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Nicaragua – further proof that lockdowns don’t work

It is more than 40 years since the Sandinistas overthrew the corrupt US puppet government of the Somoza family in Nicaragua. It was a hard-won victory against tyranny and dictatorship after which a people’s government was established in 1979.

A second major Sandinista victory is currently underway. COVID-19 and the nonsense restrictions introduced elsewhere in the world is the tyrant being overthrown. Unlike ourselves in compliant countries the Nicaraguan people can be thankful there has been no lockdown in their country.  They have fared much better.

With a population almost a tenth of the UK’s Nicaragua has had only 149 deaths (UK deaths are 41,991). To date there have been only 12 recorded deaths with COVID-19 as a factor in the month of September compared with 898 in the UK. Even more outstanding is the recovery rate which by the first day of September stood at 91.2%.

The corporate press had to get some scare stories out to belittle Nicaragua’s success. This CNN report from mid-June is typical.

It spews out spooky stories about late night burials of corona victims and provides links to videos to prove it. Such stories are denied by vice president Rosario Murillo, who says the videos must have been filmed outside of Nicaragua to deliberately try and discredit its success. Another story from the article concerns doctors who have set up a group, the COVID-19 Citizen Observatory, to get the “truth” out to CNN readers. Citizen Observatory is closely allied to government opposition groups and its figures are derived from sources that cannot be verified, including word of mouth.

Epidemiologist Dr. Leonel Argüello Yrigoyen speculated on greater numbers of “suspicious” infections and “suspicious” deaths not counted in government figures. He further claimed that instead of coming to the hospital people were staying at home. It must be borne in mind that Dr. Yrigoyen is an epidemiologist. The maths is simple. Without an epidemic his department would almost certainly be sparsely populated.

“People staying home is dangerous — the calm before the storm,” the doctor told CNN.

“At home they create an infection bomb because everyone in that household can be infected and you might put on a mask, but that won’t help,” he added.

“I have never seen so many people self-medicating. People are desperate,” Dr. Argüello Yrigoyen said.

It is known now that the storm after the calm that he forecast never materialised. He was, however, quite right about the masks not helping. Some of us have been saying that since the COVID-19 pantomime began. How he would detect that “so many” people were self medicating is somewhat baffling without him being there on every occasion. Anyway the CNN report was three months ago and most authorities today are starting to accept that Nicaragua has handled the crisis well. This does not stop the CDC (Center for Disease Control) putting out a Level 3 warning to avoid all non-essential travel to Nicaragua. They don’t want you to know what normal life is like.

On one of the beaches in Caraceñas 13/09/2020. Source: Bolsa De Noticias

John Perry, who lives in Masaya, Nicaragua, is an English writer and blogger largely blogging about UK housing and migration issues. In a recent article for Popular Resistance while pointing out that government figures are likely to be understated he makes mention that even the Citizens Observatory figures are significantly below those for neighbouring countries: Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica and El Salvador. 

Nicaragua’s success stems from early preparation. Hospitals got the equipment they needed. Staff got the training they needed. Health checks were done at the borders, there were free telephone helplines and volunteer brigades to trace contacts from known cases. These brigades also worked in an advisory role.

As John Perry says: “It can only be a matter of time before Nicaragua’s effective response to the pandemic is recognized by the corporate media, especially as it is in such contrast to the experience of most other Latin American countries, and of course that of the US and the UK.”

So there we have it. Nicaragua without a lockdown has a much more competent record than countries whose residents cannot drink or eat after 10 p.m., whose lovers can only have 15 guests at their weddings, whose holiday-makers must self-isolate if they return after visiting Nicaragua, or if they come into contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 (in a test which can detect up to 20 false positives), whose football and other sports’ fans must stay at home until there is no money in the kitty to pay the players, whose fun-lovers and art-lovers cannot go to the beach, cinema, theatre, concert-hall or live show.

Nicaragua, together with Sweden and Belarus have shown sceptics that there is nothing wrong with socialising whatever virus is about providing the old and vulnerable are given the protection they need and common sense prevails. That is what we always did before this latest manifestation, this bad movie, became a reality. When it dawns on the ovine sleepers that all the job-losses, business-closures, house foreclosures, poverty, disease, death and wanton vaccination could have been avoided by not following government guidelines, unchallenged laws and dodgy dictates, by not locking down, it will be too late. It may already be too late.


A warning to my MP

My indignation rises every time I think of what has happened to the Labour Party under its new leadership. I talked to a gentleman only this morning who has left the party because under Keir Starmer nobody is for us any more. He thinks a new party of Corbyn supporters would be preferable to what the Labour Party has become. I pointed out some of the problems with the creation of a new party though a candidate for London Mayor who spoke at Trafalgar Square on Saturday (19 Sept) was also in favour of a new party.

