War is not for the faint-hearted

If you have donated to the Ukraine cause you might like to see what your money has bought you. And reconsider. Please read the following open letter to Dominic Raab and every MP at Westminster.

Dear Dominic Raab and all MPs,

Thank you for pushing for an investigation into war-crimes in Ukraine by the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Hopefully, also, a cross-party parliamentary committee will investigate these thoroughly and question why we are giving support to Kiev with its own history of war-crimes.

During the Second World War Russia was our ally. Russian forces were integral in the defeat of Nazi Germany. Today they are fighting neo-Nazism and President Putin has pledged to rid Ukraine of this evil. We are not their ally this time. Why not?

Sadly, our government and our media, are on the side of the Banderist Nazis – and even deny that ultra fascism exists in Ukraine. Therefore I am submitting this evidence to your enquiry.

How Kiev treats prisoners

Russian soldiers captured by neo-Nazis are shot in the legs, left on the ground, and questioned afterwards while lying helpless in their own blood. These are disturbing images to which minors should not be exposed.

This phone footage was taken by one of the neo-Nazis as a trophy to their bravery

How Russia treats prisoners

By contrast Ukrainian soldiers near Kiev are treated as human beings within the strict guidelines of combat. This is footage of 61 Ukrainian soldiers captured at one of their command posts at Nikolaevna over the weekend. All the soldiers laid down their weapons and surrendered “due to an acute shortage of material, ammunition and food”. They were given food and medical attention if needed.

If the war-crimes above are not disturbing enough I want to include video footage and images from my blog that the Donetsk and Lukansk National Republics have put together since 2014 and which Russia wants investigated.

Please set up your cross-party inquiry and don’t be one of those politicians who says one thing and does another.

This war has been going on for nearly eight years not reported in the west. It is time the UK made clear why we are supporting Ukraine.

Thank you for your attention.

John Goss

Update (28 March 2022, 12.30 pm)

It is claimed that the shootings took place at Malaya Rogan, Kharkiv, where Russian prisoners were subjected to a mock execution before being taken away in a Multivan to be shot. The “exact place” is alleged to be a dairy, the owner of which let his estate be used as a torture base for Konstantin Nemichev’s “Shidny Corps”.

Further claims relate to the identification of one of the perpetrators of this crime, Sergey Velichko.

The Russian soldiers were allegedly captured following a raid on the village of Biskvitnoe.

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    1. No, that is not the case, and neither does it mean that they should not be punished . The usa has committed more war crimes in its long history of imperial adventures than any other country – yet they have evaded justice. They are not even signatories to the ICC.

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