Genpact – one source of misinformation

Genpact is an international, multinational, transnational, aggressive monopoly with control over governments and smaller business entities. One reason it has been so successful is that when many other transnational entities were hit by the corona-yerunda Genpact executives were already prepared, and ready to go – almost as though they knew what was coming. Obviously they did.

Since the disappearance of the Monopolies and Mergers Commission companies of this nature have been allowed to expand exponentially swamping up any smaller potentially successful concerns that may look likely to evolve into future challengers in the marketplace. In essence, competition is dead. Neo-Marxism is very much alive.

Of course business is allowed to continue on a smaller scale where entryism is still possible and for the foreseeable future that is unlikely to change. Like all other companies of its size Genpact is working towards the fulfilment of the World Economic Forum’s global plan to control us all. It is not difficult to know where the “pact” part of its name comes from – or with what devil or devils the pact was made.

Klaus Schwab’s boys and girls are now men and women

As part of the plan for a New World Order where everyone but the elite would be slaves, Klaus Schwab and his cohorts, engineered a scheme that put young, vetted, educated and compliant individuals through a schooling process that guaranteed them top global jobs. All they had to do was agree – after that their futures were assured and their souls were no longer their own.

The mechanism for this worldwide coup involved an organisation called Young Global Leaders. Worldwide there are thousands of young global leaders – and all but those who question gravitate to key positions. Some of those who passed through this system can be found in links like those found here. Examples are Tony Blair and Justin Trudeau.

There is no easy way of discovering everyone who progressed through the young global leaders scheme, or how they were recruited. Latterly the elite is becoming more wary of further leaks into the public domain which reveal just how endemic the problem has become.

It is nepotism and ultimately could prove to be part of the elite’s downfall. If the people injured by these tyrants get their way Justin Trudeau, Tony Blair, June Raine and many others are going to prison. June Raine is chair of the MHRA and wants to see innocent healthy children “vaccinated” with Big Pharma poisons. Two days ago it was announced that this experiment was being piloted on the children of Wales.

One person in a position of power at Genpact is Michael Malone, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, Head of Europe and Global Head of Practice-CMC at Genpact. It can hardly be missed how the word “global” has peppered his CV.

As well as his “global” role at Genpact, a former position he held was Global Head of Life Sciences Practice at Satarla. At Novartis he was Global Head of Drug Regulatory Affairs. He has a certificate in Global Management from Insead and, wait for it, he is Chief Financial Officer for The Global Leaders (TGL) group.

Now this could just be a coincidence, of course. Readers of Hans Christian Andersen, the Grimm brothers and the Fables of Jean de La Fontaine might well find the coincidence believable.

‘One source of truth’

Having watched a video from Genpact’s website, where former Dubliner, Michael Malone, presents through video-link with another vice president, Claire Colville, he does not appear to have any out-of-the ordinary or special qualities to have made his position of grandeur meritorious. These talents may well be hidden under a bushel. To examine his presentation is beyond the scope of this piece but some of his “mission” message might be worth a brief look.

What he had to say, in a nutshell, was unlikely to shock anyone who already knows about big companies, like Genpact. They lie in wait ready at any moment to swallow up other large companies and, replacing what they consider to be dead-wood with their integrated AI software tool, these acquisitions would be asset-stripped to the bare bones (suspect personnel too) because Mr. Malone talked about how there used to be a “multitude”of project managers years back doing the work this amazing software package now does without them. He continued:

“. . . What we’ve developed here is one source of truth and team around it, and governments around it, to make sure it’s being driven properly but the information in this mass tool is actually one source of truth and as I mentioned it’s really in full flight. . .”

Michael Malone, Genpact, 2021 TOPRA conference

This “one source of truth” is frightening. It is reminiscent of other memes like “build back better”, “Great Economic Reset” and “New World Order”. For emphasis, and for those with a brain-cell deficiency, it is repeated within the same sentence, like a mantra from a punk-rock band. No doubt many, and all Genpact’s employees, will believe this “one source of truth” lie by the time they’ve heard it often enough.