I have emailed my MP, Steve McCabe, and delivered to him by hand the following letter:

“Dear Steve,                     A warning!                                              21/09/2020

This week a draft document is being rushed through parliament which exonerates vaccine manufacturers and drugs companies from liability should any “untested” vaccine or drug they produce and administer have adverse effects on anyone given such medication. As with so many other pieces of legislation since this COVID-19 business began I suspect Her Majesty’s opposition is going to lie back and let it go through unopposed.

The opposition’s new leader, Keir Starmer, a lawyer, has gone into hiding under some self-imposed exile rather than do the job he was appointed to do. I recall the constituency meeting where you spoke so fervently on his behalf. What a weak leader he has turned out to be! Last week he, and you, allowed Boris Johnson to dictate upon the electorate a so-called “Rule of Six” so that families could not meet together in groups larger than six. As far as I can see you never questioned on what evidence this dictate was based and just let it happen unopposed. What kind of a party has the Labour Party become.

If your argument for not doing your parliamentary duty as an opposition is the “strange times” we are living in I do not accept that as an argument. We were offered the titbit at the start of this epidemic that if we “flatten the curve” we can start to get back to normal. This has turned out to be a lie – a dangling unattainable carrot to accompany the stick with which we are beaten on a daily basis over something, frankly, no more deadly than the flu. Here is evidence I downloaded yesterday that COVID-19 attributed deaths peaked at the end of April since which time the curve has been flat. The curve is bottom right of the graphic.

Source: Johns Hopkins University

If this draft document is accepted in any form which gives drugs’ companies and pharmaceutical cartels immunity from prosecution I warn you that I will personally, if I cannot get help, deliver letters to Selly Oak constituents pointing out how you allowed this to pass unopposed. You see, I remember Thalidomide – which incidentally was tested – the life-changing deformities it caused in new-born babies, and how Distillers Company tried to wriggle out of paying compensation. The electorate needs to know there is an opposition which stands against the pharmaceutical companies being allowed to treat people as guinea-pigs in an experiment which may lead to death, deformity, brain damage or any number of other adverse ailments.

Yours sincerely

John Goss”

As you can see, I am angry at the lack of opposition since establishment figure Keir Starmer took control of the Labour Party. As a political party it has subsequently laid on its back as though dead. Why are MPs not in parliament debating all the removals of liberty being imposed on society? The above graphic is clear evidence there is nothing to fear.

The only person I know who has been diagnosed as having had COVID-19 had it in April. She says it was scary and worrying at the time but not life-threatening. I met her recently when walking my dogs. Today she has come round to acknowledging that we are all being duped. She was happy to give me a hug. What’s more she is ready to go on the demonstrations against this baloney which has tried to make life as miserable as possible for those fond of entertainment, sport, socialising and holidaying. The Labour Party is an emasculated spectre of what it was when Aneurin Bevan introduced our once wonderful NHS – then the envy of the world – now threatened by stealth-driven privatisation.

I mentioned my friend in a blog post as being the only person I knew who had had COVID-19. Since then nothing has changed. I asked readers who they knew who had been diagnosed with COVID-19. I ask the same question now. Yet more and more restrictions are being imposed on us with no opposition to contest this fascism.

Mask of submission – the Tour de France

Adam Yates, as I write, is wearing the yellow jersey in this year’s delayed Tour de France. It is a worthy achievement for the Bury man whose twin brother, Simon, is also a top cyclist. Whether he can win remains to be seen. A lot can happen between now and the Arc de Triomphe. For me the young Columbian, Egan Bernal, who won it last year, has to be favourite.

I have been following the race from day one and nearly all the shots of spectators show that France has rolled over to the latest global fascist menace which threatens the freedom of society. Unlike here in the UK they are nearly all wearing masks. It is tempting to argue that this capitulation is what the French did when the last wave of fascism jackbooted itself all over their beautiful country. But of course there was a very strong underground movement, the French resistance, which carried on fighting till the allies eventually brought freedom back.

In this age of total surveillance operating an underground movement is almost impossible. Yet never in the field of human conflict has an underground movement been so necessary to rescue those indoctrinated by the current fascists from total tyranny. Many of us who cycle may well use Garmin computers, which are handy little gadgets that keep us informed of everything from the speed we are going and altitude to elapsed time and distance covered. In that respect they are helpful. The dark side is they can also be used to track where individuals are at any given time.

The Tour-de-France almost did not start this year due to the COVID-19 nonsense. Clearly strong measures have been taken to enforce the international elite narrative of the necessity to mask. Arguments for not wearing a mask are stronger than wearing a mask. Oxygen is essential for athletes and none of them on the Tour, that I have observed, is wearing a mask while cycling. As soon as a stage is finished they are each given one. How ridiculous the stage winners look giving interviews through a mask I leave to the imagination of those who have not been following the event. You have to feel for them.

