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Cry Freedom!

I have decided to stand in the Birmingham City Council elections for Billesley Ward, 6 May 2021.

The party for which I am standing is Freedom Alliance. It has only very recently been formed to challenge the totalitarian lockdown of society, without parliamentary debate, on the basis of an Act rushed through parliament in a couple of weeks which spanned the parliamentary recess.

If there is anyone in Birmingham who would care to help with my campaign please get in touch. You can do so via the contact page on this blog. Please head your message: Election.

Here are two Modigliani-style pages from my promotional leaflet which outline some of my aims.

Tiffany Dover – are you all right?

A favourite Shakespearean quote of mine comes from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Philostrate informs the Duke of Athens, Theseus, of some entertainment he has come across which is being rehearsed by simple workers for the wedding-night of Theseus to Hippolyta.

A play there is, my Lord, some ten words long

Which is as brief as I have known a play

But by ten words, my Lord, it is too long . . .

The beauty of this creation rests in each line of the message being ten words long – making it a play on words about a theatrical play, if you can still remember what it was like to see one of those. The play referred to is the hilarious play contained within A Midsummer Night’s Dream and performed by humble forest workmen, written and directed by Bottom, a weaver. It witnesses the thwarted love and tragic, though comical, deaths of Pyramus and Thisbe.

Plays are much longer than ten words – even this play within a play. But real life is something else.

I contacted CHI Memorial Hospital, Chatanooga, Tennessee by email, having tried once before without getting a reply. This is what I wrote:

Dear Karen Long

I wrote some time back from a different email address regarding Tiffany Dover who used to work at CHI Memorial. Tiffany was filmed taking a Pfizer BioNTech vaccine before collapsing. She later recovered enough to make a video of what happened. Then records of her death started to appear,

I was hoping for some response from CHI Memorial but received none. Sadly I have had to conclude that Tiffany is dead but would love to be proved wrong. I have written several blog-posts about Tiffany hoping that CHI Memorial would make some statement. There has been nothing. You will not like my latest and I would be happy to remove, or edit, it should the content prove to be wrong.

Tiffany Dover and Megi Bakradze – the big difference

I have copied xxxxxxx xxxxx, a medical doctor, into this email.

Yours sincerely,

John Goss

The response was little more than ten words long, but at least this time I got a response from Communications Manager, Karen Long.

We have made several statements. Tiffany is alive and continues her work as a nurse manager.


This is an easy statement to make. It could be true. I hope it is. But it does not detract from the fact that CHI Memorial were very eager for Tiffany to make a statement immediately after she recovered but for the last quarter have remained creepily silent. Months back there was also the video they made with someone else wearing an identity tag having Tiffany, Nurse Manager, emblazoned on it, which hardly inspires confidence. So I pursued my line of inquiry.

Dear Karen

Thank you for getting back to me. The two video statements I have seen are one of Tiffany herself, the same day as she was vaccinated and after she had recovered, and one a day or two later in which many assume Amber Honea, a friend of Tiffany’s, stood in for her wearing Tiffany’s identity tag. This is a photo from that video which now appears to have been removed from the internet.

Is there any chance of giving absolute proof that she is alive and well please? I would be most happy to publish this and put all the speculation to rest.

With her husband, Dustin, having changed his Facebook status to single and no posts from Tiffany on any of her social networking sites it adds fuel to the speculation that she is no longer with us. You could douse that speculation in a minute and that would surely be in the best interests of CHI Memorial too.


I got no response to this email.

We have entered the fourth month with no definite knowledge that Tiffany Dover is still alive. On checking CHI Memorial staff on the website I found three nurses called Tiffany, any of whom could have been promoted to nurse manager and thus make Karen Long’s statement almost factual. Facts don’t seem to be big on the agenda of CHI Memorial.

