot get to Copenhagen it is to be streamed live here.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Below is a guest contribution from Mairead Price, an article which parents of schoolchildren would undoubtedly benefit from reading. They are coming for your children. It is urgent that the implications are understood.

Essential information for parents

by Mairead Price


It is important that parents get informed and ready now.

If this is left until the children go back in September it will be too late, the roll out of the Covid-19 vaccines will continue without parents having the time to mobilise themselves after the long Summer break and take the necessary action in time. There is lots of information out there to support parents. A huge number of websites are providing template letters and clear information and advice. Understand the risks of Covid-19 to your child and the possible risks of giving your child the vaccine. Of course, it is entirely possible that the government will bring forward the vaccination programme too and not wait until September which looks to be the case already in certain special needs schools in the UK.

What is the status of the Covid-19 vaccinations?

All of the Covid-19 vaccinations are still experimental whether that be for use in adults or in children. They are currently unlicensed everywhere in the world. The vaccines have been granted temporary use due to the “emergency”. If no emergency exists then this authorisation falls away. All of those who have taken the Covid-19 vaccines are part of the Stage 3 trials, even if they are not aware of this. The trials will continue for two years at which point the MHRA and other regulatory agencies across the world will decide whether to licence these vaccines.

Astra Zeneca trials – estimated to complete in Feb 2023.

Pfizer trials estimated to finish in April 2023

Here is a link to show that Stage 3 trials are normally completed before the roll out to the public and the public usually only take part in the Stage 4 trials.

It is important to remember that we are also told that these vaccines were developed within about 7 months (for adults) when it normally takes 10-15 years to bring a vaccine to market, the vaccine studies on children only started a few weeks ago.

Be aware that no corona virus vaccine has ever been developed before and all corona virus vaccines tested on animals have always failed:

Click on the buttons for studies in:

Are these even vaccines?

These vaccines are not like other childhood and adult vaccinations. They don’t contain live or dead virus. They employ a new form of technology, that has never been used before. Indeed a group of high profile international lawyers are now working on bringing what have been described as the second Nuremberg Trials against governments worldwide. They and many others make the point that these cannot be considered vaccines because they fail to meet the historic agreed definition. By calling these vaccines the vaccine developers are granted immunity from providing compensation for any injury caused. Many are calling these vaccines gene therapy.

More information on the vaccines is shown in the links below from the UK Medical Freedom Alliance.



Vaccine patient information

What is the governments view of the severity of Covid-19, to children and the wider population?

The UK government downgraded Covid-19 on 19th March 2020 (yes last year) to no longer being a Highly Consequential Infectious Disease (HCID), having: “determined that several features have now changed; in particular, more information is available about mortality rates (low overall)”.

Matt Hancock also made it clear on 10th November 2020 that children are at virtually no risk from Covid-19 and that the vaccines would be adult vaccines for an adult disease (see video clip attached).

Can children pass Covid-19 on to adults?

It is fair to say that most of the elderly and vulnerable have already had or have been offered a Covid-19 vaccination. If the vaccine works then there is no issue with children remaining unvaccinated and if the vaccine doesn’t work then there is absolutely no point in putting children at risk of the vaccination. Remember the government has said that the vaccine does not stop you getting Covid-19 or passing it on ; it just MAY help you get less severe symptoms. However, only the completion of the Stage 3 trials in two years will inform their view of their effectiveness. In addition, there is no one single documented study world wide of a child passing Covid-19 on to an adult – it is believed that their viral load is simply too low.

What risk do children have from Covid-19?

There are over 20 million children in the UK and as of 6th May 2021 the NHS website notes that sadly 32 children under the age of 19 have died with Covid-19. Of those 8 children are noted as not having had a recorded pre-existing condition. Here is the link.

It is important to remember that sadly every year some children also die of the seasonal flu and this is despite the vast majority of children receiving the flu mist at school.

To provide some sort of perspective scientists from Cambridge University have shown that children are more likely to die from being struck by lightning than from Covid-19, and indeed far more children die on the roads each year than have died from Covid-19.