Like all other sports this year cycling has suffered, especially charity events. I was going to do the Tommy Godwin Challenge for Marie Curie Hospitals this month. It is a local ride but sadly it has been cancelled. I did manage, for the fifth year, to participate in the Big Ride for Palestine and people can still donate to this worthy event.

Cycling has always brought me pleasure though I could never participate at competitive level. We need to know our strengths and weaknesses and in yesterday’s stage of the Tour competitors did that last 10 miles in 17 minutes. That is close to 40 miles an hour.

First drop-bar bike

When I was a lad our village, Harworth in North Nottinghamshire, boasted one of Britain’s top cyclists, Tom Simpson. Although older than me by some years I met him a few times. Every night he would cycle up our road, Sandy Mount, go for a thirty mile spin and be back within an hour. Sometimes we used to wait and look out for him at Tickhill Spital crossroads to see how far up the incline we could get towards Swinnow Wood before he came powering past.

Those were the days when another virus, Asian Flu, was taking the lives of people with weakened immune systems. Only a decade or so before fascism had been defeated. The useless gas masks were gone and nobody wore any kind of mask except surgeons, we never went into lockdown, did not social distance and carried on as normal until herd immunity defeated the virus, which was, I conjecture, more serious than COVID-19.

The picture above is me with my first drop-handled bike in 1956 standing by our back garden in Harworth.

Tom Simpson died during the Tour de France wearing the yellow jersey on Mont Ventoux in Provence in 1967.

A tale of two lockdowns

At the end of June 2020 the city of Leicester went into lockdown. There had been, according to government, a surge in the numbers of people testing positive for COVID-19 which was above the national average. What government did not tell us was that in the preceding week seven new testing stations had been opened in Leicester, an eightfold increase. The maths is simple. The logic is basic. You increase the number of testing stations, you increase the number of results – both positive and negative. The government and media are not interested in negative results in this climate.

Discounting the fact that testing positive for COVID-19 means absolutely nothing as to whether the virus is spreading or whether it is adversely affecting those who test positive. Indeed there are so many false positives in the tests, that the inventor of what is known as the PCR test, Kary Mullis, who died in 2019, would not endorse such tests due to their unreliability in accurately isolating viruses. SARS-COV-2 had not then arrived on the scene.

For the same reason, unreliability, the PCR test has had no approval from authorizing bodies. So the only way these tests can be done legally is under what is called an EUA (Emergency Use Authorization). This was established to give the go ahead for unproven clinical procedures during, for example, a war-time chemical attack. An EUA is issued by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). It does not have medical approval.

Test kits are currently being provided by a company called Color under another EUA. These kits are likewise endorsed by the FDA to further pump up the worrying figures, create panic and facilitate further lockdowns. Similarly they have no endorsement from medical professionals.

So Leicester was shut down. Why? It has nothing to do with COVID-19 related deaths because, like everywhere else, those figures have been falling since April. Was it just to test how gullible people are? Let’s leave the reason in abeyance. Like it or not Leicester got locked down and still has restrictions in place.

Is there a case for localised lockdowns in times of epidemic? Yes. there most certainly is. In 1665 the tailor of a small village in Derbyshire received a bundle of cloth from London in which plague-carrying fleas had nested. Bubonic plague came to Eyam. In an act of self-sacrifice, led by the vicar and former vicar, the village locked itself down. In total a third of the populace of the village, some 260 residents, perished.

This self-sacrifice comes from the same gene-stock that compelled Dickens’ fictional character, Sydney Carton, to take the place on the guillotine of the husband of the woman he loved. It is the gene-stock the rich elite would have implanted in us all through vaccines with unique manufactured programmable enzymes that would make us all be prepared to lay down our lives for a better good – that is, so they can fly around in private jets while everyone else is grounded and enslaved.

A tale of two lockdowns

There are big differences between Eyam and Leicester as well as the difference in size. Eyam had a real epidemic to deal with. Leicester has this nonsense virus that has globally changed the way people have moved from a normal to an abnormal way of life. Eyam lost a third of its populace to an actual epidemic. That’s 1 in every 3 people died

Leicester by comparison was locked down because 1 in every 740 people tested positive (in an unreliable test) for COVID-19 over a 7 day period at the end of June – ironically just after they opened 7 new testing stations. Leicester remains under lockdown measures even though the 7 day infection rate is (24 Aug) down to 1 in every 3,144 people. Sadly one person in the 70 plus age bracket died in the 7 days up to 17 August.

