Another letter to my MP Steve McCabe

My M.P. is hell-bent on getting everybody vaccinated despite the concerns of sensible people who have studied the facts. I share my letter because an automated response talks about prioritising due to the pandemic (the nonsense pandemic).

Dear Steve McCabe M. P., 19 March 2021

Thank your for your circular constituency letter dated March 2021. I am compelled to take issue with the last five paragraphs, in which you are urging constituents to subject themselves to untested vaccines.

I am working with eminent medical doctors, scientists and lawyers internationally to challenge the narrative on vaccinations against Covid-19.

You write: “. . . The vaccine is essential to combating the pandemic and returning to a more normal life, so that we can enjoy all the things we have missed – meeting up with family and friends; going out to social events; shopping for non-essential items.”

First let me draw your attention to a chart. It is ONS reported deaths from all causes in England.

Columns in blue represent the virus. By Friday 8 January deaths from Covid-19 have virtually disappeared (or are negligible). What is disturbing though is the number of unexplained deaths that have suddenly appeared about the same time the vaccination programme was begun on our elderly. Where is the “pandemic” we are supposed to be combating?

Your promise that if people take the inadequately-tested vaccine things will get back to normal is the same promise made exactly a year ago (19 March 2020) being “Three Weeks to Flatten the Curve.” Look what happened! Twelve months on and we are getting the same carrot dangled before our eyes.

You say that “take up in Billesley is not as high as other parts of the constituency which is quite worrying”.

Why should it be worrying? Nobody has provided any evidence – especially Matt Hancock and his goons Sir Patrick Vallance and Professor Christopher Whitty – that the SARS-COV-2 virus has been fully isolated in a pure environment. People have made FOI requests for this information and the government cannot provide it. It is a scam! And you are part of it.

I made a request of the NHS National Immunisation Management Services (NIMS) to answer 7 questions (12 February 2021). I asked one of their clinicians, Dee Power and was promised an answer:

Can you get me actual proof that the full path of virus has been isolated in clinical conditions?

Can you get me proper medical proof that the vaccines work?

Can you get me genuine clinical proof that the PCR test works as a diagnostic tool for this virus?

Can you tell me how many amplifications are being used in the PCR test to diagnose COVID-19?

Can you give me medical or scientific evidence that the wearing of masks stops the spread of the virus?

Can you give me medical or scientific evidence that social-distancing stops the spread of the virus?

Can you give me medical or scientific evidence that lockdowns stop the spread of the virus?

Not one of these questions was answered, and yet you are recklessly pushing constituents of Billesley to take a vaccine, the long-term effects of which are unknown, while the short-term effects appear to be devastating – but covered up. It is nonsense to write: “By taking the vaccine, when your time comes, you are playing your part in defeating the virus [what virus?] and protecting yourself and your family.” Have you got knowledge the rest of us are denied?

John Goss


By authority of the Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation, I do hereby exercise my right to refuse to submit to or to administer the COVID-19 vaccine.

The United States Government has prosecuted, convicted and executed Medical Doctors who have violated the Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation.

Aiders and abettors of Nuremberg Crimes are equally guilty and have also been prosecuted, convicted, and executed.”

Francis A. Boyle.

(My emphasis)

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