North/South Covid divide

The political cartoon depicts the presidents of North and South Korea at the historic 2018 summit. The two heads of state, Kim Jong Un (right) and Moon Jae-in, are seen, the former with a missile in his hand, the latter with the dove of peace in his. This tells us one thing and one thing alone. The cartoon was created in the missile-laden west.

After the Second World War when the Soviet Union and United States of America carved up their spheres of influence, Korea, which had been colonised for 35 years by Japan following the Russo-Japanese war, was divided along the 38th parallel, splitting families and land. A civil war ensued from 1950-53 in which 2.5 million people died with the US supporting South Korea and the Chinese supporting North Korea. No formal peace treaty was signed and the war continued as an ideological platform for east and west to demonstrate their superiority.

The historic summit aftermath was going along swimmingly until the SARS-CoV-2 virus entered the equation the following year. It is a geographical enigma that those living in the South are so vulnerable to this deadly pathogen, while those living in the North are seemingly immune. The following chart shows the cumulative cases so far this year, (and last year). North Korea is the horizontal line along the bottom – that is no cases.

Sadly South Korea by comparison has not fared so well. Indeed there has been an increase which gives the impression of spiking exponentially and may soon be a vertical line to complement the North’s horizontal line.

What is more the increases in cases coincides with the South’s “vaccination” programme which began in February this year. Not surprisingly exhausted workers in the South plan to strike.

Pyongyang claims to have not confirmed a single case of coronavirus infection, despite widespread scepticism. In its latest report to the World Health Organization last week, the North said it had tested 37,291 people for the coronavirus as of August 19 and that all were negative.

South China Morning Post

China has tried to ease the problem of no Covid cases in North Korea by supplying the country with 3 million jabs of Sinovac. Of course if you don’t have Covid for what do you need a vaccine? So, magnanimously, President Kim Jong Un has offered the jabs to countries which do have Covid cases.

North Korea has expressed some doubt over the efficacy of Covid-19 vaccinations, with state media frequently reporting on incidents in the US and Europe where individuals have had adverse reactions to the shots.


Perhaps we in the west, that is those still asleep, could wake up and see that Kim is right and there is no Covid problem. There is however a vaccination problem. Except we in the west are being controlled by those with an elitist agenda – the big elitist banking families. That is the difference.


Now can you see where the Covid-19 problem lies?

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