Tiffany Dover and Pfizer BioNTech – blanking out a life – a circus of fact-checkers – a big unanswered question

Concerns grow for the safety and whereabouts of Tiffany Dover a nurse who fainted on 17 December 2020 after being given a Pfizer BioNTech jab. She recovered sufficiently to give an interview, but has not been heard of for above a month.

In my last blog-post about the incident I mentioned two of the fact-checkers, the Sun and Reuters, who claimed she was alive and well and anyone suggesting she might be dead was a troll. To add to the litany of naysayers is this piece by Camille Cadera for USA Today. It concludes with this statement.

At the time of writing all these fact-checker sites are still making the same claim. They all are supposed to contain a link purporting to be Tiffany with her work colleagues. USA Today similarly points to a link which it says shows Tiffany and other staff at the hospital. It says:

On Dec. 21, the hospital also shared a video of Dover and her colleagues, some holding signs that read “Nursing Leadership Supports Tiffany” and “#CHIMemorialStrong.”

But if you click on the link it tells you “Sorry, that page does not exist”. It is the same for other fact-checkers. The link does not work. Why would all these honest mainstream indoctrination agents link to a video that does not exist? Fortunately for us it still exists, if you know where to look even if YouTube has blanked it out in a clean-sweep.

It has survived in a recording which a concerned Russian had the sense to make. The quality is not very good but adequate enough to show that the picture below – which is very good – was taken from it.

In all likelihood the nurse in the video is Amber Honea, a work colleague of Tiffany’s. She is wearing Tiffany’s identity tag and a blue badge to say she has been vaccinated against Covid-19. She is also wearing Tiffany’s necklace which sits much higher on her neck than it did on Tiffany’s. It is beyond belief that the hospital where she worked has put out the video of an obvious stand-in, which all the fact-checkers have used as evidence that she is alive, and yet YouTube has removed its video links of the photo-shoot. Hmm.

On 10 January 2021 I emailed CHI Memorial Hospital to try and find out what is going on. I have had no response to date. Others have tried without success. It is just as though her life has been blanked out – just like the video they do not want you to see.

On 20 January 2021 someone telephoned CHI Memorial Hospital to try to make contact with Tiffany Dover. She recorded the conversation here. At no time would the receptionist answer a single question about Tiffany’s work-schedule, where she was, when she might next be there or any question about her.

This is strange, because when Tiffany recovered from her fainting episode, after receiving the Pfizer vaccine, the hospital was all too happy to expose her to a video interview to put people’s minds at ease that she was all right. In that interview Dr. Jesse Tucker gave his opinion that the episode was unlikely to have been connected with the vaccine.

Why does he not put people’s minds at ease now?

7 thoughts on “Tiffany Dover and Pfizer BioNTech – blanking out a life – a circus of fact-checkers – a big unanswered question

    1. Thanks for that Paul. I could not find a copy though I had watched it some time back. I won’t change the link for the time being since it shows what a problem we have with the fact-checkers and mainstream hosts if there is something they don’t want you to see.


  1. To me, that photo does look exactly like Tiffany Dover because her eyes are very intense and recognizable. I really hope she’s alive and well. Anyone who wants more info on how to protect and/or heal from CoViD-19 should look at the website They have vital info on how to get Ivermectin, HCQ, and perhaps Budesonide, prescribed so that people can protect themselves and their families from this virus. I hope Tiffany Dover will make a new appearance on TV or in a YouTube video, holding a recent newspaper with date visible, which would help calm people down. People online are very worried about her and we need to know how she’s been over the past month.


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