Ode to MODERNA “Grab ’em and jab ’em”’s our modus operandiand so far it’s proved – a nice little earner –no matter how many come a cropper and die,your coffins - our coffers – are full from MODERNA. We grab ’em and jab ’em and prick ’em and stick ’emand send ’em away with a... Continue Reading →

Tiffany Dover – hiding the truth

Having written three posts regarding the assumed death of Tiffany Dover at the hands of vaccine manufacturer Pfizer Biontech, here, here and here I thought something of mine might appear if I did a general search-engine search for the name. I was actually looking for the most recent commentary so I used a search string... Continue Reading →

Love is . . .

Shawn Skelton is the certified nursing assistant of 25 years experience whose story is covered here under the heading "A warning to parents". Two days after taking Moderna's vaccine Shawn developed an uncontrollable shaking during waking hours indicative of some kind of chorea. The hospital where she received the vaccine said it must be stress-related... Continue Reading →

Guinea kids

It had to come. In the United States recruitment is going on using children as guinea pigs to further promote the untested Moderna mRNA vaccine. One of the doctors involved in this recruitment drive is paeditrician Nicole Baldwin, MD, FAAP who tweeted: “The fastest way out of this pandemic is through mass vaccination. This INCLUDES... Continue Reading →

Neo-Nazism and its symbols

At the end of April 1937, when Hitler's air-force bombed the Basque capital of Guernica to help Franco's fascists, Pablo Picasso was outraged enough to paint his world famous depiction of the atrocity. In December that year Hitler opened an art gallery in Munich, Haus der Kunst. He told a "Heil Hitler" crowd of some... Continue Reading →

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