Despite all the adverse publicity surrounding the so-called vaccines, and deaths from vaccines, including it must be stated, Tiffany Dover’s, CHI Memorial is still pushing vaccination as good medical practice. Dr. Paul Cornea, MD, Infectious Disease Specialist, says:

Vaccination is only one of the mechanisms of providing immunity, and it works by simulating an infection and tricking the host’s immune system into creating immune cells and antibodies. The vaccines work by introducing a small part of the virus or bacteria to an uninfected person. Sometimes an inactive version or similar versions of the virus/bacteria are introduced to stimulate your body’s response.

That might be true for traditional vaccines, but it is misleading in the case of SARS-COV-2, and he knows it, because in the previous paragraph he says:

There are currently two artificially created products that have specific antibodies against the Sars-CoV-2 virus attachment protein, commonly known as Corona Virus.

In his article Dr. Cornea is mainly talking about vaccines derived from the virus itself, like polio, smallpox and measles’ vaccines. What he should have said about these COVID “vaccines” is that they are an experimental injection of untested concoctions the short-term and long-terms results of which are unknown.

These mRNA experimental brews are not even vaccines, but gene therapies. Even the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture them call them that. Dr. Joseph Mercola questions whether they can actually change a person’s DNA and turn those jabbed into transhumans – something a Catholic hospital like CHI Memorial should be most concerned about. It is man playing God,

As things stand, and I have given communications manager, Karen Long, ample time to reply, it must be concluded that Tiffany Dover is dead, as dead as if stabbed with the “bloody blameful blade” of Pyramus . Why CHI Memorial Hospital has not dealt with this speculation is beyond me.

UK ‘pandemic’ death toll to 2021

Pandemics kill people – in large numbers. According to city records between July and October the Great Plague of 1665 killed 68,596 people in London alone. The figure is thought to have been much higher but working with that figure alone, with an estimated population of 460,000 means one in every six to seven people died. It was a real epidemic.

In 1665-6 in the small village of Eyam, Derbyshire, an estimated one in three inhabitants, 263 in total, died of the plague. Unlike London. Eyam locked down to prevent the spread. There may well be a good lesson there for all of us. So what about the UK Covid-19 “pandemic” everyone is talking about? Ignore Covid-19 for a minute and just look at the total deaths from all causes other than the alleged Covid-19 deaths.

The source for this Macrotrends graph is here. Take little if any notice of the green and red graph which has nothing to do with per capita deaths and look at the blue line above. Deaths from all causes in 2020 are up very slightly on the previous year 9,429 as opposed to 9.413 in 2019. But these figures, apparently do not contain deaths where COVID-19 is mentioned.

On 19 March 2021 the ONS should have released the total deaths from all causes report. When September figures were released in December that was the stated release date. Now it has been changed to: “To be confirmed.”

Although statistics have not been released the Guardian appears to have had them back in January when whore to the rich elite released this scaremongering headline: “2020 was the deadliest year in a century for England and Wales, says ONS”.

It is of course a porky dressed up as the truth. What it fails to add is that these deaths are total deaths. The population just after the First World War was already depleted and in 1921 following the flu pandemic stood at 33,561,235 (source Wikipedia). Today it is in the region of 68,146, 590 according to the Worldometers website – more than twice as high. For the once respected Guardian (probably going back to when it was The Manchester Guardian) it is just another fail. Indeed, if the source of this information was ONS it clearly states:

But comparing 2020 with 1918 is not comparing like for like. The population in England and Wales has increased from 34 million in 1918 to around 60 million today, so per 100,000, more people died in 1918, highlighting the importance of viewing these deaths in a proportionate and balanced way.

That was something the Guardian hacks chose to ignore.

It can only be speculated that ONS is sitting on the total deaths report while some government think-tank can come up with a way of presenting them that gives some credibility to their intent.

Statisticians, who log monthly reports of deaths, have the figures already. This graph shows what has been happening with Covid deaths and as ONS figures reveal the number has been falling significantly. However there has been a spike in unexplained deaths which coincides with the vaccination of our most elderly and vulnerable. This is one published by Joel Smalley.