It is also important to note that given the speed of bringing these vaccines to the public there is no data on the long term impact on fertility or health from these vaccines.

Has the Covid-19 test even been accurate?

Of course to establish what people are getting sick or dying of we need an accurate test.

The inventor of the PCR test said that the test should never be used for diagnostic purposes rather it was a great tool for research purposes. It is widely agreed that the false positive rate of the PCR test is well above 90%. Indeed the government themselves have agreed that this is the case in several interviews . That said, nothing really changed and we have gone on using this and indeed the even more inaccurate lateral flow test. This video gives a bit more information on the PCR test and how we got to where we are. When there is a low prevalence of the disease, as the government has shown in reported figures, the risk of false negatives is tiny. Are we therefore suffering a “casedemic”?

Have children already been given the vaccine?

Yes a number of children have already been given Covid-19 vaccines as part of the trials being rolled out.

Have children been harmed by the Covid-19 vaccines?

Sadly there have been reports of injuries and indeed deaths in children who have received the Covid-19 vaccines:

In the UK we are not provided with the ages of those being harmed or dying from the vaccine only of the harm caused, we know to the 28th April that there have been over 1.100 deaths in the UK and over 757,000 adverse reactions, many very serious, as a direct result of the vaccines. This is the link to the UK data.

In the EU 1,268 (at 1st May 2021) children of 17 years and under are shown in the adverse events data produced (unfortunately we aren’t provided with information on the severity of the injuries caused or indeed whether it resulted in the death of a child) . Here is the link to the EU data.

In the US: The data in the USA provides a lot more detail and can indeed be viewed on a case by case basis (scroll down a little from the links below). The death in the US of a two year old child days after taking the Covid-19 vaccine was widely reported at the time. Since then in the US (to 30th April 2021) we know that 7 children aged 17 and under have died and 584 children have suffered some sort of adverse outcome as a result of these vaccine trials. Here are the links:

US Deaths by Age.

US Injuries by Age.

The presentation that children will be receiving in schools

How accurately does it display the risks of Covid-19 to children and the risks of the vaccines themselves?

Something to be aware of : Gillick Competence

This allows children under the age of 16 to consent to their own treatment if it is believed that they have enough intelligence, competence and understanding to fully appreciate what’s involved in their treatment. This is known as being Gillick competent.

Perhaps the detail in these links would be more meaningful for adults and older children in deciding if they really have fully informed consent.  

If you are using Google for your research you will only be looking at what Google wants you to see. It is also worth noting that many of the Big Tech companies like Google are also major shareholders in the companies selling these vaccines. In addition, many senior government officials have also profited from contracts given out during the “pandemic”, and many of their advisers, the BBC and most media outlets have also been the recipients of large donations from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, large government advertising contracts and large research funding. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is also one of the largest funders of the World Health Organisation and also provides funding to many of the pharmaceutical companies. Use an independent search engine and obtain information from a wide variety of sources so you can be sure you are getting accurate and unbiased information. This is a critical decision for your child. Don’t just assume that the government knows what they are doing, history tells us that this is often not the case!

Tiffany Dover, Pfizer, and the death of a 16 year old girl from vaccination

Until Tiffany Dover’s death is admitted I refuse to stop writing about it.

Tragically, Health Impact News, has just reported on the death of Kamrynn Soleil Thomas, aged 16, God rest her soul. Again it was the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine which killed the child.

As with Tiffany her death was recorded on certain websites and as with Tiffany there have been attempts to remove these records. Here is an obituary which can still be accessed outside the US.

This photograph of Kamrynn with her father shows what a happy child she was.

For Kamrynn the truth is out and nothing can be done for her, while her parents, siblings, other family and friends are left grieving.

For Tiffany, on the other hand, the truth is still being concealed. It has now been above four months since Tiffany died without any admission of culpability from CHI Memorial hospital (where she worked) or from Pfizer-BioNTech – who supplied the lethal injection.

Meanwhile yesterday outside the Greenridge Practice on Yardley Wood Road, Birmingham, people were queuing – masked and socially distanced, obediently awaiting their second Pfizer vaccinations.

