UK ‘pandemic’ death toll to 2021

Pandemics kill people – in large numbers. According to city records between July and October the Great Plague of 1665 killed 68,596 people in London alone. The figure is thought to have been much higher but working with that figure alone, with an estimated population of 460,000 means one in every six to seven people died. It was a real epidemic.

In 1665-6 in the small village of Eyam, Derbyshire, an estimated one in three inhabitants, 263 in total, died of the plague. Unlike London. Eyam locked down to prevent the spread. There may well be a good lesson there for all of us. So what about the UK Covid-19 “pandemic” everyone is talking about? Ignore Covid-19 for a minute and just look at the total deaths from all causes other than the alleged Covid-19 deaths.

The source for this Macrotrends graph is here. Take little if any notice of the green and red graph which has nothing to do with per capita deaths and look at the blue line above. Deaths from all causes in 2020 are up very slightly on the previous year 9,429 as opposed to 9.413 in 2019. But these figures, apparently do not contain deaths where COVID-19 is mentioned.

On 19 March 2021 the ONS should have released the total deaths from all causes report. When September figures were released in December that was the stated release date. Now it has been changed to: “To be confirmed.”

Although statistics have not been released the Guardian appears to have had them back in January when whore to the rich elite released this scaremongering headline: “2020 was the deadliest year in a century for England and Wales, says ONS”.

It is of course a porky dressed up as the truth. What it fails to add is that these deaths are total deaths. The population just after the First World War was already depleted and in 1921 following the flu pandemic stood at 33,561,235 (source Wikipedia). Today it is in the region of 68,146, 590 according to the Worldometers website – more than twice as high. For the once respected Guardian (probably going back to when it was The Manchester Guardian) it is just another fail. Indeed, if the source of this information was ONS it clearly states:

But comparing 2020 with 1918 is not comparing like for like. The population in England and Wales has increased from 34 million in 1918 to around 60 million today, so per 100,000, more people died in 1918, highlighting the importance of viewing these deaths in a proportionate and balanced way.

That was something the Guardian hacks chose to ignore.

It can only be speculated that ONS is sitting on the total deaths report while some government think-tank can come up with a way of presenting them that gives some credibility to their intent.

Statisticians, who log monthly reports of deaths, have the figures already. This graph shows what has been happening with Covid deaths and as ONS figures reveal the number has been falling significantly. However there has been a spike in unexplained deaths which coincides with the vaccination of our most elderly and vulnerable. This is one published by Joel Smalley.

As regards a “pandemic” people must continue to ask themselves how many others they know who are falling down dead from Covid-19. There is no pandemic and never was. So what are they asking us to be vaccinated against?

And if they are not vaccinating us against a “pandemic” what is the purpose of the mass vaccination scheme?

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