Love is . . .

Shawn Skelton is the certified nursing assistant of 25 years experience whose story is covered here under the heading “A warning to parents”. Two days after taking Moderna’s vaccine Shawn developed an uncontrollable shaking during waking hours indicative of some kind of chorea.

The hospital where she received the vaccine said it must be stress-related and sent her home. Shawn, who is not anti-vaccine, put videos of her condition online to warn others of potential dangers from the vaccine. As well as the shaking there is uncontrollable spasms of the tongue.

Many heartless messages, not worth repeating, appeared in social media from people with a limited command of English and a limited capacity for sound argument. Many of them were almost certainly inspired by professor of journalism, Stephen Doig, of Arizona State University.

In an attempt to discover if there had been any progress in Shawn’s condition, and looking for a picture to accompany this post, I uncovered a love story – the story of Shawn and her boyfriend, Rich. First let me say that Rich has recently given an update on Shawn’s progress to say that they have found a team of medics who have taken on the case.

On 22 January Shawn herself wrote that soon they would put a video together to show what her treatments and improvements are. Briefly her movements have slowed down and “are no longer constant”. She has failed many of the neurological tests she has taken and has no idea when she will be able to return to work. She is missing her residents and asks for prayers.

This photo, taken from last summer, shows Rich in the foreground with Shawn paddling a canoe. I think it says everything. There is kindness and happiness on the faces of both. In selecting this particular one I trawled through an album of wonderful photographs of the couple, many cheek to cheek, each depicting a couple undoubtedly in love, with expressions of love accompanying the photos.

It lifted my spirits. I sincerely hope and pray that the damaging effects of the Moderna vaccine do not put too big a strain on this love, and that Shawn is soon back to her old self. She is brave and strong-willed and if bravery and strength are the requirements needed for recovery I am sure she will pull through.

Yelena Skripal – a dying mother’s love for her errant son

Media lies over COVID-19 now occupying prime time it may have been forgotten that nearly three years ago the lies were all about the alleged poisoning of Sergei Skripal. This convoluted load of nonsense was almost comparable in terms of media coverage to what is going on with the current lies. The Skripals are dead. They are alive. They have been given new identities. The stories were endless and are now forgotten.

While the COVID-19 yerunda seemingly occupies every minute of news coverage the death of Sergey Skripal’s mother, Yulia’s grandmother, slipped under the radar.

In December last year the whole family were, allegedly, infected with coronavirus.

Yelena Skripal died at 5 pm Moscow time on 7 January 2021. She wrote what she described as the longest ever letter to her son, Sergey, not knowing whether he will ever get to read it.

A mother’s love never dies.

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