Boycott the New York Post

This is only short but should be read if you want to stay informed.

In the early morning of 30 March the Voice of Sevastopol posted pictures of the wreckage from a Ukrainian attack on residential apartments in the city of Donetsk. Two floors were completely removed from much of this high-rise building with substantial damage to floors below. This is nothing new. The neo-Nazis have been targeting civilians for eight years.

Rescuers bring down a victim of Ukrainian bombing

An early report stated that one person was killed with four injured, including a child, eighteen months old.

“Ukrainian militants struck a residential building in the Tekstilshchik microdistrict in Donetsk, several floors of the building collapsed. According to the DPR representative office in the JCCC, Ukrainian forces discharged 10 122mm shells opening fire at 06:30.”

This shelling was in the midst of ongoing peace talks in Turkey in which Russia had agreed to retreat some of its troops from the Kiev area – which have been largely inactive anyway.

Today, 31 March 2022, Voice of Sevastopol drew attention to a despicable New York Post article by Evan Simko-Bednarski.

The disgusting New York Post heading

Although there is a drone video of damage done to the apartment block fronting the NYP article, there is no mention of who did it, until tucked away near the foot of this blatant bigotry, is one sentence, almost ambiguous and clearly intended to mislead, which relates to the Ukrainian strike on civilians in Donetsk.

“Meanwhile, Russian-backed separatists in Donetsk — a contested city in the eastern Donbas region — claimed a Ukrainian missile destroyed part of an apartment block, killing two..”

It does not say that the drone video at the top is of the residential damage caused by the fascists and makes it appear that Russian and separatist forces were culpable. I ask you. What kind of objective reporting is that?

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