Guinea kids

It had to come.

In the United States recruitment is going on using children as guinea pigs to further promote the untested Moderna mRNA vaccine.

One of the doctors involved in this recruitment drive is paeditrician Nicole Baldwin, MD, FAAP who tweeted:

“The fastest way out of this pandemic is through mass vaccination. This INCLUDES children. We can’t vaccinate children without safety data – & to do that we need children in trials. If you have an adolescent interested – here’s info about Moderna’s trial.”

It beggars belief that parents would subject their children to this risky experiment. Yes, kids can be naughty. But the little brats must have done something seriously wrong for any parent to want to give them this life-sentence?

Because that is what it is. These vaccines are life-changing. Forever.

Some parents seem to be proud of what they are doing. Take this mother, Cherise Rohr Allegrini, PhD, MPH, who tweeted, with a photograph of the minor.

“My 14 yr old getting her first jab in the Moderna trial in San Antonio, TX. She loves being part of this study. I don’t know their demographics to date, but do know that BIPOC tend to be underrepresented in trials, so special shout out to join a trial if possible.”

Dr. Cherise Rohr Allegrini

It is highly unlikely that this photo-shoot is anything but staged. Dr. Cherise Rohr Allegrini is described on her Medium-hosted blog as being “an epidemiologist and tropical disease scientist currently working to prevent diseases through immunizations.”

Of two papers in which she was a contributing author one from 2007, about administering medication (including immunizations) to Hurricane Katrina evacuees no funding is mentioned The other, from 2012, on malaria parasite inbreeding, was part-funded by the Gates Malaria Partnership.

She is chief executive officer of the non-profit San Antonio AIDS Foundation (SAAF). Disturbingly she seems to believe in the efficacy of vaccines even though her own blog shows they do not work. Her blog also shows she does not understand what she calls “the gold standard” RT-PCR test. She writes:

“RT-PCR is “real time reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction.” This is a molecular test that picks up viral RNA in the person’s’ nostrils. It’s very specific: if you have a positive result, you can be assured you have SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA in your nose.”

This, of course, is nonsense. Though it is sometimes called the “real time polymerase chain reaction” test and sometimes called “reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction” test, her novel creation has yet to make the scientific journals. Nowhere does Dr. Allegrini mention how the number of amplifications affect the results of the test.

However, she seems quite intelligent, so it is hard to conceive that she would deliberately get her daughter vaccinated with an artificial protein that will irreversibly change the girl’s DNA forever. The photo-shoot must have been staged to encourage poorer families, those not like her on a six figure salary, but those desperate to to make ends meet, to take the vaccine. Only desperation would drive parents to volunteer the lives of their offspring in a test for which no research exists.

The study

The study is testing children in the age-group 12 to 17, but many parents want even younger children to take the jab, thinking it will enable them to get their lives “back to normal”. Phil Goldstein tweeted:

“We need trials to include younger children. Ten years? Younger?”

Then someone calling herself Dr Joe Screaming into the Void, if this is not a send up, even wanted to get her baby experimented on:

“I really want to get my 18mo old vaccinated. I feel like she’s missing out on so much socialization. Have you heard anything about studies or off-label use in younger children?”

The originator of the Twitter feed, Nicole Baldwin, took the message seriously and tweeted back:

“I have not heard anything – especially for this age group. I have heard that Pfizer plans to start studying younger children (likely age 5-11) sometime [sic] in the spring but no definite plans that I know of yet.”

These parents and doctors, would you believe, have bought into the dangling carrot myth that vaccination will allow people to start getting back to normal. Informed individuals know that this is never going to happen, not without some kind of revolution. The power-mad elite are dug-in for the duration.

The Moderna trial for children is called TeenScope and the vaccine used mRNA-1273. Volunteer information explains mRNA-1273 is different from traditional vaccines which use a weakened or dead virus to create antibodies, whereas mRNA-1273 tells your cells to make protein “a small part of the virus that is thought to help the body’s immune system protect itself if you ever come in contact with the coronavirus.”