I spoke with the people queuing but the response was denial that there was any problem. So much for the mass-indoctrination that has replaced God-given reasoning brains with sponges for propaganda. I can only guess that Orwell’s “Animal Farm” no longer makes it onto the school curriculum. Talking of schools – that is where the vaccine gravy train is heading next.

I spoke too with the practice manager, Fay(e) Knight, who told me I was frightening the patients. I told her “No. I am trying to save their lives.” We had a long discussion in which she conceded that there were adverse reactions but there were always adverse reactions with vaccinations. I informed her that the death figures for Europe were above 9,000 and for the UK above 1,000, and that these were the official figures. We parted, I think amicably. I question whether I was right to try and protect people, when in truth, it is their own choice. Yet is it an informed choice?

Yesterday too a leaflet arrived from the NHS. It was a catalogue of lies and half-truths in several languages mostly targeting ethnic groups – who seem to have more sense regarding the untested vaccines which killed Tiffany Dover and God’s little angel, Kamrynn Soleil Thomas.

Notice first how it starts “The Covid vaccine” as though there is only one vaccine, and as though there is only one Covid.

Next it says: “Reduces your risk of needing hospital admission, getting seriously ill or dying from Covid-19”. No peer-reviewed studies show this to be true. In fact there has not been time for such a study since the vaccination programme started in December last year. It would also be difficult to understand against what criteria it reduces the risk. The SARS-COV-2 virus was well on the decline from the second wave in January when so many of our elderly died for unexplained reasons straight after vaccination. The only way that bullet point could be true is if the vaccine killed you – which it easily could.

The above applies similarly to the second bullet point. On what basis can it be claimed that one, or any, of the vaccines can “reduce the spread of the virus from person to person”? Where is the medical science to show this?

If it was not so serious an issue the third point would be ludicrous. “Can have mild side effects . . .” Indeed! What it should say is: “Can kill you, maim you for life, cause anaphylactic shock, palsy, and other serious health problems”.

The next is a downright and culpable lie. “It has been scientifically proven to be safe and effective”. First of all to which vaccine is the “It” referring? Where is the proof of this outlandish statement? This is a pure sales pitch for a dodgy product.

And so the bull goes on. All my working life I paid into a National Health Service which was once the envy of the world. Today, when it produces leaflets like this, it has as much credibility to my mind as the BBC which is also brainwashing the public. Wake up you sleepy heads.

I know readers of this blog are already awake! Please share it with those who are not. Thanks.

The vaccine war of 2021

Two days ago the personal testimonies of deaths from various vaccines were posted on this blog gleaned from a site now taken down by Facebook. This censorship is everywhere.

Four days ago I handed this blog over to Doctors for Covid Ethics (D4CE) for an article which blew out of the water any ideas that vaccination against Covid-19 with experimental vaccines can be in any way good for humankind. Shortly after it was published on the Medium hosting service it was removed without any explanation as to why.

Thankfully today that article has been re-published for a wider readership on the OffGuardian website – one of the few publishing outlets that is fearless in providing a voice for the truth.

That same day notification arrived that another champion of truth, Dr. Joseph Mercola, had been threatened and forced to take down content which referred to Covid-19, vitamins C and D, and Zinc.

By now people ought to be able to see what is happening. If they cannot they might be advised to take a look at Craig Murray, who is having to defend himself in a ludicrous “jigsaw identification” case which would have been laughed out of court twenty years ago.

Craig Murray has campaigned on behalf of many people, perhaps his most enduring campaign has been on behalf of Julian Assange, who as testimony to the accuracy of this blog-post languishes in prison for telling the truth.

Our establishment does not want people to hear the truth. Unfortunately the establishment is in control. That is why so many people are walking around in masks and going for their jabs like good little girls and boys.

The folly of this ignorance is observed by the wise.

I have been proud to publish the D4CE article until OffGuardian could give it the global coverage it deserves. Make no mistake about it – we are at war. Some of us are with the resistance. The others get vaccinated and wear masks.

