Vaccines – what they are not telling you

This blog-post is going to speak for itself in comments from a Facebook Group “Covid-19 Vaccinations, Reactions and Feedback.” The group is very even-handed encouraging comment from those happy to take a vaccine as well as those who have taken a vaccine and had adverse reactions. There is something like a 50/50 balance of comment and it is fair to add that if someone has not had an adverse reaction they are possibly less likely to make a comment.

This post is only concentrating on those who have had adverse reactions. Why? Because their stories are not being told in the mainstream. It is legitimate to question the reason for mainstream being so prejudiced in favour of the whole population being vaccinated. With the exception of one the names of people who have made comments have been edited out but all the comments are genuine. They cover the last week or so.

First let me share with you the photograph of a screen from a medical computer at a vaccination hospital centre.

It is page 11 from 570 pages of logged adverse reactions. Remember this is at one centre and the vaccines have only been administered for little over a month so these are very much short-term reactions.

Here are the comments with little input from me.

With the above comment I’ve left Andy Pears’ name in because he has a message we should all be listening to and has very bravely taken action to get that message out. Like he says medical personnel who speak out become targets and this blog has covered a few instances including Dr, Mohammad Iqbal Adil and Dr. Pascal Sacre.

Those who think the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine is safe should read the ingredients below. It can be oncogenic (cancer-forming) derived from chimpanzee adenovirus and the kidneys of live human embryos. Rachel Celler, a forensic nurse, says they are designed to rewrite the human genome. Read the inserts, she advises. These cancer-laced vaccines are “considered defective and potentially dangerous for human health – in particular the paediatric population who are much more vulnerable to genetic and auto-immune damage. . . “

This is a sample. There were other comments but Facebook only lets you scroll so far before locking you out. If you request to join the site and comment there please be respectful. Remember that many people, both pro- and anti-vaccination are part of the beautiful human race. Whatever their opinions they need to be respected in line with the policy of the group.

14 thoughts on “Vaccines – what they are not telling you

  1. I’ve been waiting for this from the MSM, given their obsessive mono-mania about everything Covid. Silly me. Good work. Must have been harrowing putting this compilation together.


      1. Completely agree. I am afraid for some of my relatives who are completely duped by the propaganda. Thank you for composing this article – the MSM are a disgrace.


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