A short lesson in bovine excrement

A touchy subject, but here goes.

A man walks into an optician’s with a black box. He opens the box to reveal a smelly off-brown content, which he shows to the receptionist and asks if he can see the optician.

“Is that yours?” she asks.


“Are you sure it’s not a doctor you want to see?”

“No, an optician.”

“How come?”

“Every time I pass one of these it makes my eyes water.”


Yes, brought a tear to my eye too.

You know what they say: there are lies, damned lies, and statistics.

Here is a chart from government sources.

Looking at it you would be excused if you thought people who had never taken a jab were substantially more likely to die with COVID-19 than those who were “vaccinated”.

What are we missing?

What we are missing is the way the government has categorised what it calls the “unvaccinated” – that is, the light-blue line at the top and the way it has been presented in the chart.

Most people who have taken the shots and die, die within a few days of their injection. But it appears from this that if they die within 21 days they are counted along with the “unvaccinated”. That is probably why they label subsequent deaths as 21 days after the first, or second, dose whichever one it was that killed them.

The terminology is so strange it is clearly meant to mislead. Take for example “for people who had the dose at least 21 days ago” which would normally mean those who had the dose 21 days before today. This clumsy terminology is hiding a box full of brown propaganda. And it stinks.

And “21 days or more”. Notice it does not say 21 days or less. So these deaths only represent those who died at least two weeks after their first or second jabs.

But what about the majority who died within that 21 day period. Where have they vanished? The finger of suspicion points at the “unvaccinated” light blue line at the top.

It is a fraud. They are trying to make people believe that vaccines are saving lives, when other data, all over the world, show they are taking lives. Nearly all the deaths in this chart may be considered vaccine-induced. There is no separate line, it is conjectured, for those who did not take the toxins.

It says the chart represents “deaths occurring between 1 January and 31 October 2021. Well, yes, they are within that timescale but run from 21 January to 21 October 2021.

The vaccines are causing the deaths

The site Our World in Data gives a clear picture of “cases” which because of the PCR test everyone should ignore. Cases are people diagnosed with an illness, not asymptomatic people proving positive from an unreliable test.

Deaths are a different matter.

Our world in data, UK cases and deaths from January, 2021.

You can see that the highest peak was directly after the jabs started. Over a longer period it is evident that the vaccination programme devised to protect people actually led to more deaths. Some of us suspect that after all the deaths following introduction of the shots in January 2021 less toxic “vaccines” were introduced. Otherwise the attempt to mass-murder people would be obvious.

Why don’t they want people to look at data before the “vaccine” rollout? Such a comparison, as I have shown in other posts, for example this one, clearly correlates the jabs with the deaths. Little-jabbed Nicargaua has far fewer Covid-19 deaths than its much-jabbed neighbour Costa Rica. Likewise with Haiti and its neighbour Dominican Republic. Not to mention North Korea and its neighbour South Korea.

Believe me, the UK is no different. And it is lying to us.

How does the government define “unvaccinated”?

A definition of “unvaccinated” is given in an ONS explanation.

” . . .our definition for deaths in the ‘unvaccinated’ category would be any death that does not fall into the other three categories. This would be deaths where someone has not received any doses of the COVID-19 vaccination.

The other three categories used are:

  • Deaths where the person was vaccinated with only the first dose and the date of death is within 21 days
  • Deaths where the person was vaccinated with only the first dose and the date of death exceeds 21 days
  • Deaths where the person was vaccinated with the first and the second dose”

Is the lie found in using the two words “would be” rather than “is”? As in “it ‘would be’ if we were allowed to tell you that.”

Another thing to bear in mind is that anyone diagnosed with the suspect PCR test as having died with Covid-19 before the vaccine rollout was almost certainly “unvaccinated” and the Covid death figures, as with every other country I have looked at, were substantially lower than post vaccination figures. Furthermore those dying within a fortnight of taking a shot do not appear to be present on the first chart. So where did they go?

What we have is a perpetual black box of lies from our government. Its content brings tears to my eyes.

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