In total 440 people have died in Leicester hospitals who tested positive for the virus since the epidemic began. Figures are difficult to come by but according to my calculations – and I am open to correction – since the lockdown started until 24 August there have been 39 deaths in Leicester hospitals of people who tested positive for COVID-19 in unreliable PCR tests

Accepting these figures on face value it shows that since the lockdown there has been 1 death in every 2,564 people in Leicester. The focus though is no longer on deaths because if it was the whole nonsense would be shown up for what it is.

The most striking difference between the lockdowns in Leicester and Eyam is on whose authority the lockdown was initiated. The people of Eyam took the decision to lock themselves down on their own initiative to protect the larger populations of Manchester and Sheffield. The people of Leicester have had no say in the lockdown decision. As demonstrated there has been, and is, no justification for the Leicester lockdown. It is based on fantasy figures – not medical advice.

If the people of Leicester could choose for themselves would they have voluntarily gone into lockdown? We don’t know because they were never asked. In the free democratic UK, mandates are thrust upon us, without consultation, even without debate in parliament. That, my friends, is fascism, raw and open.

Alexandr Lukashenko – a president with scruples – and Sunday’s election

One day at the beginning of April this year I had an awakening. It dawned on me that Russia had been leaned upon to change its policy regarding COVID-19. By that time the virus had spread through the UK like wildfire and was reaching its peak whereas in Russia there had been few infections and very few deaths.

It disturbed me that Russia Today (RT), a favoured TV channel, had changed course. It had always been a safe harbour in which to dock alternative viewpoints and seek solace from the lies and dogma of our own major news broadcasters. With the glaring exception of events of 9/11 Russia Today seemed to offer a refreshing and often incisively critical insight into world affairs, throwing new light on the Skripal affair and the alleged chemical attacks at Douma in Syria, among other worthy reporting.

When the viral spread of SARS-COV-2 hit the west, forcing lockdowns and eventually facial masks, RT was praising Russia’s efforts in controlling the spread and keeping deaths to a minimum. By all measures it looked like Russia had bucked the trend and everything was under control.

Suddenly all that changed. News readers, regular anchors and reporters were pushing a totally different message. In essence the coronavirus rhetoric had gone east. Accompanying footage suddenly contained repetitive images of people wearing masks and RT’s UK viewers were being advised to follow the guidelines on lockdown for our own safety and the safety of others. I might just as well have been watching the BBC.

It made me question. I guess many other RT viewers questioned too. Who had such control of the Russian media? After all RT is 100% state-owned. Was the Russian Bank (RosBank) behind the change? Rosbank is also 100% state-owned so there would be little reason to have done an about turn over COVID-19 unless the Russian government had also had a change of policy. I concluded that some ultra-powerful entity must have been behind the change, some entity with more clout than the state.

While Russian deaths started rising to US, UK elevations, its near neighbour Belarus was containing COVID-19 in the way I was expecting Russia to have done, the way South Korea was still doing. The most likely reason for the Russian policy change has only come to light within the last week or two. Tyler Durden posted an article in Great Game India which showed that the Belarus president, Alexandr Lukashenko, had been offered a bribe to adopt the same measures Italy had adopted – that is lockdown, curfews, masks and other severe restrictions.

In an act of integrity rarely found in world leaders Lukashenko refused the bribe. Africa, which has had a very low infection and death-rate from COVID-19, has likewise had several of its countries targeted by multi-billion cash-cows – World Health Organisation (WHO) and Bill Gates – which pretty well amounts to Bill Gates since he is one of the biggest donors to WHO. African countries which have been offered bribes include Tanzania, Burundi and Madagascar. It can hardly be assumed they are alone.

Meanwhile in Belarus life has gone on as normal. Football spectators have continued to go to matches and the season is in full swing with cup matches currently being played. According to the United Nations Human Rights Council a few companies have encouraged employees to work from home.

For a long time opposition outlets have cast doubt on Lukashenko’s lack of action over lockdowns, curfews and tracing. Towards the end of March Yuliana Volkova wrote an article designed to raise panic among Belarus residents in much the same way our media has succeeded in panicking the majority.

She cited instances of generosity from the private sector for PPI equipment to hospitals, raised fears about Russians who had visited Thailand or Florence and were now in Belarus hospitals, stating that hospitals were full of patients who were only ever diagnosed as having pneumonia. She finished her alarmist piece by saying she hoped all this was just panic and psychosis. And so it proved to be.

On 9 August Belarus is holding its presidential elections. Svetlana Tikhonovskaya is the main opposition candidate. She recently commandeered a rally in Minsk of some 18,000 to 63,000 supporters. But she is a substitute. A month earlier the main opposition candidate had been banker, Viktor Babariko, the head of Belgazprombank, who was arrested in June.

