Resignation from Labour Party due to the new Fascism

This morning I contacted the Labour Party and resigned. Keir Starmer is the worst leader the Labour Party has had in my lifetime. He has supported the new dictatorship from start to finish. I sent a brief message outlining why I have resigned.

“Please remove me from membership of the Labour Party forthwith and cancel all subscriptions.

The New Fascism where parliamentary democracy is overridden by dictatorship of the Three Stooges behind lecterns is not for me. My parents’ generation fought a war to defeat this kind of thing.”

It is Labour Party policy, and Keir Starmer, whore to the establishment, is the problem. That goes for all he drags along, or down, with him.

I also wrote to my MP.

“Dear Steve McCabe

I was not surprised to see you were not one of the 76 opposers of an extension to the new fascism over parliamentary democracy – where Matt Hancock and another two stooges stand behind lecterns to dictate what unqualified restrictions can be made on an unsuspecting and long-suffering electorate. It has not gone unnoticed. And will not be forgotten.

John Goss”

What is happening in my beloved country is terrifying. I am fighting it with all my heart and all the strength God gives me.

Please watch the video above. It is Tracey O’ Mahony, Barrister at Law in Ireland – which is still part of the EU. She points to clauses in the passport legislation they want to impose. It is in the pipeline here in the UK so it affects all of us.

All governments are singing from the same musical score. It is praise to the Devil.

If you are Irish do all you can to oppose this crippling legislation which is being steamrolled through. That’s what they did with the Coronavirus Act 2020 for which Steve McCabe M.P. just voted for an extension. It is just another stricture, not to free you, but to enslave you. If you are in the UK remember this is coming your way too. Remember too who votes for it.

I have not forgotten that Steve McCabe voted for the War in Iraq.

7 thoughts on “Resignation from Labour Party due to the new Fascism

  1. I had not been a member more than a few months, but I left the Labour Party on the day they ‘selected’ the Trilateral Commission member, Bliar MkII, Herr Starmer, to be the ‘Great Leader’.


    1. I spoke at our constituency selection meeting on behalf of Rebecca Long-Bailey. The MP spoke for Starmer. He said words to the effect that “we need somebody who will be dynamic at the despatch box against Boris Johnson.” Hmm.


  2. Looks like we are already living under a globalist dictatorship. Our choice is whatever they want mild or tough version. Sad that so many in the country think democracy doesn’t matter.


    1. We’re only having it soft now because the local elections are under way. As soon as they’re over, or at least by the start of the 2021-2022 football season you won’t be able to go to a match because they will have introduced another virus or another strain.

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      1. Have you seen lead article in today’s Telegraph? World leaders call for pandemic treaty. “nobody is safe until everybody is safe”. It’s behind a paywall but you might be able to read it on UK newspapers front pages.
        “Local” elections are now a smokescreen?


          1. Big mouth is right. Brainwashing continues. Why don’t people see it? When did they stop teaching critical thinking in schools?


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