“Grab ’em and jab ’em”’s our modus operandi

and so far it’s proved – a nice little earner –

no matter how many come a cropper and die,

your coffins – our coffers – are full from MODERNA.

We grab ’em and jab ’em and prick ’em and stick ’em

and send ’em away with a face like a girner,

old folk – and children – from here to High Wycombe,

your funeral parlours are full from MODERNA.

While PFIZER kills more, we’re on the back-burner,

waiting to step in once people get wiser,

and when that day comes it will profit MODERNA,

our “wages of sin” will exceed those of PFIZER.

Now grabbing and jabbing is all à la mode

but when it’s old-fashioned you’ll hear people say:

“Remove from MODERNA this whimsical ODE

and you’re left with a life-changing MRNA.”

John Goss

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