Countries under the Covid cosh (2)

Poland and Australia - two sides of the same coin As with everywhere else there are mixed feelings about how the erosion of human rights has affected communities. Here I take a look at how orphanages have allowed Pfizer to experiment on its babies; and at four MPs fighting to protect human rights. What is... Continue Reading →

Pregnant – do not be a lab rat

Last year I warned pregnant women of dangers from the flu vaccine. This warning is likely to amount to little when compared with dangers from the spiked Covid-shots masquerading as vaccines. Published in early August the UK government is urging pregnant women to take part in these infanticide trials the length and breadth of the... Continue Reading →

Pfizer’s big ‘murder’ cover-up

The loss of a wife is always tragic. When that wife is so young - in her early thirties - it is all the more tragic. According to Tiffany Pontes Dover is dead. According to death records on Searchquarry Tiffany is dead. She has not been seen publicly since before Christmas. None of her... Continue Reading →

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