As regards a “pandemic” people must continue to ask themselves how many others they know who are falling down dead from Covid-19. There is no pandemic and never was. So what are they asking us to be vaccinated against?

And if they are not vaccinating us against a “pandemic” what is the purpose of the mass vaccination scheme?

Resignation from Labour Party due to the new Fascism

This morning I contacted the Labour Party and resigned. Keir Starmer is the worst leader the Labour Party has had in my lifetime. He has supported the new dictatorship from start to finish. I sent a brief message outlining why I have resigned.

“Please remove me from membership of the Labour Party forthwith and cancel all subscriptions.

The New Fascism where parliamentary democracy is overridden by dictatorship of the Three Stooges behind lecterns is not for me. My parents’ generation fought a war to defeat this kind of thing.”

It is Labour Party policy, and Keir Starmer, whore to the establishment, is the problem. That goes for all he drags along, or down, with him.

I also wrote to my MP.

“Dear Steve McCabe

I was not surprised to see you were not one of the 76 opposers of an extension to the new fascism over parliamentary democracy – where Matt Hancock and another two stooges stand behind lecterns to dictate what unqualified restrictions can be made on an unsuspecting and long-suffering electorate. It has not gone unnoticed. And will not be forgotten.

John Goss”

What is happening in my beloved country is terrifying. I am fighting it with all my heart and all the strength God gives me.

Please watch the video above. It is Tracey O’ Mahony, Barrister at Law in Ireland – which is still part of the EU. She points to clauses in the passport legislation they want to impose. It is in the pipeline here in the UK so it affects all of us.

All governments are singing from the same musical score. It is praise to the Devil.

If you are Irish do all you can to oppose this crippling legislation which is being steamrolled through. That’s what they did with the Coronavirus Act 2020 for which Steve McCabe M.P. just voted for an extension. It is just another stricture, not to free you, but to enslave you. If you are in the UK remember this is coming your way too. Remember too who votes for it.

I have not forgotten that Steve McCabe voted for the War in Iraq.

Tiffany Dover and Megi Bakradze – the big difference

First let me say I should not have to be writing this blog about the deaths of two young nurses and my heart goes out to the families of both. It is however essential that the facts around adverse reactions to wanton vaccination with untested vaccines should be questioned.

What is more these deaths, and others like them, have occurred when the virus which they are being vaccinated against is no longer killing people in large numbers. Herd immunity is already prevalent throughout the globe, and China, where it has been assumed the virus, SARS-COV-2, originated, has long been back to normal.

Megi Brakadze, 27, had her injection but within 24 hours was dead. They managed to restart her heart but were not able to revive her completely. Megi’s death comes a week after Italian clarinet teacher, Sandro Tognatti, died following the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab.

There are similarities between the death of Tiffany Dover and that of Megi Brakadze. Both died after taking a new untested vaccine. Both encouraged others to take a vaccine before they died. Neither died immediately. Both were filmed as part of a promotional drive. Both were young women about 30 years old. Both were nurses. Both clearly had faith in vaccines.

There are differences too.

Megi Brakadze receives her Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccination

Differences between Megi and Tiffany are that one lived in Georgia, Europe, and the other in the USA. Megi had the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab (with genetically modified content) and Tiffany had the Pfizer/BioNTech jab (mRNA). But the biggest difference of all was this.

Georgia admitted straight away that Megi had died.

The Catholic hospital, Memorial, Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Pfizer BioNTech, have constantly lied and tried to cover up the death of Tiffany. The death itself is tragic enough, but the cover-up is deplorable.

Another letter to my MP Steve McCabe

My M.P. is hell-bent on getting everybody vaccinated despite the concerns of sensible people who have studied the facts. I share my letter because an automated response talks about prioritising due to the pandemic (the nonsense pandemic).