Belarus end July 2020

The Tikhonovskaya rally – no social distancing and few of those who are campaigning for them wearing face-masks

Babariko, saw himself as an ideal candidate since he believed the country needed a manager after Lukashenko’s mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic. He told Meduza that during the pandemic “the government showed incredible neglect.” Babariko is a great believer in loans and quite clearly would be willing to snap the hands off the World Bank with its COVID-19 bribes – and just as willing to pay the forfeits attached.

Babariko, often seen wearing a face-mask even though few of his supporters do, is being held on charges of embezzlement. He has also been accused of engaging in official authority abuse and withdrawals from banks in Cyprus, London and Latvia. He faces up to four years in prison on the embezzlement charges. Investigations into his bank, a sister bank of the Russian Gazprom, have been ongoing since 2016. While he is ensconced Svetlana Tikhonovskaya stands in Babariko’s place. If elected she has agreed to release Babariko and call fresh elections.

On 28 July a contingent of Russian mercenaries were arrested in Belarus. They are members of a private military company called “Wagner” and the purpose of their presence in the country is being investigated. Lukashenko believes they may have been sent to destabilise the elections while Russia denies any involvement. In a broadcast (4 August 2020) Lukashenko again raised the issue of the 33 militants. He added that there was knowledge of another detachment having been sent to the south and that these militants would be caught too. A spokeswoman for the Russian government, Maria Zakharova, said there was no proof that the Russians arrested were guilty.

Lukashenko has been in power for 26 years and is seeking a sixth term. He recently told a national security meeting that he had himself suffered from COVID-19 without showing any symptoms. “97% of the population is asymptomatic” he said, adding that the rest of the world was suffering from what he called “coronapsychosis”.

The election on 9 August is likely to be the closest since he was first elected. Lukashenko’s  handling of COVID-19 has been amazing! As of today Belarus has had only 583 deaths (Johns Hopkins) with a flattened curve. No country in Europe can boast that. If there is a change in leadership it will mean another World Bank controlled state, with restricted visits to the beaches – although landlocked Belarus does have beaches – social distancing, face masks and all the other constraints including a lack of leisure and sports activities, indeed everything concomitant with a locked-down state! The choice is the people’s. On Sunday or Monday we will know just how wise the electorate of Belarus is.

Further reading (some in Russian):









Liberty or slavery – the Covid options

When America broke free from the clutches of British imperialism and tyranny in the late 18th century it retained a tune that those of my generation will remember from our schooldays – Heart of Oak. For us in the UK this tune is brought down by ultra-patriotic lyrics like “we’ll fight and we’ll conquer again and again.” Actor, David Garrick, wrote the UK words.

While America retained the tune it ditched Garrick’s lyrics and added new, more ideological ones. The Liberty Song was published in 1768 with words by John Dickinson. The chorus goes:

In Freedom we’re born and in Freedom we’ll live.
Our purses are ready. Steady, friends, steady;
Not as slaves, but as Freemen our money we’ll give.

The chorus alone could cause a rousing debate, especially since Dickinson was a lawyer. Any such debate however would sidetrack my intent because it is a couplet from The Liberty Song that has prompted this post.

Then join hand in hand, brave Americans all,
By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall;

Almost certainly that second line gave rise to the chant “United we stand, divided we fall” – the antithesis being “Divide and Rule”, which is apparently derived from the Latin: Divide et impera. A recent article by Russ Bangs in OffGuardian demonstrates how such a policy has torn apart all nations of the world and all people within these nations. The reason is a viral infection that causes COVID-19.

Bangs emphasizes the wrong-thinking of governments in locking everybody down instead of concentrating on the vulnerable, sick and very elderly, that is, those people most likely to die from catching the virus SARS-COV-2. Instead the whole of society has been brainwashed in what Bangs calls a “terror campaign” where through fear a wedge has been driven between members of communities. He goes further.

“But today’s totalitarian potential is far worse than this. Now the regimes aspiring to total domination have terrorized and brainwashed the vast majority of people into an automatic physical distrust of all other people. One no longer fears that someone is an informer, but fears the very existence of another human being.”

What a far cry this is from “united we stand”. The Trades Unions are totally emasculated having gone along with the fabrications that aim to enslave us all. Are unions not supposed to be working on behalf of members? Instead they are succumbing to mainstream indoctrination to help them create an unemployed labour force not known since the great depression of the thirties. Yet good people have put their livelihoods (and perhaps even their lives) at stake to speak the truth about what is going on. Their voices and opinions never make it onto television news or current affairs programmes.

OffGuardian has published statements from at least 30 medical experts, here, here and here, who do not support opinion which allegedly drip-feeds those who govern. I say allegedly because so often when politicians make statements they are wishy-washy: “our medical advisors”, “medical opinion” “a leading medical authority” and the like.

