BBC – deaf to debate, blind to reason

James Gallagher, Health and Science Correspondent for the BBC, put up an article “Where are we at with Covid” on 5 November 2021. For his “unbiased” research James Gallagher used comments from three Professors, Professor Tim Spector, Professor Mark Woolhouse and Professor Mike Tildesley. All three are members of the government body driving the yerunda – SAGE.

As a journalist, Gallagher has no objectivity. He just conforms to the agenda, pocketing pay-cheque after pay-cheque, with no concern about the damage to society or his reputation.

Last year deaths from Covid-19 were the talking point. Desperate to create a “pandemic” when there was none, the corporate media promoted a “deadly” virus and nearly everybody who died was labelled Covid-19. Influenza disappeared. People were murdered by a cocktail of life-ending medications (including Midazolam), respirators and DNR notices. Death was ‘on the air’ every night and every day in a successful attempt to make people think there was cause for alarm. Sadly it worked.

This tripe was pushed down our throats until it no longer had credibility. When nobody was dying from the mysterious Covid-19 the switch was made to cases. Healthy people were made to take a useless PCR test to push up case numbers. The BBC, through James Gallagher, talks of cases but realises that after nearly twelve months of this the public is thoroughly sick and fed up. Yet there have been more “all cause” deaths since the vaccination programme started than there were in “Covid-19” year.

It is not the purpose of this post to take apart a wishy-washy article. You can read the article and do that yourself. It takes little gumption to judge there is no debate when you get statements like: “Prof Mike Tildesley, from the University of Warwick, agreed. . .” and “Nearly every source of data agrees. . .”

Nobody is going to disagree. Nobody has disagreed for the last two years. Nobody is allowed to disagree. People who disagree are not given a voice. People who disagree lose their jobs.

In an effort to get actual debate I put a comment on James Gallagher’s Twitter feed regarding his heavily-biased article. There are many professors, scientists, medical doctors and academics – a growing number indeed – who would be only too pleased to challenge what is happening in open discussion. I wrote:

The problem is people talk about cases. You too. In truth we should be talking deaths. The inaccurate PCR test is to blame. Would be happy to get a virologist, like Sucharit Bhakdi of Michael Palmer to discuss. If the BBC would allow!!!

Unfortunately, only the bought Professors, those awarded an OBE, or those belonging to a controlled quango, can speak about the fake pandemic. Even then they must conform within strict parameters.

My message to James Gallagher

If you know about shadow-banning that is what happened to this comment. Only I could see it. Why? Because world controllers do not want the debate that would blow the narrative sky high. The one comment I got was from Twitter itself informing me:

This tweet is from a suspended account. Learn more.

Desperate to learn more I clicked the “Learn more” link.

There is no explanation why my account should be suspended. I hardly use Twitter at all. My blog-posts have never, to my knowledge, been questioned by fact-checkers, and blog-posts are virtually all I post on Twitter.

Sadly there is worse to come. Because the “cases” nonsense has worn thin, as the article suggests, a new scary narrative has to take its place. That came less than a month after Gallagher’s article – and the new Omicron bullshit has now been shovelled over the sheeple to keep them penned in for the winter, ensuring they are vaccinated and masked from here to eternity.

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