Dear Steve McCabe M. P., 19 March 2021

Thank your for your circular constituency letter dated March 2021. I am compelled to take issue with the last five paragraphs, in which you are urging constituents to subject themselves to untested vaccines.

I am working with eminent medical doctors, scientists and lawyers internationally to challenge the narrative on vaccinations against Covid-19.

You write: “. . . The vaccine is essential to combating the pandemic and returning to a more normal life, so that we can enjoy all the things we have missed – meeting up with family and friends; going out to social events; shopping for non-essential items.”

First let me draw your attention to a chart. It is ONS reported deaths from all causes in England.

Columns in blue represent the virus. By Friday 8 January deaths from Covid-19 have virtually disappeared (or are negligible). What is disturbing though is the number of unexplained deaths that have suddenly appeared about the same time the vaccination programme was begun on our elderly. Where is the “pandemic” we are supposed to be combating?

Your promise that if people take the inadequately-tested vaccine things will get back to normal is the same promise made exactly a year ago (19 March 2020) being “Three Weeks to Flatten the Curve.” Look what happened! Twelve months on and we are getting the same carrot dangled before our eyes.

You say that “take up in Billesley is not as high as other parts of the constituency which is quite worrying”.

Why should it be worrying? Nobody has provided any evidence – especially Matt Hancock and his goons Sir Patrick Vallance and Professor Christopher Whitty – that the SARS-COV-2 virus has been fully isolated in a pure environment. People have made FOI requests for this information and the government cannot provide it. It is a scam! And you are part of it.

I made a request of the NHS National Immunisation Management Services (NIMS) to answer 7 questions (12 February 2021). I asked one of their clinicians, Dee Power and was promised an answer:

Can you get me actual proof that the full path of virus has been isolated in clinical conditions?

Can you get me proper medical proof that the vaccines work?

Can you get me genuine clinical proof that the PCR test works as a diagnostic tool for this virus?

Can you tell me how many amplifications are being used in the PCR test to diagnose COVID-19?

Can you give me medical or scientific evidence that the wearing of masks stops the spread of the virus?

Can you give me medical or scientific evidence that social-distancing stops the spread of the virus?

Can you give me medical or scientific evidence that lockdowns stop the spread of the virus?

Not one of these questions was answered, and yet you are recklessly pushing constituents of Billesley to take a vaccine, the long-term effects of which are unknown, while the short-term effects appear to be devastating – but covered up. It is nonsense to write: “By taking the vaccine, when your time comes, you are playing your part in defeating the virus [what virus?] and protecting yourself and your family.” Have you got knowledge the rest of us are denied?

John Goss


By authority of the Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation, I do hereby exercise my right to refuse to submit to or to administer the COVID-19 vaccine.

The United States Government has prosecuted, convicted and executed Medical Doctors who have violated the Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation.

Aiders and abettors of Nuremberg Crimes are equally guilty and have also been prosecuted, convicted, and executed.”

Francis A. Boyle.

(My emphasis)

Tiffany Dover – murdered by lethal injection

Not everybody will have seen the video of 11th March concerning the death of Tiffany Pontes Dover. It is good, but this, from a Rumble French site is probably better.

The above link gives more information including an interview, in English, from someone who tried to contact Memorial Hospital to speak with Tiffany. The person spoken to would not confirm whether she was alive or dead but just kept repeating go to the Memorial website and “try to contact her house supervisor.”

I have emailed the hospital making a similar request for information. My email was ignored.

This is Tiffany and her husband Dustin. How Pfizer-BioNTech could murder such an active young woman with their vaccine and try to cover it up, even though the world had witnessed the event, is beyond credibility. What is happening all over regarding this nonsense virus is beyond credibility. I still never meet anybody who has Covid-19. Neither does anyone else.

The cover image shows Tiffany receiving the lethal Covid-19 vaccine which killed her. I reproduce it here because cover images are so small.

