Tiffany Dover and Megi Bakradze – the big difference

First let me say I should not have to be writing this blog about the deaths of two young nurses and my heart goes out to the families of both. It is however essential that the facts around adverse reactions to wanton vaccination with untested vaccines should be questioned.

What is more these deaths, and others like them, have occurred when the virus which they are being vaccinated against is no longer killing people in large numbers. Herd immunity is already prevalent throughout the globe, and China, where it has been assumed the virus, SARS-COV-2, originated, has long been back to normal.

Megi Brakadze, 27, had her injection but within 24 hours was dead. They managed to restart her heart but were not able to revive her completely. Megi’s death comes a week after Italian clarinet teacher, Sandro Tognatti, died following the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab.

There are similarities between the death of Tiffany Dover and that of Megi Brakadze. Both died after taking a new untested vaccine. Both encouraged others to take a vaccine before they died. Neither died immediately. Both were filmed as part of a promotional drive. Both were young women about 30 years old. Both were nurses. Both clearly had faith in vaccines.

There are differences too.

Megi Brakadze receives her Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccination

Differences between Megi and Tiffany are that one lived in Georgia, Europe, and the other in the USA. Megi had the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab (with genetically modified content) and Tiffany had the Pfizer/BioNTech jab (mRNA). But the biggest difference of all was this.

Georgia admitted straight away that Megi had died.

The Catholic hospital, Memorial, Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Pfizer BioNTech, have constantly lied and tried to cover up the death of Tiffany. The death itself is tragic enough, but the cover-up is deplorable.

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