The Zionist agenda – vaccinate Jews first

In the global effort to get everyone who breathes God’s fresh air vaccinated with untested vaccines Netanyahu is leading the push. The rest of the world can expect the same measures coming their way very soon, if they are not already experiencing them.

Israeli politician, health advisor and information officer for the Rappeh (Healing) Party, Ilana Rachel Daniel, explains what is happening in her homeland. Anybody with the common sense not to take these untested vaccines is being made to feel a pariah, excluded from social events, theatre, shopping malls.

“They’re making this green passport where half the population cannot get into theatres or malls or all sorts of things unless you have taken the vaccination. They are creating a medical Apartheid.

They’re making people wear an ankle bracelet, a security bracelet when they come back from travelling. It’s absolutely insane.”

On top of this media censorship is excluding any alternative viewpoint to the mass-vaccination programme. The passport is going to be a prerequisite to social interaction all over the world.

Vaccination passports are already being piloted in the United States as can be seen from the cover image. It was stolen from an OffGuardian article by CJ Hopkins which I urge my readers to read.

Those who should really be reading it are the fleeced ungulates with the wool pulled over their eyes and mouths. “Lambs to the slaughter” springs to mind.

People working towards a saner, safer world, as well as Ilana Rachel Daniel, include Irish medical doctor, Anne McCloskey.

They’re coming for you, your family, your jobs, your savings, your home, your pension, your culture, your traditions, your freedom, your very way of life. Unless we unite to resist.

Uniting to resist is the only way these arrogant globalists can be challenged. They know it. That is why they are pushing for people to be vaccinated against a virus which has run its course. Look at this chart. It is from the Office of National Statistics and put together by Joel Smalley.

Covid deaths are in blue. They have virtually disappeared. A new, very worrying, light brown incidence of deaths that are unexplained seems to coincide with the mass vaccination programme. This fell during early February possibly because the elderly ceased to be the main priority for vaccination.

In corroboration of the fact that we are being censored the source for my post on what “they are not telling you” has been taken down from the world’s biggest social networking platform.

Finally, consider what Dr Lee Merit had to say in February this year. It could save your life. Her CV in medicine is as long as your arm. If anyone knows what is going on – it is she. She says we are at war. And we are.

One concern of hers is “for the integrity and moral turpitude of the medical profession” members of which are going along with this mass experiment. Animals in the SARS and MERS studies, ferrets and cats, died. This was not from the vaccine at the time it was administered but from “immune enhancement, or antibody induced enhancement, or antibody dependent enhancement” ADE.

Basically, if you take the vaccine you may well be doomed, not today, but in the future when exposed to another coronavirus. Professor Dolores Cahill talked about this too – this cytokine storm created from the introduction of a modification to your personal RNA which tricks the body into thinking that a coronavirus is not an enemy. When introduced it is then allowed to proliferate freely in the body creating sepsis until the main organs fail.

As Dr. Merit says it is up to you whether you take the vaccine. But the decision should be informed. Which it is not at the moment.

Passports are what the Nazis used. Nazi doctors who went along with the experiments on human beings without informed consent were found guilty of crimes against humanity. That is what your doctor is doing to you now when not explaining properly the risks involved.

People who have the least knowledge of symbolism will notice the German Imperial eagle on the Jewish passport. The same people are in control. They never went away.

5 thoughts on “The Zionist agenda – vaccinate Jews first

  1. John Goss,

    I have been reading you for many years, first on Craig Murray’s Blog, which I remain banned from most of the time..Far more than you, You are just so intelligent and so polite, and your experience of what you have just done (found out) about reactions to eg..what happens to most old people – and now young people is first class ) as a Direct Result of Being Vaccinated..

    but 75% of people seem to me to totally Brainwashed.

    After being able to post freely on Off-G, I too am banned again…and I think I know the reason why. She is a Brilliant Photographer and Pretty girl, and I kind of got into a discussion with the moderators, after she had finished her shift…She goes back to her Mum and Dad in Cornwall. She did try to “reach out to me” via my email address, but I don’t read emails from websites where I registered about 20 years ago, using my real name Tony. I have spent almost my entire life in the computer industry – and could see absolutely everything, if I wanted to, but I had integrity, and still have. the first thing I did in my new job, was to ask my boss, if I could hire some security specialists, cos I was now in charge of security….I said we have got a problem..She said O.K…and we hired them. They were quite expensive, but we didn’t really have any security – so I got chatting to them..How the hell did you do that. they told me, and even showed me. Well it was me who hired them, so we tightened up the ship a bit. This was long before 9/11

    I have been retired since 2004….I don’t dox people, and I have never wanted to be a moderator of any blog…cos it sends people mad. They have so much power. I do not like what he or she is writing, and she takes great delight in deleting us, and trying to ban us.

    On OFFG – the more perceptive of us know who is back.



  2. Tony, thanks for your kind comment. I am surprised you’re banned from OffGuardian. The moderators say they don’t ban anybody,

    As to Craig’s blog you should never have given its moderator, Clark Killick, that piece of code, He’s used it to ban me for about 12 months now. I don’t even try to comment any more. He’s even banned my university email address.

    I do still read Craig’s blog when I get time.


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