It makes you wonder what inducements Memorial Hospital and Pfizer BioNTech have offered her family to keep quiet about her death. My suspicion is that Big Pharma have killed the story and made threats against the family. The family seem so good and honest I am sure they would speak out if permitted. After all, Dustin Dover recorded his wife’s death. But this information can no longer be accessed.

While I have breath I will not allow the truth to die with Tiffany. It is not fair to her memory. She was engaged in caring. She would not want to be part of a mass murder initiative.

The Zionist agenda – vaccinate Jews first

In the global effort to get everyone who breathes God’s fresh air vaccinated with untested vaccines Netanyahu is leading the push. The rest of the world can expect the same measures coming their way very soon, if they are not already experiencing them.

Israeli politician, health advisor and information officer for the Rappeh (Healing) Party, Ilana Rachel Daniel, explains what is happening in her homeland. Anybody with the common sense not to take these untested vaccines is being made to feel a pariah, excluded from social events, theatre, shopping malls.

“They’re making this green passport where half the population cannot get into theatres or malls or all sorts of things unless you have taken the vaccination. They are creating a medical Apartheid.

They’re making people wear an ankle bracelet, a security bracelet when they come back from travelling. It’s absolutely insane.”

On top of this media censorship is excluding any alternative viewpoint to the mass-vaccination programme. The passport is going to be a prerequisite to social interaction all over the world.

Vaccination passports are already being piloted in the United States as can be seen from the cover image. It was stolen from an OffGuardian article by CJ Hopkins which I urge my readers to read.

Those who should really be reading it are the fleeced ungulates with the wool pulled over their eyes and mouths. “Lambs to the slaughter” springs to mind.

People working towards a saner, safer world, as well as Ilana Rachel Daniel, include Irish medical doctor, Anne McCloskey.

They’re coming for you, your family, your jobs, your savings, your home, your pension, your culture, your traditions, your freedom, your very way of life. Unless we unite to resist.

Uniting to resist is the only way these arrogant globalists can be challenged. They know it. That is why they are pushing for people to be vaccinated against a virus which has run its course. Look at this chart. It is from the Office of National Statistics and put together by Joel Smalley.

Covid deaths are in blue. They have virtually disappeared. A new, very worrying, light brown incidence of deaths that are unexplained seems to coincide with the mass vaccination programme. This fell during early February possibly because the elderly ceased to be the main priority for vaccination.

In corroboration of the fact that we are being censored the source for my post on what “they are not telling you” has been taken down from the world’s biggest social networking platform.

Finally, consider what Dr Lee Merit had to say in February this year. It could save your life. Her CV in medicine is as long as your arm. If anyone knows what is going on – it is she. She says we are at war. And we are.

One concern of hers is “for the integrity and moral turpitude of the medical profession” members of which are going along with this mass experiment. Animals in the SARS and MERS studies, ferrets and cats, died. This was not from the vaccine at the time it was administered but from “immune enhancement, or antibody induced enhancement, or antibody dependent enhancement” ADE.

Basically, if you take the vaccine you may well be doomed, not today, but in the future when exposed to another coronavirus. Professor Dolores Cahill talked about this too – this cytokine storm created from the introduction of a modification to your personal RNA which tricks the body into thinking that a coronavirus is not an enemy. When introduced it is then allowed to proliferate freely in the body creating sepsis until the main organs fail.

As Dr. Merit says it is up to you whether you take the vaccine. But the decision should be informed. Which it is not at the moment.

Passports are what the Nazis used. Nazi doctors who went along with the experiments on human beings without informed consent were found guilty of crimes against humanity. That is what your doctor is doing to you now when not explaining properly the risks involved.

People who have the least knowledge of symbolism will notice the German Imperial eagle on the Jewish passport. The same people are in control. They never went away.

