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In my last post about Tiffany Dover I asked a very important question. I asked why does Dr. Jesse Tucker not get Tiffany to do a short interview to let the general public be aware that she is all right.

Mainstream media have been working overtime to try and dispel rumours of Tiffany Dover’s death. The latest is a Daily Mail article targeting those trying to get at the truth, those in fact like myself. We are dubbed with that hoary old chestnut “conspiracy theorists” when it ought to call us “investigative journalists” – except that is a term almost totally alien to mainstream media in this day and age.

The Daily Mail has gleaned its information from an article in The Daily Beast – can’t think in what corner of Hell that organ originated but on checking, as good journalists should, it is a fictional media publishing outfit from an Evelyn Waugh novel: “Scoop”. You might be forgiven for thinking fiction is a key selling-point in its modus operandi.

Whatever its origins The Daily Beast is clearly a pro-establishment, pro-vaccination outfit. Reading a handful of articles soon confirms this. The gist of The Daily Beast’s lengthy denunciation of “conspiracy theorists” (and the Mail’s repetition) is that Tiffany Dover is still alive.

The author of the article, Emily Shugerman, says she interviewed the sister-in-law, mother-in-law and father-in-law of Tiffany, who allegedly confirmed that they have photos of Tiffany with them at Christmas. I want this to be true. And I hope it is. I sincerely hope too that she is still alive and well and that stories of her going into work every day are also true. Up to now there has been no confirmation of this.

Emily Shugerman’s article “Anti-Vaxxers Won’t Stop Harassing Nurse They’re Convinced Is Dead” has the sub-heading “SHE’S VERY MUCH ALIVE”. As someone disinclined to take any untested vaccine which is likely killing people in droves it probably puts me into the anti-vaxxer camp. What I never did was try and contact any of Tiffany Dover’s family. That cannot be said of Emily Shugerman who has clearly been harassing relatives.

Contacting the police, or the hospital, is another matter. Shugerman was allegedly in touch with a police spokesperson, Elisa Myzal, who in “struggling for a response” said:

“The police department isn’t involved in this at all because there’s no crime, no death, no nothing,” Myzal said. “So we don’t really have a strategy or a response.”

Well that concludes it then. The police have confirmed that she is not dead. Or have they? In the police statement Tiffany Dover is not mentioned by name. Neither do we know what Myzal’s rank is or which department she works for.

Evidence we can see

The Daily Beast’s inordinately long and tangential article published on 1 February 2021 adds little if anything new, except for reference to a suspect photograph, from the News Observer, which claims to include Tiffany at a time when Georgia police chief, Johnny Scearce, was allowed to go home from CHI Memorial hospital in Chattanooga after three months in care. The suspect photograph was not included in the Daily Beast’s feature but the Daily Mail snatched a copy saying that Tiffany was second from the right.

Those with an artistic flair were quick to point out that in that third video, released by Memorial hospital on 21 December 2020, the woman wearing a vaccination sticker and a Tiffany identity tag was not Tiffany, but suspected to be Amber Honea – whose details have vanished from all social media and search engines.

The video has also been removed by YouTube and all main corporate video hosting services. Those who grabbed copies early included a site called Much ado about corona. In a piece about vaccine metamorphosis it argues that the two women Tiffany, and another from the video released on the 21st in order to dispel rumours of her death, were not the same person.

Borrowing snapshots from Much ado about corona I will likewise argue that the person in the latest photo is not Tiffany. But you can decide.

Top and bottom left are Tifanny Dover, top and bottom middle are from the video released on 21 December 2020 (suspect Amber Honea), to her right is a snapshot from the News Observer of the person that the Daily Mail and Daily Beast claim to be Tiffany, and to her right the real Tiffany again.

Although the News Observer article is behind a paywall (and not cheap either) Fox News featured a video of Johnny Scearce’s going-home send-off. It appears to show the same person claimed to be Tiffany standing against the wall as the trolley-bed goes past. Here is a snapshot.

The longer this story goes on the more suspicious people are going to become. Main suspicions centre around why the hospital was happy on the day of Tiffany’s vaccination to share with the world the fact that she had recovered and yet now, six weeks later, nobody can even contact the hospital asking for details about Tiffany and get a response. To let her speak would eliminate any further hassle from anybody.

It would be in the hospital’s best interest to do this. Otherwise suspicions will remain. Already the hospital has an unscrupulous reputation for dishonesty in allowing a surrogate to pose as Tiffany Dover. It could redeem itself and at the same time explain why it resorted to such a measure.

Other questionable issues include why the big social media network operators and search engines have taken down the video put out by Memorial hospital.

Why has the video, released on 21 December, been cut to obscure the woman posing as Tiffany raising her formerly interlinked hands to put them in her pockets? Would it reveal that she had no engagement-ring?

Why have details been hidden of individuals who could help solve the mystery?

Why do mainstream media and so-called “fact-checkers” release ill-argued and badly-investigated published items to prove Tiffany Dover is still alive when a simple interview would stop any pestering from those of us concerned about her welfare, and trolls?

Finally, why does Dr. Jesse Tucker not take the trouble to dispel any rumours by doing the honourable thing?

Because if Tiffany Dover has died, and Dr. Tucker is concealing that fact, it is a striking-off offence.

7 thoughts on “Tiffany Dover – update

  1. What is required is a local sleuth offering money for some local nurse to anonymously spill the beans (with proof) about Tiffany’s presence or otherwise working at the hospital. The sleuth could then flog the story to alternative press or websites either in the US or abroad. I imagine some of them would pay a lot to get the scoop (MSM wouldn’t want it, but screw them – the world would be better off without them).


    1. My guess is social media is monitoring anybody and everybody searching on the keywords Tiffany and Dover and Higdon.

      My forecast for future articles goes something like this.

      Tiffany and her husband are no longer together. They parted (or more likely one of them departed) at Christmas. This is why she was not wearing a ring in later videos and photos.

      An extension to the plot will be that because of people hassling her she has taken on a new identity and moved elsewhere. they will be keeping that location secret to let her get on with her life without harassment.

      So you see, it was those concerned about her welfare to blame all along. End of story.


    1. Very curious Julian. I like to think that most people have seen it by now. The big question is why the establishment who tell us repeatedly that Tiffany is alive and well would want to remove a video of “her” alive and well. I think the answer has got to be to protect the drugs companies, their vaccines and those who are in on the subterfuge or “plandemic” as it is called.


  2. Tiffany Dover had active Instagram and Facebook accounts. Those show zero activity since mid-December. This, to me, is proof she is dead. A few video clips showing her skiing in Colorado, don’t provide any worthwhile “evidence.” She is dead. If she is not dead, she can damned well be a bit more public about it, out of consideration of those who are concerned about the vaccine deaths that are occurring. She should not call herself a nurse or nurse manager if she doesn’t care about this huge issue enough to give a press conference in realtime with verifiable time/date codes.


    1. I shall be doing another piece on Tiffany Dover soon because I managed to contact the hospital, CHI Memorial, and got a response at last. They claim she is still alive and working every day in her job as nurse manager.


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