Nuclear disaster?

Is Ukraine deliberately trying to create a nuclear disaster for Europe? TASS reports. Russia awaits IAEA’s reaction to Ukrainian attacks on nuclear facilities — diplomat According to Maria Zakharova, the Ukrainian attacks on the NPP confirm Kiev’s goal to create conditions for a nuclear catastrophe for all of Europe Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova... Continue Reading →

Priti Patel’s Five Eyes

It is more than 6 years since the UN working group on arbitrary detention found Julian Assange to be arbitrarily detained. At that time he was still in the Embassy of Equador having at least a little protection under diplomatic immunity. A change in government in Equador soon changed that, with the US pulling Lenin... Continue Reading →

The Ukrainian invasion of Poland

It might come as a surprise to many, including younger Poles, that the freedom from fascist dictatorship was a costly sacrifice their ancestors made. This was at a time when Ukrainians were supporting the German Nazis in ridding the area of anybody but fascists. "The atrocities were carried out indiscriminately and without restraint. The victims,... Continue Reading →

More fake war footage

TASS reports that Ukraine has been making fake videos to show the west how superior UK weapons are. Britain has been advising on how to get it right. As if the Mariupol hospital fake footage was not bad enough. How much more of this nonsense? Kiev makes fake videos about "high effectiveness" of Western weapons... Continue Reading →

A Nazi facelift

Cosmetic surgery for an ugly scar A reader recently asked if I could share the work of Aussie blogger Caitlin Johnstone. Having followed her writings from time to time and often been impressed I am happy to oblige. This is a good example of what journalists should be writing about. It is not just the... Continue Reading →

Sorenson on Ukraine and media lies

In yesterday's All the Goss it was a pleasure to introduce Eric Zeuss to readers not familiar with his work. He spoke the truth about some of the the lies being used to cover up the lies the liars previously put into the public mindset. Today it is the turn of David Sorenson who further... Continue Reading →

War is not for the faint-hearted

If you have donated to the Ukraine cause you might like to see what your money has bought you. And reconsider. Please read the following open letter to Dominic Raab and every MP at Westminster. Dear Dominic Raab and all MPs, Thank you for pushing for an investigation into war-crimes in Ukraine by the International... Continue Reading →

8 years of war versus 1 month of liberation

Today a statement was released detailing the first month of special military operations issued by the Ministry of Defense of Russia. It claims that 276 settlements have been liberated. Nearly two thirds of combat ready tanks and nearly three-quarters of Ukraine's military aircraft have been destroyed together with half of Ukraine's military helicopters and all... Continue Reading →

Fake news – the west tries its hand

Who dealt the west such a bad hand in this propaganda war while the real war rages in eastern Ukraine? The battle for journalistic integrity was lost many years ago - apart from a few notable exceptions which include John Pilger and the late Robert Fisk. The extent today to which we are indulging in... Continue Reading →

BBC propaganda – disturbing images of war

The BBC, which so very recently helped sell the fake Covid-19 pandemic, is now selling fake stories from Mariupol in south-eastern Ukraine. It never reported on the way Mariupol was taken by the fascists. In cahoots with the rest of western media it puts out clearly fabricated stories to support one side (Kiev) of the... Continue Reading →

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