Rest assured that as well as the “team around it” there are also “governments around it”. Now that is believable. Not everyone will remember but just before the death-shot jabs began a company was awarded the software contract for a multitude of expected, and resultant, deaths and adverse reactions. The short tender description was:

“The MHRA urgently seeks an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software tool to process the expected high volume of Covid-19 vaccine Adverse Drug Reaction (ADRs) and ensure that no details from the ADRs’ reaction text are missed.”

TED contract award notice to Genpact, 23 October 2020

For “reasons of extreme urgency” there were no tenders. In other words there was no competition. What a surprise! The monopolist award was given to Genpact because it had the artificial intelligence software already available, the reason given by the MHRA being, “ the MHRA recognises that its planned procurement process for the SafetyConnect programme, including the AI tool, would not have concluded by vaccine launch. Leading to a inability to effectively monitor adverse reactions to a Covid-19 vaccine.”

Indeed the MHRA must really have been in a desperate hurry to leave “a inability” unedited. But what does such an insignificant error matter if the £1.5 million award has already been allocated?

By now you should have some idea of what “one source of truth” and “governments around” mean.

Malone’s co-vice president and presenter of the video, Claire Colville, in a previous co-authored paper wrote:

“Over the next year, we expect to see at least one major merger or acquisition among the big-name pharma companies.”

You can be sure that’s right. It is how aggressive AI software manufacturers operate. They are winners. It is not difficult to be a winner when there is only one competitor. Genpact is a big global player and recently won an award for enabling the raid Antigen Test across 900 outlets in the US. More corona nonsense bringing home the money.

Did they win the award? Or was it simply awarded?

Other demons in the pact

June Raine, mentioned earlier, who is chair of the MHRA, which awarded Genpact the contract, sits over an organisation which is funded by the UK Government and Big Pharma. Who could make up such a “cabal of the willing”? She, as the agency’s head, is under police investigation for several crimes including misconduct in public office and gross negligent manslaughter. For some inexplicable reason she has not been removed from office. Nor, for now, has the “vaccine” plan been stopped.

The aforementioned cosy relationship between Big Pharma, the UK government and the MHRA is a menage a trois between unworthy bedfellows, who are supposed to be protecting UK citizens from medical harm, but who are instead exposing themselves under the bedclothes, as enemies of the people.

The game is up. More and more people are waking up. The deaths and adverse reactions from the toxic shots are starting to mobilise the injured, and their families, to protest these experiments. June Raine said on 2 December 2020:

“The public can be absolutely confident that every rigorous check has been done to reach the judgment that we reached – that the benefits far outweigh any risk – that the safety of the vaccine has been scrutinized independently by our Commission on Human Medicines and no stone has been left unturned – so absolute confidence in the safety, effectiveness & quality of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.”

June Raine, 2 December 2020

Since all the countless deaths and injuries Pfizer-Biontech tried to get their own research into adverse reactions withheld from the public for what could be up to seventy years. But a judge in the US has compelled them to release the data at 55,000 pages a month.

Since then echoes from the MHRA conservatoire have been of a somewhat different timbre. In response to an FOI request dated 31 January 2022 which a colleague sent me, there is a detachment from the earlier total praise of its sponsors at Big Pharma, originally used to cajole people into taking the poisonous gene therapies.

“Pharmaceutical companies are responsible for ensuring that this information [adverse events] is presented in the product information (SPCs and PILs) and available for all healthcare professionals and patients, therefore allowing you along with your doctor to consider both the risk that you may possibly experience a side effect and the benefit that you will gain from the medicine.”

Yellow Card Scheme response to an information request, 29 January 2022

Notice the difference. Now they are even advising discussion “with your doctor”. That’s new. The MHRA’s fickleness is without bound. I despair.

Cover image shows Genpact’s Michael Malone presenting at the TOPRA Conference.

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  1. Highly informative post. Most grateful, thank you!
    We, The People, also have a solution to the problems these Leviathans have created. It involves a strong wooden framework and yards of hemp!


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