Tiffany Dover – are you all right?

A favourite Shakespearean quote of mine comes from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Philostrate informs the Duke of Athens, Theseus, of some entertainment he has come across which is being rehearsed by simple workers for the wedding-night of Theseus to Hippolyta.

A play there is, my Lord, some ten words long

Which is as brief as I have known a play

But by ten words, my Lord, it is too long . . .

The beauty of this creation rests in each line of the message being ten words long – making it a play on words about a theatrical play, if you can still remember what it was like to see one of those. The play referred to is the hilarious play contained within A Midsummer Night’s Dream and performed by humble forest workmen, written and directed by Bottom, a weaver. It witnesses the thwarted love and tragic, though comical, deaths of Pyramus and Thisbe.

Plays are much longer than ten words – even this play within a play. But real life is something else.

I contacted CHI Memorial Hospital, Chattanooga, Tennessee by email, having tried once before without getting a reply. This is what I wrote:

Dear Karen Long

I wrote some time back from a different email address regarding Tiffany Dover who used to work at CHI Memorial. Tiffany was filmed taking a Pfizer BioNTech vaccine before collapsing. She later recovered enough to make a video of what happened. Then records of her death started to appear,

I was hoping for some response from CHI Memorial but received none. Sadly I have had to conclude that Tiffany is dead but would love to be proved wrong. I have written several blog-posts about Tiffany hoping that CHI Memorial would make some statement. There has been nothing. You will not like my latest and I would be happy to remove, or edit, it should the content prove to be wrong.

Tiffany Dover and Megi Bakradze – the big difference

I have copied xxxxxxx xxxxx, a medical doctor, into this email.

Yours sincerely,

John Goss

The response was little more than ten words long, but at least this time I got a response from Communications Manager, Karen Long.

We have made several statements. Tiffany is alive and continues her work as a nurse manager.


This is an easy statement to make. It could be true. I hope it is. But it does not detract from the fact that CHI Memorial were very eager for Tiffany to make a statement immediately after she recovered but for the last quarter have remained creepily silent. Months back there was also the video they made with someone else wearing an identity tag having Tiffany, Nurse Manager, emblazoned on it, which hardly inspires confidence. So I pursued my line of inquiry.

Dear Karen

Thank you for getting back to me. The two video statements I have seen are one of Tiffany herself, the same day as she was vaccinated and after she had recovered, and one a day or two later in which many assume Amber Honea, a friend of Tiffany’s, stood in for her wearing Tiffany’s identity tag. This is a photo from that video which now appears to have been removed from the internet.

Is there any chance of giving absolute proof that she is alive and well please? I would be most happy to publish this and put all the speculation to rest.

With her husband, Dustin, having changed his Facebook status to single and no posts from Tiffany on any of her social networking sites it adds fuel to the speculation that she is no longer with us. You could douse that speculation in a minute and that would surely be in the best interests of CHI Memorial too.


I got no response to this email.

We have entered the fourth month with no definite knowledge that Tiffany Dover is still alive. On checking CHI Memorial staff on the website I found three nurses called Tiffany, any of whom could have been promoted to nurse manager and thus make Karen Long’s statement almost factual. Facts don’t seem to be big on the agenda of CHI Memorial.

Despite all the adverse publicity surrounding the so-called vaccines, and deaths from vaccines, including it must be stated, Tiffany Dover’s, CHI Memorial is still pushing vaccination as good medical practice. Dr. Paul Cornea, MD, Infectious Disease Specialist, says:

Vaccination is only one of the mechanisms of providing immunity, and it works by simulating an infection and tricking the host’s immune system into creating immune cells and antibodies. The vaccines work by introducing a small part of the virus or bacteria to an uninfected person. Sometimes an inactive version or similar versions of the virus/bacteria are introduced to stimulate your body’s response.

That might be true for traditional vaccines, but it is misleading in the case of SARS-COV-2, and he knows it, because in the previous paragraph he says:

There are currently two artificially created products that have specific antibodies against the Sars-CoV-2 virus attachment protein, commonly known as Corona Virus.

In his article Dr. Cornea is mainly talking about vaccines derived from the virus itself, like polio, smallpox and measles’ vaccines. What he should have said about these COVID “vaccines” is that they are an experimental injection of untested concoctions the short-term and long-terms results of which are unknown.

These mRNA experimental brews are not even vaccines, but gene therapies. Even the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture them call them that. Dr. Joseph Mercola questions whether they can actually change a person’s DNA and turn those jabbed into transhumans – something a Catholic hospital like CHI Memorial should be most concerned about. It is man playing God,

As things stand, and I have given communications manager, Karen Long, ample time to reply, it must be concluded that Tiffany Dover is dead, as dead as if stabbed with the “bloody blameful blade” of Pyramus . Why CHI Memorial Hospital has not dealt with this speculation is beyond me.

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