Pfizer BioNTech deaths in Germany and France

In France there is expected to be a report this week on the side effects of the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine. Meanwhile it has been leaked that one person died two hours after taking the vaccine. As with other deaths of those vaccinated no link has been made between the jab and death. There have also been four serious adverse reactions and some 30 further cases of side effects. In France data are still coming in but six people have had an anaphylactic reaction.

In Germany, the home of BioNTech, 10 deaths have been revealed. The source for this story is RIA Novosti, a Russian newspaper. Unfortunately it does not say where the story originated. Germany’s Pfizer BioNTech vaccinations began 27 December 2020 starting with patients over 80, medical and nursing-home staff.

Brigitte Keller-Stanislavski, head of Biontech’s drug and drug safety department at the Paul Erich Institute said, there were nine deaths up to 13 January and experts “must wait for another case from Lower Saxony”.

We are talking about very serious patients with numerous diseases who were on palliative care. . . so far 325 cases of side effects are known, presumably related to vaccination, of which 51 are severe. . . these data are in line with expectations and do not indicate risks, and also coincide with vaccination statistics in the United States

So there you have it.

Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are not registered in Russia. There are no plans to acquire the vaccines and they will not be used in Russia in 2021.

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