The UK is now a Stalinist state

One of my areas of interest is Russian literature of the early twentieth century and its demise following the Russian revolution of 1917. Most of the great literature was written before the revolution or afterwards in emigration by people like Georgy Ivanov (1894-1958). Ivanov was critical, possibly unfairly, of those who stayed behind, and there... Continue Reading →

Love is . . .

Shawn Skelton is the certified nursing assistant of 25 years experience whose story is covered here under the heading "A warning to parents". Two days after taking Moderna's vaccine Shawn developed an uncontrollable shaking during waking hours indicative of some kind of chorea. The hospital where she received the vaccine said it must be stress-related... Continue Reading →

Former SBU officer dishes the dirt on Ukraine

Vasily Nikolaevich Prozorov, a former SBU (Ukrainian Security Services) officer, escaped to Russia with a huge trove of potentially damaging information against the Poroshenko regime. It ranges from the running of black sites where prisoners are tortured and deprived of air to Ukraine's culpability in the downing of MH17. Also in the trove is the... Continue Reading →

We don’t want Poroshenko in the UK

Everywhere Petro Poroshenko, current president of Ukraine, goes on his campaign to get re-elected he meets with protestors from the extreme right. The chocolate magnate in 2014 started the first civil-war in near 100 years bringing some 10,000 non-combat deaths to his own people. To achieve this he formerly relied on those very militants who... Continue Reading →

These two men are the same

Bellingcat has brought out part two of its proof that Sergeyev and Fedotov are the same man. In a tediously long article it takes the reader down the road of four months of investigation that led to the conclusion with which it first started. Helped along the way by the western-sponsored Fontanka (named after one... Continue Reading →

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