Haiti – the clot-shot assassination

To get vaccines into Haiti it took the assassination of its president, Jovenel Moise. Haiti has rarely been a stable country since Toussaint L’Ouverture gained independence from France, defeated a 60,000-strong British army, and kicked the Spanish off the island. He led the Haitian slave revolt which gave the country a Constitution written in 1801. Independence came on 1 January 1804.

Since then Haiti has had to deal with all kinds of corruption – including child-trafficking – which raised its ugly head during the Pizzagate revelations.

Before looking at Haiti, then quickly at Nicaragua – the two least Covid-19 “vaccinated” countries in the world – let’s get a feel for what is happening in the USA as regards all-time vaccine deaths. The chart below shows the massive annual increase in deaths in the US over the last two years – 2020 and 2021 – as reported to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System). Despite these deaths the FDA is pushing forward with its drive to needle-stab innocent children.

Covid-19 year was 2020 when many old people died in care homes from lack of proper treatment, killer-medicines and DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) notices.

Vaccination year was 2021 when even more people across a variety of age-ranges died from the new “vaccines”. A visual assessment shows this number to be in the region of 15 times greater than for any year in the 30 years before 2020.

Chart courtesy of Dr. Steve Kirsch

Haiti and Nicaragua

Haiti and Nicaragua are the two countries which have had fewest people “vaccinated”, less in fact per capita than any other country. They have also had less Covid-19 deaths. That seems likely to change since there are fervent “vaccination” drives taking place now in both these countries.

The vaccine assassination in Haiti

Haiti is roughly half of a Caribbean island shared with the Dominican Republic. Though smaller in area it does have a slightly higher population than its neighbour. Haiti knows about epidemics. It is only just over ten years since 8,800 Haitians were killed by a cholera outbreak – a disease previously unknown in Haiti until introduced by MINUSTAH aid workers.

When killer diseases suddenly appear it makes indigenous people suspicious of foreign medical intervention. Nobody living there thought there was a problem with Covid-19. Nobody wore masks. Nobody locked down.

Before “vaccines” arrived in Haiti there were few deaths from the mysterious Covid-19 – which only seems to affect countries whose people wear masks and follow stupid dictates. For good historical reasons there is wariness in Haiti. Vaccine uptake since it arrived in Port Au Prince has been slow. Haitians have other things to worry about than a fake pandemic. They face real and serious problems of survival.

Comparison between Haitian and Dominican Republic Covid-19 deaths – Our World in Data

It can be seen from the above chart that in the Dominican Republic, where vaccination has been mandated through coercion, deaths from Covid-19 are considerably higher than in Haiti – where hardly anyone died from Covid-19.

That was before the assassination of its president, Jovenel Moise, on 7 July 2021.

A week after the assassination 500,000 doses of Moderna vaccine arrived and two days after its arrival it was being injected into the arms of unwitting residents.

Anybody not able to see the connection between Moise's death and the arrival of "vaccines" is mentally myopic.

Since “vaccination” began there has been an increase in Covid-19 deaths from 487 to 671 by the start of November. The arithmetic is quite simple. In the 3.5 months post vaccination 188 Haitians have died from Covid-19. Whereas in the 14 plus months since the first recorded deaths took place there were, on average, only two thirds that number.

While this may be significant, in order to get more accurate data it is necessary to wait, since less than 1% of the population has currently been given the clot-shots – so-called because they cause blood-clots leading to deep-vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolisms and strokes.

As to the shooting of Moise it is strongly suspected that his successor, a UN favourite, Ariel Henry, was involved in the assassination. Of course Moderna has no favourite as to which puppet sits on the Haitian throne.

For Moderna the important thing was to get the shipment onto the island. To that extent they succeeded.

Moise was shot to get shots into the arms of his people.


Nicaragua had the least deaths of the Central American countries from Covid-19. As with Haiti people were getting on with their lives, some wore masks, but, as with Haiti again, the populace did not succumb to the nonsense lockdowns. To have done so would have crippled their economies.

For Nicaragua, the “blue pill” of lockdown or “stay at home” would have been pure cyanide, and since its leadership long ago took the red pill, it was able to discern the true interests behind the phony rich-country pandemic discourse and its hidden “great re-set” agenda.

Jorge Capelán, OffGuardian, (see link above)

In March 2021 Nicaragua received 135,000 Pfizer doses from an agreed shipment of 432,000 doses. However it did not have the infrastructure to store these drugs.

Nearly a fortnight ago the country received “vaccines” from Cuba. It is not known if the Pfizer vaccines were used but up to the arrival of the Cuban “vaccines” just over 5% in Nicaragua were “fully vaccinated”. It remains to be seen what effect these might have on Covid-19 deaths. We will keep our eyes on the emerging situation.

For more information on the politics and history of Haiti see Dady Chery’s We Have Dared to be Free.

This article was updated to remove a chart on deaths in Nicaragua which added nothing to the argument.

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