The Mariupol theatre bombing – what really happened?

Of late, the BBC has been using a deputy mayor of Mariupol, Sergei Orlov, to spread the latest fabrications to be regurgitated by its correspondent, Hugo Bachego, in Lviv, some 970 miles away by rail from Mariupol.

Where Orlov exactly is, remains a mystery. It is unlikely he is in Mariupol because that is now under separatist control, and he is equally unlikely to be popular with the liberators, for deliberately spreading lies that the Russians carried out air-strikes on the theatre. The BBC news article about the alleged Russian air-strike credits the accompanying photograph of the bombed and burning theatre to deputy mayor, Sergei Orlov, but that might be just to give the impression that he is still in Mariupol.

According to Orlov “between 1,000 and 1,200 people had sought refuge in the building”. Of course “the BBC could not independently verify the information”. Surprise, surprise! Nevertheless, it relentlessly pushes forward its agenda thumping home a repetitive message that all the blame rests on Russia. One line, tucked away towards the end of the article, states that the Russian ministry of defence had denied any air-strike on the theatre. They always execute that pretence to even-handedness.

Later in the article it talks of Russian shelling accounting for the deaths of “at least 10 people waiting in a queue for bread” in the town of Chernihiv, northern Ukraine. Again the footage could not be verified, and this caveat about independent verification is a facet, not just of BBC reporting, but of practically all western reporting. What it probably means is – we’re making it up.

What really happened to the theatre?

If you live in the west you might not be aware that the Russians in conjunction with the independent states of Lugansk and Donetsk, have regained control of Mariupol taking it out of the hands of the Nazi-sympathisers from Kiev who occupied it nearly eight years ago – and who were responsible for a catalogue of evil deeds, including mass-murder, to which the BBC turned a blind eye.

Following liberation of the city another story is starting to emerge. Those rescued, who were trapped in the cellar of the theatre, and their relatives, are starting to give a different version of events from the Kiev and western reports of a Russian air-strike.

Mariupol resident, Galina Surguch, stated yesterday that Ukrainian forces from the AZOV battalion enticed residents who wanted to evacuate into the theatre, where they were then confined to the cellar. They had been promised a “green corridor” according to Surguch. At that time, 16 March, the city was still in the hands of AZOV but the liberators were closing in. She further claims that the AZOV then bombed the building.

Other refugees are beginning to speak out now the city is liberated apart from sporadic sniping. Nina Kulaeva spoke of how the neo-Nazis destroyed Neptune swimming-pool in the city centre, and killed many civilians in the pool. She claims that the AZOV forces were entrenched in Hospital No. 5, which is next to the swimming pool.

This was the “hospital” bombed by Russia, which western media has condemned widely. Russian news agency, TASS, has a different story, the Russian version, worth repeating in full since it is in English and confirms what Galina Surguch maintained.

“UN, March 10. /TASS/. The UN disseminated wrong information about the ‘attack’ against a hospital in Ukraine’s Mariupol turned into a military installation by local radicals, First Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Dmitry Polyansky tweeted.

“That’s how Fakenews is born. We warned in our statement back on 7 March that this hospital has been turned into a military object by radicals. Very disturbing that UN spreads this information without verification,” Polyansky wrote.

“Today’s attack on a hospital in Mariupol, Ukraine, where maternity & children’s wards are located, is horrific,” UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres tweeted earlier.”
So there you have it. Different perspectives.

Although Mariupol was liberated yesterday, you might not learn about it until tomorrow, if then, if ever, but it is the most likely reason why so many residents have taken the opportunity to go east to a safer part of the country, or further east to Russia as refugees, and where many have families. What we are learning from western press is that they have been abducted.

How long has BBC war propaganda been going on?

All my life. Those old enough to remember the drumming home by the BBC of that repetitive ad hominem message that the “Mau Mau” tribes of Kenya, a country then occupied by the British armed forces, were “terrorists”, will probably remember too how subliminally persuasive this message was. People, including me, actually believed these Kikuyu tribespeople were terrorists.

In those days, the fifties, the only broadcaster with any real audience was the BBC. We believed what it said because we knew no better. We never thought for a minute that our radio and television broadcaster would lie to us. Why should we?

We never thought either that the British in Kenya would be guilty of crimes against humanity.

It took 60 years for an apology. While the BBC reported this apology from government when it was made, it did not see fit to apologise for convincing its audiences of the fifties that those fighting for the freedom of their homeland, land that had been stolen from them by a colonial power, were terrorists.

Such is history, and searching for archive audio or video from the BBC is challenging, to say the least.

Now BBC lies are about the Russians in Ukraine. Let us get one thing clear. They too are fighting for their homeland, stolen from them. The purpose of the Russian intervention is to protect the people of Novorossiya – who in 2014 voted with a massive majority for independence from Kiev. Our good-old BBC chooses to portray Vladimir Putin and the Russian government as aggressors. It chooses to glorify the regime in Kiev, which it worked so hard to put in place, after it worked so hard to remove the legitimate president, Yanukovich. And this indoctrination works – because so many here in the UK believe it. It is the “Mau Mau are terrorists” indoctrination in another guise.

The real aggressors in Mariupol were the Nazi-style AZOV battalion which in 2014 went into the city, murdered many residents, indulged in mass acts of genocide, and other war-atrocities. Persecution of residents has gone on right up to the liberation which continues today.

BBC – you have fifty years to apologise for your lies!

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