More provocation from Kiev

Petro Poroshenko's popularity is close to rock bottom. There is no way he could possibly win an election at the end of March 2019 (the deadline). Although he is very unpopular in Ukraine he is popular with the US deep state - which put him in power. Now he is, with the help of extreme... Continue Reading →

Ukraine – the end of democracy

Just over a week ago I left this comment on Craig Murray's blog. I have used it as the featured image for this post. I was almost spot on in suggesting that something would happen to prevent elections when I wrote: "The west has forgotten that the Fascists dictated to from Kiev are constantly bombarding these... Continue Reading →

BBC takes down its own report

Earlier today I was reading a short piece by Luciana Bohne in which she states that the Obama administration brought about regime-change in Ukraine. I know this is true, not just because Obama has admitted it, but because I saw the video of a Ukrainian parliamentarian Oleg Tsaryov say that Geoffrey Pyatt was organising this... Continue Reading →

Gongs, Globes and Glory

Emma Stone is up for an Oscar for Best Actress as an award for her lacklustre performance in La La Land. She may well win it. It is the world we live in ― a world of lies and deceit. Another nominee for an Oscar is a short documentary called White Helmets which follows the... Continue Reading →

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