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Vaccine deaths and injuries should be cause for alarm. But mainstream media is virtually ignoring this information. I am therefore publishing and updating, with the help of a colleague who is really good at data collection and analysis, so what you should see is this.

The banner previously on my WordPress page All the Goss reading: “This video contains content from BBC World Service, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds” shows the propaganda bias mainstream media directs towards the general English-speaking public.

The video it refers to was produced by BBC Russia and shows an interview of witnesses to the MH17 crash in which all 298 people on board were killed. It briefly appeared on the News but vanished very quickly and was never seen again. This was all because it did not support the ongoing narrative meme “Blame Russia”. I blogged about it here

Control of mainstream media means you and I are being brainwashed, and in a lot of instances successfully, into believing complete fabrications. These range from the events of 9/11 through to the Skripal saga, a manufactured news story which amounted to the alleged poisoning of a UK spy asset, Sergei Skripal, and his daughter Yulia. It is so far-fetched, many of us could see through it from the day first reports appeared.

Mainstream media is mutually owned by a clique of very powerful, very rich, people. Their agenda is designed to keep them very powerful and very rich. Thus you will see countless stories of the holocaust and accusations of anti-Semitism where events, or potential events, are perceived to threaten the clique’s interests. You will also see and read about events which did not happen the way they are presented,

This is one of a number of blogs offering an alternative point of view, a bit like we used to have back in the days when reporters, like Ernest Hemingway, were allowed to write what they saw. Those days are long gone. Journalists today, with a few notable exceptions, are little more than what Craig Murray calls “stenographers” and Craig Thomas calls “presstitutes”.

I would rather be writing creatively, and indeed I am working on a novel about the Russian poet George Vladimirovich Ivanov (1894-1958), but when I see or read some of the news content it diverts my attention leaving me having to decipher national and international news stories to find out what really took place – and what was the motive behind it. As with so many other bloggers there is no budget.

Big Brother is watching all of us, through electronic software, through our phones and computers, street cameras and a whole variety of other methods. That is not to say that advances in technology are bad. For example drones can be used for crime detection and the protection of individuals and society in general. They can also be used to murder people who have not been convicted of a crime (or certainly not a crime worthy of the death penalty). Technology is in the wrong hands. That’s the problem.

John Goss

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