There is fear among many medical practitioners that if they speak out their fate will be the same as that of Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Adil and they will be suspended from practicing. Such is the power of the ruling elite. The fear created is that very fear Russ Bangs talks about.

The brave do not cow in times of crisis and there has never been a more pressing time in human history to unite than at the present. So it is welcoming news that a group of US doctors in white coats has collectively broadcast press-statements about the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine, coupled with azithromycin, coupled with zinc, in the treatment of Covid-19.

The good old BBC, servant to the super-elite masters of brainwash, explains why the video was removed from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Instead of asking whether the claims about hydroxychloroquine are right or wrong the article, by Christopher Giles, Shayan Sardarizadeh & Jack Goodman does a collective ad hominem by associating the doctors with the online right-wing platform Breitbart, with Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and the Tea Party.

It also tries to destroy these front-line doctors’ credibility by quoting representatives from Twitter and YouTube who both sing the same song: it was taken down because it violates their COVID-19 policies, while Facebook “removed this video for sharing false information about cures and treatments for Covid-19”. The glaring error here is that trials for hydroxychloroquine are still ongoing, which prompts the question how Facebook could possibly know that the information is false.

The BBC article further casts doubt on the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine by citing the WHO (World Health Organisation) which has curtailed use of the drug in treating COVID-19 with a statement: “While several drug trials are ongoing, there is currently no proof that hydroxychloroquine or any other drug can cure or prevent COVID-19.” What it does not say is that the trials sponsored by WHO, (one of Bill Gates’ favoured charities) according to two of the white coat doctors, were using doses of 2,400 mg when the recommended dose is 200 mg twice a week with a daily dose of zinc.

In medicine low doses are generally administered first then gradually tritated upwards if there is no benefit from a low dose. To administer doses more than ten times the recommended dose is asking for trouble – if not death. In the video Dr Stella Immanuel, an ebullient, well-informed and eloquent black doctor talks of her experience in treating Covid-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine and zinc at the point of contact.

“I have personally treated over 350 patients with Covid, patients that have diabetes, patients that have high blood-pressure, patients that have asthma, old people – I think my oldest patient is 92 – 87 year olds, and the results have been the same. I put them on hydroxychloroquine, I put them on zinc. I put them on azithromycin – and they are all well.

For the past few months I’ve taken care of over 350 patients and I have not lost one, not a diabetic, not someone with high blood pressure, not someone with asthma, not an old person – we have not lost one patient, and, on top of that, I put myself, my staff, and many doctors that I know on hydroxychloroquine for prevention, because by the very mechanism of action it works early and as a prophylactic.”

Her department sees 10 to 15 Covid patients every day. They wear surgical masks while giving patients breathing treatment. None of them became sick.

Later in her presentation Dr. Immanuel says:

“I’m upset. Why I’m upset is that I see people that cannot breathe. I see patients walk in, I see diabetics sit in my office knowing that this is a death sentence and they can’t breathe. And I hug them and I tell them, “It’s going to be okay. You’re going to live.” And we treat them and they leave. None has died. So if some fake science, some person sponsored by all these fake pharma companies comes out to say, “We’ve done studies and they found out that it doesn’t work.” I can tell you categorically it’s fixed science. I want to know who is sponsoring that study. I want to know who is behind it because there is no way I can treat 350 patients and counting and nobody is dead and they all did better.”

The fake science she talks of is filtering down from the WHO. In carefully worded statements WHO, which sponsors trials like the one at Solidarity, carefully selects research companies which will deliver a result so it can accept “the recommendation from the Solidarity Trial’s International Steering Committee to discontinue the trial’s hydroxychloroquine and lopinavir/ritonavir arms.” This internecine collaboration calls into question a treatment that has been used for decades to make way for a mass vaccination agenda that super-rich people like Bill Gates want to see enforced.

Dr Simone Gold, who did the introductions of doctors in day one of the Whitecoat Medical Summit, talked about the “spiderweb of fear” that was preventing “thousands” of doctors from speaking out.

“That spiderweb is all around us and it’s constricting us and it’s draining the lifeblood of the American people, American society, and American economy.”

This is the same fear of which Russ Bangs speaks.

Doctors, I implore you, get together and stop the nonsense. You know what is happening. You only have to look at your hospitals and practices to see what six months has done. It will take guts. But do it. Do it collectively. Be brave like doctors from the Whitecoat Medical Summit. Stand up and be counted. Remember the oath some of you took. Remember the code of medical ethics. Most importantly support your colleagues who have taken a stand, because the more of you that do, the less other courageous souls will be persecuted.