That last sentence, from the questions and answers section, should be warning enough. What kind of insurance, for God’s sake, is “thought to help”?

The experiment lasts for 13 months during which time two injections are to be administered a month apart. Two thirds of participants will get the vaccine; the other third a placebo.

Parents will be compensated for time spent taking children to the study visits. BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) participants are particularly welcome according to Dr. Allegrini.

Important questions are left out of the Q&A section, questions like:

Can you guarantee that my child will not die from this vaccine?

Can you guarantee that my child will not be maimed by this vaccine?

What compensation is available should something go wrong?

A warning to parents

Certified nursing assistant (CNA), Shawn Skelton, took the Moderna vaccine and two days later had an uncontrollable shaking which is ongoing during waking hours. Mother of three Shawn has been a CNA assistant for twenty-five years. Most of the doctors she has seen tell her it is stress-related and nothing to do with the vaccine. How many times are we going to hear that?

Sydenham’s chorea has many of the outward symptoms Shawn is displaying. Also known as St. Vitus’ Dance it is caused by the streptococcus bacterium.

In a recent video, Professor Dolores Cahill, points out that one of the side-effects found in vaccine research for the first SARS-COV vaccine was “antibody dependent response, or citokine storm, or immune priming, or immune super-priming”. This comes about after being injected with messenger RNA (mRNA), if it had a virus from the protein, like the spike protein, this, plus positive RNA, could go into our cells and when those cells die trigger an immune response, including an antibody response. If subsequently another coronavirus was circulating naturally, the body would mount a challenge, this “could even be the common-cold.”

The Human Body Book, which every household should have, especially now all the medical practices have gone into lockdown, defines streptococcus pneumoniae as a spherical bacterium, the most common cause of bacterial infection which can lead to pneumonia from “an upper respiratory tract viral infection, such as a common cold.”

This is an avenue of research doctors should be exploring in Shawn’s case. Professor Cahill conjectures that adverse results in using vaccines for SARS-COV in animals [ferrets] was why no licence had ever been given for a SARS-COV vaccine. People are still unaware that these vaccines they are being urged to take have not been licensed by the licensing authorities. Our MHRA has much to answer for.

In trials using the respiratory vaccine, RSV, “which had the same issue, most of the children experienced severe disease with infection that led to a high frequency of hospitalisation, and two children out of thirty five died.” In its findings the paper was “clear; RSV lung disease was enhanced by the prior vaccination.”

Do you still want your children vaccinated?

8 thoughts on “Guinea kids

  1. Another good blog John. The video of the nurse on Facebook is disturbing. I hope it is genuine insomuch as there are some cruel fakes out there.

    I do think those of us who do not buy into this narrative, who have done our own research rather than rely on the poisonous MSM, now have to move on. I have no expectations of an uprising from the UK public. If there are any disturbances this summer it will only be of the brick through the window and looting of electrical goods variety.

    We are rapidly moving towards a Communitarian (soft Communism) system of Government (as Mark Windows has outlined) and hence my advice is move out of towns and cities to rural locations where you can grow your own food, use it to barter in the absence of physical money, learn old skills and have a better chance of not being disturbed by the mask wearing numpties, politicised rozzers and assorted council tw*ts. The absence of a nearby GP surgery is a positive I would suggest.


    1. Thanks for the positive feedback blackforestgateaumatters. I agree about moving into the country but it is difficult for us town-dwellers. In fairness it is only in the shops where I see conformity round here. I checked the veracity of the nurse on Facebook and there is a lot on the internet too. Her friends have started a petition. I feel so sorry for this young woman, Shawn, who has had her life destroyed. I do hope she recovers. These vaccines are lethal.


  2. Vaccinating the children is madness. They are at negligible risk from the virus so taking the risk of vaccine injury, particularly this novel vaccine, is pointless. They are risking injury for no reason. And when some are injured what will that prove other than it is safer for the children to face the illness rather than be vaccinated.


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