Power elites – Cressida Dick

Because Cressida Dick has stolen the headlines, my proposed blog-post will be reserved for the next feature. It does however tie in closely with what is happening in most countries since many more people have started to wake up to the evidence that there never was a pandemic. If you read or listen to mainstream... Continue Reading →

Lies in the skies

On Tuesday 27 July a Chinook was spotted circling round South Birmingham. The next day we got skies you can hardly believe, together with thunder, lightning, rain, hail and swirling winds. Coincidence? Possible. That the US can change the weather, and has been doing for years , denying everything until 2015 when they came clean,... Continue Reading →

A false pandemic of bribes

Those with their ears to the ground, and eyes on the ball, know that something happened this year that has never happened before. Virtually the whole world has bought into a pandemic of fear, social exclusion, ritualistic mask-wearing and government-directed, self-imposed imprisonment. How was this engineered? At national government level pressure was put on world... Continue Reading →

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