Then join hand in hand, brave Americans all,
By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall;

Otherwise there will be no more holidays abroad, no more football matches, no more gatherings anywhere, no beaches, no schools, no leisure except for the super-rich elite. The rest of us will be slaves, slaves in masks, keeping so far from one another there will be no further procreation – except by the super-rich elite.

Dr Mohammad Iqbal Adil – a voice crying in the wilderness

First of all I ask you to watch this video. During the COVID-19 epidemic cancer patients on Dr Adil’s list who were due for treatment were put on hold while most of the beds were taken over by the Infection Control Department” something he saw for the first time in his thirty years as a consultant and surgeon. Beds in his ward lay empty and only emergency life-threatening procedures went ahead. Other patients were dealt with over the telephone which he quite rightly claims is unsatisfactory.

Dr. Adil is one of the few people speaking out about what is going on in hospitals. And for telling the truth he has been suspended for twelve months and may yet be struck off.  Other doctors have spoken out but because of threats they have been forced to spread their messages under the cloak of anonymity.

Back in early April a senior NHS source told the health journal HSJ: “There could be some very serious unintended consequences [to all the resource going into fighting coronavirus]. While there will be a lot of covid-19 fatalities, we could end up losing more ‘years of life’ because of fatalities relating to non-covid-19 health complications.

“What we don’t want to do is take our eye off the ball in terms of all the core business and all the other healthcare issues the NHS normally attends to.”

Then there is the consultant from Surrey who was too frightened to identify because he or she had a family. Staff were being silenced with threats of job-loss. Here is that consultant’s full message plus an extract directly below.

“In the months from March to June (inclusive) we would normally expect to see 100,000 out patients, around 30,000 patients admitted to hospital and perhaps 30,000 pass through A&E. This year (and these figures are almost impossible to get hold of) we are over 95% down on all those numbers. In effect, the hospital has been pretty much empty for that entire period.

At the start, staff that questioned this were told that we were being used as ‘redundant’ capacity, kept back for the ‘deluge’ we were told would come. It never did come, and when staff began to question this, comments like, ‘for the greater good’ and to ‘protect the NHS’ came down from above. Now its just along the lines of, ‘Shut up or you don’t get paid’.”

Dr Malcolm Kendrick has a very successful blog with a large following. His speciality is heart disease and he does not take the conventional view that statins are good for heart patients. That is what attracts so many to his blog and what attracted me. I believe statins are only good for Big Pharma.

Recently he has been blogging about COVID-19 and on 6 April Dr Kendrick wrote:

“Our local hospital now has more empty beds than at any time in history. Elective surgery has stopped, to free up resources. There is enormous managerial pressure to clear more and more people out of hospital, out of Intermediate Care beds, back home with little support available. Some of them will die because of this.”

Best to read his blog-piece in its entirety because he confirms what others in the medical profession have been saying when allowed to speak about it. He observed that at present we have virtually shut down the NHS to deal with COVID-19.

Here is a video interview of a nurse of more than 30 years experience, Kay Allison Shemirani, who has concluded that the NHS is not there to save your life but to get you sick and keep you sick. Money is the motive. She too has been suspended for speaking out in this ‘free world’ of ours.

It would not be too difficult to find out whether patients are being dealt with over the phone, not being seen in hospital when they should have been, sent home to die and other aspects of the “new norm” by simply asking the general public their experiences.

For example, I know the husband of one person admitted to hospital with a high temperature, a sore throat and other COVID-19-type symptoms. A COVID-19 notice went on her bed and remained there for the whole of her admission. It turned out she had a bacteriological infection. Suspected COVID-19 went on her release notes her husband said.

So back to Dr Mohammad Iqbal Adil. There is a petition to get him reinstated. I do hope everyone will sign and share it. Thanks.


Craig Murray and his moderators

I have long – well above ten years – been a supporter of Craig Murray’s doughty reporting and a contributor to his comment section. Indeed I re-published three of his recent articles regarding the extradition trial of Julian Assange on this blog. Today he has written a blog-piece about his inability to renew his membership of the NUJ and he details how his application has been seen and opposed by certain other NUJ members while nobody at NUJ headquarters will tell him who his accusers are. He calls for fellow-journalists to support him in defending journalists’ abilities to report what they believe to be right. The full blog-post is here.

However, whether he knows it or not, his own blog is cursed by moderators who have a fixed agenda to stifle debate, and there are few commenting there who have not felt the keen edge of their hatchets should they oppose certain issues endorsed by mainstream – like opposition to the NIST view on what brought down the twin towers, and more recently opposition to the mainstream clampdown on society over this blessed virus we are being controlled by.

One comment in response to today’s article says:

“So, Mr. Murray finds himself in a “Your comment is awaiting moderation” mode 🙂 And he’d like to know what the objection says …
Now many [of] your readers also want to know that, Mr. Murray. Hopefully you will keep us informed.”

