Countries under the Covid cosh (5) – Costa Rica

Costa Rica president, Carlos Andrés Alvarado Quesada, came to power on a gay rights’ platform with an unexpected yet overwhelming victory over his opponent. Other campaigns he has promoted, which link him to the New World Order, are compliance with the climate-change agenda, especially through electrification of motorised vehicles, and the most ruthless drive from any country in the world to mandate “vaccination” – even for children.

Elections will never be fair again since they went electronic. Biden’s victory over Trump is the biggest example of this. If it can happen in the USA it can be made to happen anywhere. Will we ever know if it happened in Costa Rica?

Quesada holds a masters degree (MA) in Development Studies from the University of Sussex obtained by means of a Chevening scholarship – funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office – and its hidden partners.

Younger than Adolph Hitler, when that dictator took control of Germany, his drive to serve his NWO masters was rubber-stamped with the most outrageous fascist decree to make “vaccination” compulsory for the whole populace. That Klaus Schwab’s blue-eyed boy has brown eyes does not detract from Quesada’s participation in the execution of a global genocide plan – starting with his own people. The evidence of this is there for all to see.

The blatant totalitarian regime he has pushed through after only 3 years in office shows just how bad it is likely to get if this control-freak remains in power, and with his ties to the UK government and Klaus Schwab, just how bad it is likely to get for the rest of the world.

By 15 November 2021, 74.4% of Costa Rican citizens had been “vaccinated” with at least one dose. The cost in lives of this extreme policy witnessed a 260% increase in Covid-19 deaths. In total 7,223 have died of the fabled disease, 4,411 after the “vaccinations” began. From March next year this UK-educated, Dr. Frankenstein, intends to murder a proportion of Costa Rica children. The only thing that could possibly save them would be a fair election – due to take place on 22 February 2022.

“The country signed a deal with Pfizer to acquire doses to start vaccinating all under-12s from March 2022.”

BBC Report, 5 November 2021

Compare this with Costa Rica’s neighbour, Nicaragua. Nicaragua never locked down. It gave its people an option whether or not to wear a mask or whether to social distance and life has pretty well gone on as before. Crucially it experienced few deaths attributed to Covid-19 throughout the ongoing fake pandemic.

Costa Rica plotted against Nicaragua, source: Our World in data

This graph plots the two countries and their reported Covid-19 deaths. Nicaragua, with a greater population by a third, is the almost horizontal line near the baseline. It might be nearly horizontal because Nicaragua’s president, Daniel Ortega, is not trying to murder his people. Jo Biden, understandably, is not happy with that scenario.

So a few days ago the White House issued a proclamation banning the Nicaraguan president, his wife and other politicians from entering the USA. This is laughable because the reason given is election fraud. It’s true Ortega’s government imprisoned some of the corrupt opposition politicians but then his learning-curve was influenced by the US backed corrupt Somoza family.

Anyway, think about it for a minute. Nicaragua is not “vaccinating”, well not to any great extent. Only 15% have had at least one dose while 75% have had at least one dose in Costa Rica. The death-rates from Covid-19 further demonstrate how the countries which most “vaccinate” their people, are the countries that most kill their people.

If this was the only instance of a state where the “vaccinated” are dying in large numbers from Covid-19 injections alongside a neighbouring non-vaccinated country it could be argued it is a blip. Such an argument, however, would be to ignore the Dominican Republic (62% “vaccinated”, 4,178 Covid-19 deaths) and its neighbour, Haiti (less than 1% vaccinated, 708 Covid-19 deaths), and ignore South Korea (82% “vaccinated”, 3,158 Covid-19 deaths) and its neighbour, North Korea (0% vaccinated, 0 Covid-19 deaths).

So often have comparisons like these been shown to the dozing pussy-cats of the world circus you would think by now they would have heeded Shelley’s advice.

“rise like lions from your slumber, in unvanquishable number. . . ye are many, they are few.”

P. B. Shelley,The Mask of Anarchy

Alternatively, you could always continue to lie down till you get shot with a tranquillizer dart from which you might never wake up.

Wake up!

For God’s sake, wake up!

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