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Dr Malcolm Kendrick has today published another enlightened blog-post “A Few thoughts on Covid-19 vaccination.” This post, because it questions the power of the GMC, and the fear this body engenders in medical practitioners who might be accused of thinking for themselves, pushed me into writing a comment. I would not normally share a comment from another blog on this one, but it is clear that many people are still not aware that the head of the GMC is under investigation for crimes against humanity.

Many doctors comment on Dr. Kendrick’s blog so I thought it was a good opportunity to point out a few home truths. It is also of benefit for everyone to know about this police investigation the media pretends is not going on.

The comment

“First let me say thank you for raising this important issue and allow me to bring to the table a little hope. The GMC considers itself to be the law, and sole administrator of the law, regarding medical practice, as it has been for many years. No doubt it even had some validity originally. Perhaps it could be made to have validity again.

Admittedly, there are mass murderers like Doctor Harold Shipman who needed to be struck-off. But the suspension of Dr Mohammad Iqbal Adil for telling the truth about lack of treatment for his patients and lack of medically necessary procedures due to the Corona yerunda is a different matter.

Dr. Kendrick’s concluding remark is integral in this debate.

“What do you do if it is the GMC itself that may be stopping someone from raising concerns. Should I report the GMC to the GMC?”

Since Dr. Sam White put his career on the line to challenge what has been happening, and after winning his case against the GMC, a police crime number has been obtained.

This was on 20 December last year. Cited in the investigation is Charlie Massey, Chief Executive and Registrar of the General Medical Council (GMC). Also cited was Cressida Dick and June Raine, head of the MHRA. Many doubtless know that in a short period of time, Cressida Dick has gone, all the nonsense restrictions and mandates (apart from “vaccination”) are either gone, or on the way out. The suspension of Dr. Adil has been lifted. People are waking up.

You may have noticed the changes, but would be forgiven if you are not aware of the police crime number. That is because we have a media which does not take questions. That problem is being addressed and further good news is that the heads of BBC and Sky Television are also cited on the crime number. Because of the multiple crimes, and the serious nature of them, it took several hours to report these criminal activities. If you are one of the global criminals you might like to check if your name is there too. I know Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates are on the list.

If you are a doctor, or medical practitioner of any kind, and were genuinely unaware that the vaccines were causing harm and death, now is the time to renounce your former malpractices and put a stop to this genocide straight away. You have a responsibility of care. Especially for children. Nobody should administer a so-called “vaccine” without first checking with the website and nobody should administer any Oxford/AstraZeneca “vaccines” because no proper information exists on vaccine damage. You have been warned.

If you continue knowing the damage that is being done and encourage or allow the injection of these knowingly toxic and experimental drugs without finding out what effect they might have it amounts to willful neglect. If someone dies it is “gross negligent manslaughter” at the very least.

Be proud of this nation, be proud of former police officer, Mark Sexton, Dr. Sam White, Dr M. Adil, Philip Hyland, Lois Bayliss and many others who through their actions have saved us from certain continued restrictions and years of nonsense to come. It took courage.

Now though is the time for you to show courage, to behave responsibly and as one. Protect the brave among you. Otherwise you will end up as members of a slave society. If you fear for your jobs now think about the following, because it is already starting to happen. Diagnosis is increasingly being done over the phone, over the internet, according to computer programmes. Doctors will soon be replaced by this technology.

Yes, you might have enjoyed the freedom this scam has given you – more hours on the golf-course, empty surgeries, time to finish that unfinished novel, more time with your family and so on. That was not what you signed up for. And if it continues, as well as replacing you and your kind forever, the computer systems diagnosing and prescribing will be no more than an administrative arm of Big Pharma delivering to an unsuspecting public experimental gene-therapies (aimed eventually to make us all robots) and other poisons, together with loads of statins and other harmful and expensive medicaments, while those questioning the validity of such science will be suspended, struck-off, or worse.

Is that the medical world you want for future generations?”

The cover image shows a photograph from the trial of Dr. Crippen and Ethel le Neve in London, 1910

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