Masks – health-risk to children

Back to school – but not as we know it. Last Friday the headmaster of Wellington School, Trafford, Mr Stuart Beeley, issued a threat to parents who do not want their children to wear masks. If they did not comply in classrooms where two metres could not be maintained they would be subjected to learning alone remotely.

Two schoolboys in China have died as a suspected result of wearing masks and within a fortnight of one another.

Mr. Beeley knows it is not mandatory for children to wear masks and says so himself in his message to parents (2 min. 30). In a reverse decision to the original guidelines Nick Gibb, education minister, said that the wearing of masks was strongly recommended but not compulsory. Mr. Beeley appears to know better.

Beeley and Gibb should both be disciplined for acting against the best interests of children. At the Nuremberg trials it was no defence to say I was obeying orders. When you are killing people, especially children, due to not having done the homework, you should ask yourself if you are qualified for the job you are doing.

There is not a shred of evidence that masks do any good whatsoever in combating the spread of viruses. Indeed the opposite is true.

Medical justification for wearing masks has never been provided. In recent research more than seventy per cent of people who admitted to wearing a mask all of the time still tested positive for COVID-19.

“This is about compliance, it’s not about science”, says Dr. James Meehan, MD. He warns that mask wearing has “well-known risks that have been well-studied and they’re not being discussed in the risk analysis.”

“I’m seeing patients that have facial rashes, fungal infections, bacterial infections. Reports coming from my colleagues, all over the world, are suggesting that the bacterial pneumonias are on the rise” because “untrained members of the public are wearing medical masks, repeatedly… in a non-sterile fashion… They’re becoming contaminated. They pull them off of their car seat, off the rearview mirror, out of their pocket, from their countertop, and they’re reapplying a mask that should be worn fresh and sterile every single time.”

There is an old saying, if God wanted you to smoke he would have put a chimney on your head. Likewise, if God wanted you to wear a mask you would have been born with one.

Masks are a real health hazard. These germ-ridden objects are lining the streets, the parks the lakes, everywhere. They are like dirty handkerchiefs. But they seem to be all right with Mr. Beeley. How an educated man like Mr. Beeley can fall for such codswallop is beyond those of us who have done the homework.

Tiffany Dover – hiding the truth

Having written three posts regarding the assumed death of Tiffany Dover at the hands of vaccine manufacturer Pfizer Biontech, here, here and here I thought something of mine might appear if I did a general search-engine search for the name. I was actually looking for the most recent commentary so I used a search string “March 2021 tiffany dover where is she?”

Ten pages later and there was nothing about her from my blog. I expected at least one of my posts to show up in the search but none did and there were no more results. I’ve recently moved to Startpage because it is encrypted. It uses the Google engine but does not track you.

There were no more pages meaning that in a general search my blog-posts do not appear. You might be able to work out why that is. I was not particularly intrigued by this censorship. Many of us know what’s going on. But the general public – the masked, vaccinated, locked-down social-distancers – are never going to see the truth any more. There is not going to be questioning of the global narrative any more. No more debates in parliament, especially with that tosser, Keir Starmer. No academic argument any more. Just the global indoctrinating dogma that gives and gives and keeps on giving.

All I got from the search was ten pages of unmitigated bullshit about how those who claim she is dead are the evil ones, harassing the poor family. Even when I used the word Goss in the search it took three pages before one of the posts appeared.

This reminds me of the Skripals who we will never hear from again. Nobody got to interview them at the time of their alleged Novichok poisoning by the Russians. Nobody got to interview the hospital staff at the time. Nobody has got to interview them since they “recovered”. Nobody has got to interview the hospital staff since. I left the following comment as to how I think the plot of Tiffany Dover will go next.

So you see what we are up against. The mainstream media hones in on a poorly-argued case against the narrative and well-argued cases fly off into the search engine abyss. You know they are well-argued when the so-called government-paid fact-checkers leave them alone. But that is little consolation if nobody reads them.