Tiffany Dover – murdered by lethal injection

Not everybody will have seen the video of 11th March concerning the death of Tiffany Pontes Dover. It is good, but this, from a Rumble French site is probably better.

The above link gives more information including an interview, in English, from someone who tried to contact Memorial Hospital to speak with Tiffany. The person spoken to would not confirm whether she was alive or dead but just kept repeating go to the Memorial website and “try to contact her house supervisor.”

I have emailed the hospital making a similar request for information. My email was ignored.

This is Tiffany and her husband Dustin. How Pfizer-BioNTech could murder such an active young woman with their vaccine and try to cover it up, even though the world had witnessed the event, is beyond credibility. What is happening all over regarding this nonsense virus is beyond credibility. I still never meet anybody who has Covid-19. Neither does anyone else.

The cover image shows Tiffany receiving the lethal Covid-19 vaccine which killed her. I reproduce it here because cover images are so small.

It makes you wonder what inducements Memorial Hospital and Pfizer BioNTech have offered her family to keep quiet about her death. My suspicion is that Big Pharma have killed the story and made threats against the family. The family seem so good and honest I am sure they would speak out if permitted. After all, Dustin Dover recorded his wife’s death. But this information can no longer be accessed.

While I have breath I will not allow the truth to die with Tiffany. It is not fair to her memory. She was engaged in caring. She would not want to be part of a mass murder initiative.

One thought on “Tiffany Dover – murdered by lethal injection

  1. Horrified – Had wondered what had happened with this story – OMG ends with a total cover up – who is surprised ? Not me, that’s for sure. Sick at heart – the machinations; the cover-ups; the corruption; total malfeasance – They must pay –


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