Some quick advice – check the batch – here’s why

Tennessee water-colour painter and pro-vaccine advocate, Bill Branch, is dead. He took a Moderna shot last year and got a batch responsible for killing another 37 people (38 if his death was never recorded as vaccine-related). The Covid Blog covered his story.

In the article is a photo of Bill’s first jab certificate on 20 February 2021 showing the batch number to be 010A21A which I checked out at the How Bad is my Batch website. As well as deaths connected with this batch there were 21 disabilities, 18 life-threatening events and 1,551 adverse reactions from incidents reported (thought to be less than 10%).

Talented with the brush he had little truck for those of us who are wary of the killer-shots. He was “fully vaccinated” on 14 April 2021, and then on 5 November he had a booster jab. It would be his last.

He revealed on a Facebook post on 2 December 2021 he had been given a commission from the Episcopal Diocese of West Tennessee to design a Christmas-card. Though the painting was finished in late October he was not able to share details until December .

Ten days later he revealed that he had been sick for “quite a while” and twenty days after that he had been ill with Covid-like symptoms but now his liver was causing him grief (he had experienced liver problems 40 years previously from which he had recovered). He revealed that his husband, who was also unwell, was looking after him.

This sad story is all the sadder because he really believed in the shots. He had clearly bought the mainstream propaganda wholesale rather than investigate for himself about these experimental injections. His talent as an artist can be seen in the cover picture detail from his beautiful painting “City skaters”.

Entertainer and TV presenter collapse live

A Brazilian TV presenter, Rafael Silva, collapsed with a heart attack live on air and went down helplessly. He suffered five more heart attacks on the way to hospital. This followed a booster jab on 28 December 2021. He is recovering.

Then comedienne, Heather McDonald, collapsed on stage directly after delivering the joke, ‘I’m vaxxed, double vaxxed, boosted … and flu shot, and shingle shot, and haven’t gotten COVID and Jesus loves me most.’ Here is the Daily Mail report.

Although the batch numbers for these two personalities are not given they can check for themselves at How Bad is my Batch.

This blog has also covered the murder of Joseph Keating, 26, from a Pfizer shot.

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