The author of this comment really does have a point. I know of several who used to add contributions – some of whom have been stopped altogether from commenting – including me. I would have responded to the comment itself rather than write this item were I able. I suspect it is just one moderator but how would anyone outside Craig’s coterie of mods know? Does he know himself? I messaged him about this and he said he would take a look.

My recent personal journey began with a fairly innocuous comment on 3 March. After that for a while I was able to put my case to the moderator(s) whenever they removed comments but they put a stop to that and blocked me from commenting (except on sidelined threads that nobody reads). I mentioned in an open comment that I was not allowed to comment on a thread about profiting from Coronavirus which went into moderation. The comment was made 17 May and a moderator responded.

Mod: Not quite true, John. You’re welcome to tell the blog what’s on your mind.

You might also like to comment at the Lifeboat News, which is run by a practising medic who is currently recovering from CoVid-19.”

It was quite true that I could not comment on that thread. After about three weeks I was allowed to comment again on the main thread.

On 11 July I got a message:

“MOD: Kindly DESIST from pushing your Covid-19 conspiracy nonsense “

Since that time I have not been able to comment at all, not even on the sidelined threads that nobody reads, threads created by those who themselves comment.

I cannot think that Craig Murray is aware of what is going on. In his latest blog post he writes:

“But a National Union of Journalists which excludes writers for their opinions is a contradiction.”


“It should not need saying, but strangely it does, that journalists whose political opinions are very different to my own ought still to support my right to be a member of the union. It exists to defend journalists, not to exclude them.”

Well, yes, I do support that right to free-speech, but I’m not seeing it from his moderators. While Craig is sorry to have felt the need to go public regarding his application to renew his membership of the NUJ, I can empathise because now, on his site, I have joined a growing number of former contributors, who are no longer able to comment. Does he know what his moderators are up to, or have they got a free will to do as they please?


Defying the mask dictate

It is not for me to tell others how to behave. For myself, however, I am unable to wear a face mask because of a medical condition.

Maskaphobia is a lot more common than people may think. It can start in childhood, get further endorsed in the dentist’s chair, by horror movies and scary images – an example might be the image of an executioner or a “wild animal in a black mask” to quote one of my favourite poets, George Ivanov (1894-1958). The condition is serious.

It has been announced that the wearing of face masks in shops will be compulsory from 24 July. This will make it intolerable for maskaphobes. Other people wearing masks can only cause more stress for this growing sector of the population. Other illnesses as well as maskaphobia are made worse by the wearing of masks.

So is this directive from the government necessary? The graph below charts the falling number of deaths where Covid-19 has been reported from 1 May to 7 July. I think people can see for themselves that this sudden imposition of face masks is a simple test to see just how simple, gullible and pliable to government dictates the UK populace is.

Covid deaths to 7 July

People with disabilities, including deaf, blind and paranoid, may suffer adversely from mask apparel. Other medical conditions which are exacerbated by the wearing of masks include asthma and respiratory illnesses. People with high blood-pressure should not wear masks because added CO2 will increase their blood-pressure. Nearly everyone will have some condition which the wearing of face-masks will make worse.

Mine is not maskaphobia. Well not yet, though I do feel a strong aversion to masks, which is growing by the day. For me it is something else.


“Gas. Gas, quick boys . . .” useless protective equipment

Gas. Gas, quick boys . . .”

Wilfred Owen’s full, if disturbing, poem here.

That was World War One. By the time of Second World War there were gas masks that everyone could use from the very start. We had one for the baby (that was me) in which I would have been lain during a gas-attack should there have been one. Fortunately gas was not used. The mask was fully contained and when I was about five I found it stashed away. It has since been admitted that these gas-masks would have been useless. They were also carcinogens as this article shows.

People were instructed at the start of the Second World War to carry masks with them everywhere they went. They were uncomfortable to wear, ugly to look at, smelt badly of stale rubber, and people wearing them could not see where they were going. On long marches one of the first things soldiers ditched was the gas mask – though they kept the pouch which was useful for carrying essentials. Gas masks were useless.

Equally useless are the COVID-19 masks which as this experiment shows cause more harm than good, and could even kill.

This morning the Conservative government announced that masks may become compulsory in shops in England. They are already compulsory in Scotland. What absolute nonsense! No conclusive evidence has ever been produced to show these masks protect. As with the gas masks of the WWII these masks are useless. They look ugly, are ineffective and demonstrate just how gullible the public is now.

Scots are resourceful and careful with their money, or so it is said. I can picture before too long these otherwise useless accessories going under the kilt, especially when it starts blowing a hooley. So there might be a use for them yet. Till then follow the government advice. Or wake up!