More vaccine deaths – censored by social media as well as mainstream

A colleague in the resistance to the war being waged against an unsuspecting public by Big Pharma passed on to me UK statistics (21 April 2021) which the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) are allowing us to see. It reveals 1,047 deaths and 725,079 reported adverse reactions.

These are figures recorded through the Yellow Card Scheme. Any reactions or deaths which occur 7 days or more after a vaccine has been administered, have not been released. Furthermore, even by the government’s own admission, only an estimated 1 – 10% of adverse reactions are being recorded through the Yellow Card Scheme, meaning actual adverse reactions are between 7 and 70 million and deaths between 10,000 to 100,000 on a pro rata basis – and these are underestimates.

Bearing in mind that a contract was hurriedly handed out to London-based Genpact (UK) Ltd in a deal that stank of cronyism what we get to learn is very limited. The UK government explained its rationale for skipping the tendering process.

For reasons of extreme urgency under Regulation 32(2)(c) related to the release of a Covid-19 vaccine MHRA have accelerated the sourcing and implementation of a vaccine specific AI tool.

So, there was no bidding procedure for this lucrative £1.5 million deal. What it has done, however, is keep knowledge of deaths and adverse reactions neatly shared between the UK government, MHRA and Genpact in a clique which almost certainly lets Big Pharma know the damage their vaccines are causing. The two funding bodies of the MHRA are – you’ve guessed – the UK government and Big Pharma.

For ordinary people whose loved ones have died every statistic is a heart-wrenching tale of sadness and loss, and sometimes guilt that those left behind were unable to prevent the death.Conversely, there has been no demonstration of remorse from those causing these deaths – typical of the sociopathic nature of drugs companies concerned only with profit.

On 21 January this year I put together a blog-post revealing deaths and damaging reactions from vaccines which were garnered from a Facebook group called “Covid-19 Vaccinations, Reactions and Feedback.”. For no explicable reason this group was removed. Another Facebook group, Covid19 vaccine victims and families, despite begging pleas from a moderator, was similarly removed. I managed to grab a few screenshots suspecting this group would meet with the same fate as the former.

It has to be said that this is not scientific research. Sometimes the vaccine is not noted or known. And there is no way of knowing whether more than one relative or friend is posting about the same event. Nevertheless, everybody has a right to have these vaccine deaths monitored in the absence of rigorous and independent monitoring from official sources.

Here are some of Facebook’s guidelines regarding what cannot be claimed about vaccines. Note it includes the “outrageous” suggestion that the vaccines could be responsible for blood-clots.

“Claims about COVID-19 vaccines that contribute to vaccine rejection, including:

  • Claims about the availability or existence of COVID-19 vaccines, specifically:
    • Claims that COVID-19 vaccines do not exist or have not been approved
    • Claims that something other than a COVID-19 vaccine can vaccinate you against COVID-19

Claims about the safety or serious side effects of COVID-19 vaccines, including:

  • Claims that COVID-19 vaccines kill or seriously harm people (such as causing blood clots)
  • Claims that COVID-19 vaccines cause harmful diseases such as ALS, multiple sclerosis, COVID-19, the new COVID-19 strain or autism
  • Claims that building immunity by getting COVID-19 is safer than having the vaccine
  • Claims that COVID-19 vaccines are unsafe for a specific group of people, if that group is identified based on protected characteristics or other identifiers not directly related to their personal health, age or disabilities (e.g. social status, religion or political views)
  • Claims that the COVID-19 vaccine changes people’s DNA
  • Claims that COVID-19 vaccines cause infertility, miscarriage or sterility
  • Claims about the side effects of COVID-19 vaccines which are incredulous or irrational, such as taking the vaccine turns you into a monkey”

Here are some of those to whom Facebook refuses a voice.

Unfortunately I never captured the name of the next victim.

In this group Louise Meadows was one of the first people to lose a loved one (her father). She produced a video which is available @louisemeadowsmakeup on Instagram. Here is her story. I removed her telephone number.

The featured image shows the cremation urn of Jo Hamlett’s husband.