Sorenson on Ukraine and media lies

In yesterday's All the Goss it was a pleasure to introduce Eric Zeuss to readers not familiar with his work. He spoke the truth about some of the the lies being used to cover up the lies the liars previously put into the public mindset. Today it is the turn of David Sorenson who further... Continue Reading →

War is not for the faint-hearted

If you have donated to the Ukraine cause you might like to see what your money has bought you. And reconsider. Please read the following open letter to Dominic Raab and every MP at Westminster. Dear Dominic Raab and all MPs, Thank you for pushing for an investigation into war-crimes in Ukraine by the International... Continue Reading →

8 years of war versus 1 month of liberation

Today a statement was released detailing the first month of special military operations issued by the Ministry of Defense of Russia. It claims that 276 settlements have been liberated. Nearly two thirds of combat ready tanks and nearly three-quarters of Ukraine's military aircraft have been destroyed together with half of Ukraine's military helicopters and all... Continue Reading →

Fake news – the west tries its hand

Who dealt the west such a bad hand in this propaganda war while the real war rages in eastern Ukraine? The battle for journalistic integrity was lost many years ago - apart from a few notable exceptions which include John Pilger and the late Robert Fisk. The extent today to which we are indulging in... Continue Reading →

BBC propaganda – disturbing images of war

The BBC, which so very recently helped sell the fake Covid-19 pandemic, is now selling fake stories from Mariupol in south-eastern Ukraine. It never reported on the way Mariupol was taken by the fascists. In cahoots with the rest of western media it puts out clearly fabricated stories to support one side (Kiev) of the... Continue Reading →

Ukraine’s special plans for war

A quick post about operations in Ukraine. Russian intelligence in Ukraine has always been good. After all they have a common language (almost). It has long been suspected that the Russians did not go into Ukraine just to oppose the war-crimes against the breakaway republics. One of the first things they did was destroy US-funded... Continue Reading →

Putin’s speech on Thursday

The efforts Russia made With propaganda, facts, and sometimes downright lies, are used to manipulate public opinion. All countries are guilty, but as George Orwell might have said, some are more guilty than others. Thus we in the west only hear what our mainstream media wants us to hear. After the last two years of... Continue Reading →

More provocation from Kiev

Petro Poroshenko's popularity is close to rock bottom. There is no way he could possibly win an election at the end of March 2019 (the deadline). Although he is very unpopular in Ukraine he is popular with the US deep state - which put him in power. Now he is, with the help of extreme... Continue Reading →

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