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Because Cressida Dick has stolen the headlines, my proposed blog-post will be reserved for the next feature. It does however tie in closely with what is happening in most countries since many more people have started to wake up to the evidence that there never was a pandemic. If you read or listen to mainstream offerings and follow this blog you might not be surprised to find that I don’t believe a single word about the reason given for Dick resigning from the top-police post in the land.

What’s the real reason for Cressida Dick’s resignation?

While the wheels are coming off the Covid-19 waggon many prominent people, including Boris Johnson and Justin Trudeau, are diving for cover, or changing the focus. Matt Hancock is already hiding out of sight. Two days ago, quite unexpectedly, Commissioner of Police, Cressida Dick, was forced to resign.

As usual, the media in one voice, echoed the lamest of reasons for why she had to go. In terms of incredibility it comes close to beating the fabricated Novichok-Skripal farce, but was actually cast in the same mould as Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-Semitism, a fabrication which the parrot press squawked out in a raucous cacophony of single-mindedness – in that case designed to refashion the Labour Party in the image of Keir Starmer – another owned politician.

Back in 2005, film-maker, Aaron Russo, spilled the beans on the Rockefellers having manufactured the feminist movement. This movement, in turn gave birth to the gay rights movement, which has proved to be a big winner for the global elite. It fits in so nicely with their eugenicist ideas of population control – since the chances of the gay community reproducing is slim.

To kill two birds with one stone, in this latest whopper from the international control group, which meets annually in Davos, a story has been concocted suggesting that there is institutionalised homophobia and racial discrimination in the Metropolitan police force. It is utter tripe, of course. While there might be isolated instances none of this is endemic – and none of it warrants resignation of the number-one police officer. Which leaves us looking for the real motive.

Wanted for murder

On 20 December last year, former police officer, Mark Sexton supported by Philip Hyland, a lawyer from PJH law, Lois Bayliss, a lawyer from Broad Yorkshire Law and Dr Samuel White, a medical doctor, walked into a Metropolitan police-station at Hammersmith and after several hours of presenting evidence, obtained a crime number (6029679/21) for crimes of almost every category – including capital crimes.

Accusations were levelled at June Raine, the Chief Executive of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), and Charlie Massey, Chief Executive and Registrar of the General Medical Council (GMC) together with senior polititicians.

Since that crime number was issued you may have noticed a few changes, like Johnson announcing it was no longer necessary to wear masks together with other concessions – which of course are not concessions, but rights that we already had – that they took away. The narrative is fast moving on, and some, like me, think this crime number is the reason for that change in direction.

The globalists, you can imagine, fear that when this huge story finally makes it on the screens and into the tabloids of mainstream prime-time media it will spell disaster for the cartel running the pantomime, together with their minions. Having the head of the UK police faced with allegations of murder on her watch is not a pretty image for those directing the show on the world stage. So she had to go.

Of course there were other intrigues, like Downing Street parties. But you cannot blame those who have known from day one that the so-called “pandemic” was a scam for wanting to throw the odd party or two.

Neither is it surprising that Neil Ferguson, who scared the public frantic into believing there were going to be millions of deaths from Covid-19, with a more recent prediction of 4,000 deaths a day from Omicron alone, visiting his lover at the height of the scam.

Nor that government advisor, Dominic Cummings, who went off to see his Scottish cronies when his wife allegedly had Covid-19, knowing the pandemic was not for the privileged like him. As it was a scam you can understand why celebrities like Justin Beiber and Madonna, and many other people of privilege, broke the rules.

The rules were not made for them – or even for me I’m happy to say. They were made for you – those of you gullible enough to believe them.

What will most likely happen to the Downing Street party-goers is that a few fines will be issued, some philanthropist will pay them all off, everyone’s immediate thirst for justice will have been quenched, and a new story will hit the headlines to take people’s minds off what are only, in the whole scale of things, minor “misdemeanours” from those who knew the truth.

This, however, will not satisfy the countless, and growing, number of people whose loved ones were murdered by Midazolam, loved ones who were not allowed to be treated with medications that could have saved their lives, loved ones who could not even be visited in hospital, whose relatives and friends could not attend their funerals. This is a raging inferno for justice and will not be so easily quenched.

Let it be remembered that the police work for everyone, not just the elite. While this is enshrined in English law it might not always appear like they are working for all of us. Of course, there are good police everywhere, and even very good police in very high positions, who would really like to see the police establishment’s reputation restored and the return to a state where promotion took place on merit – rather than by selection.

Such a small amount is known of how Cressida Dick got to be the top-ranking police officer, what her job really entailed, who she was answerable to, or what her salary was (remember she was a public servant and thus accountable to the taxpayer). Despite several FOI requests a shroud of secrecy has concealed this information from public scrutiny.

How the world has allowed itself to get into a position where the global mafia has so much power that it cannot be brought to justice for crimes against humanity, shows the overwhelming extent of control this criminal cabal wields. This power has to be taken away from them. And the culprits must pay for their crimes.

The next blog will go some way towards showing how key positions in the manufactured “pandemic” have been taken by a select few who we know little about.

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