BBC Panorama – a total disgrace

Panorama was once respected as a bastion of impartial and investigative broadcasting. Today it stooped to the level of the rest of BBC wall-to-wall, morning, noon and night, conspiracy output. It showed its true colours as just another tool of total media control by the same controllers that control governments of the world.

The name Panorama should changed to Propagandarama.

Using a reporter, Marianna Spring, in an ill-researched item called Vaccines: The Disinformation War, it tried to allay the growing concerns among the populace who are collectively waking up to the potential problems from vaccines: the short term results of which have already been disastrous. Masked up, and on one occasion wearing both a mask and visor – outside in the fresh air – she mumbled a message of vaccines are safe.

In a piece of tragic irony one of the people in the polemic, Helen I think her name was, lost her father who had multiple issues, went into hospital, had a Covid jab, allegedly caught the mysterious virus Covid-19, and died. No mention that the vaccine may have been the trigger. So many people in care homes have died since being vaccinated – and these are only the short-term deaths.

To broach the subject of vaccine deaths this is an open letter to government from the UK Medical Freedom Alliance, with named recipients Matt Hancock, Nadhim Zahawi and prime minister, Boris Johnson, copied in. The factual concerns outlined in the letter were not even mentioned in the Panorama farce. Scroll down for a true picture of the correlation between vaccinations and deaths in nursing homes.

I never heard the name of a single vaccine mentioned in the Panorama nonsense yet the message was repeated over and over “the vaccine is safe”. Chief among the messengers was Liam Smeeth.

Professor Liam Smeeth is an out-and-out government asset. He is part of an unaccountable pseudo-scientific body, OpenSafely, the purpose of which appears to provide potential for obfuscation and misappropriation of figures – since it is not openly transparent in the way medical bodies normally are. Indeed it has been introduced in a similar way to the Coronavirus Act 2020 – as an emergency measure. It claims to be self-funded. This I am assuming is because it does not wish researchers to dig out the fact that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and/or major vaccine producers are among the funding bodies to which applications have been made.

I might be wrong but it would not surprise me if George Soros is not behind the funding. He has funded the OpenDemocracy outfit which pretends to be egalitarian while its purpose is sinister, if we are to believe Klaus Schwab. Soros also put funds into OpenUkraine which established the civil war in Ukraine which has yet to end.

All the papers OpenSafely has issued to date appear to have no funding sources. We can be pretty sure it’s coming to you Liam from one source or another and not out of your own pocket.

Smeeth is allegedly a practising doctor. He seemingly has lots of time on his hands since medical practices were shut down, Another quango Smeeth is part of is the MHRA, a body which has let these vaccination initiatives go ahead, indeed encouraged them, despite there having been no proper trials.

Proper trials take six to ten years and let it be known that a safe vaccine has never been found for any of the SARS family or MERS family of viruses. Trials of vaccines for the 2003 outbreak of SARS-COV had to be halted because, although ferrets, and humans, seemed to be largely unaffected by the vaccines initially, when exposed to another naturally-occurring coronavirus or pathogen – this could be the common cold – all the ferrets died.

Children who took part in the experiment died too. They died from a cytokine storm initiated because of the vaccine. In short the victims’ immune systems were overwhelmed.

I have already covered the kind of reactions people are experiencing from the vaccine experiments.

This is how safe they are. Poor Shawn Skelton’s life has been turned upside down. Another link shows the devastating effects of some kind of chorea caused by an mRNA vaccine. While this nurse, Kristi Simmonds, blames nobody because she took the vaccine “for the common good” and concludes that everybody has to make their own choice.

These are early days and individuals like Smeeth and government quangos like the MHRA and BBC, are telling people how safe they are. Remember that name Smeeth. On last night’s Panorama he called for the good doctors who follow the medical duty to “do no harm” to be disciplined.

The people who should really be disciplined are people like Smeeth himself and other modern-day Josef Mengeles.

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