Kremenchuk inferno – BBC “unable to verify”

Whenever you read a BBC article, or hear a report, which contains the words “unable to verify” you can be almost certain it is another false-flag. This time the “Russian attack” took place in a town, Kremenchuk, which is more than 100 miles from the conflict zone. Ask yourself:

  • Who would gain from striking a civilian area far, far away from the action while the G7 summit is meeting?
  • Why is the car-park almost empty when Zelensky said there were a 1,000 people in the shopping mall?
  • Why would Russia, so patiently waiting for the evacuation of civilians from the Azot chemical plant, suddenly decide to strategically target civilians?
  • Why is there only one fire-engine at the scene?
  • How much easier would it be to stage an event where there was no military action, than in the conflict zone?
  • Who has a reputation for staging false flags which have been predicted days before?
  • Why does anyone take the BBC seriously?

Boris Johnson must now be feeling embarrassed with having to continually support Zelensky’s mad schemes. Thankfully it’s not the Reichstag fire and it is unlikely that the neo-Nazis in Ukraine are going to benefit from this event like the Nazi party in Germany did in 1933.

Update: 16.00 hours, 28 June 2022

Russia Today, that’s the one we can’t watch in the west, reports:
“Fire at the Amstor shopping center in Kremenchug. Screenshot from footage published by Volodymyr Zelensky. The Russian military has confirmed an airstrike on the Ukrainian city of Kremenchug on Monday, but claimed it targeted a stockpile of Western weapons. The detonation caused damage to a nearby non-functioning shopping mall, Tuesday’s report said. Kiev had claimed that Russia attacked the mall, killing and injuring many civilians. The Russian Defense Ministry said the location of the arms stockpile was near the Kredmash factory. The Amstor Mall, where a fire was reported by Ukrainian sources on Monday, is right next to it. The military claimed that the Western munitions detonated and caused a fire at the shopping center, which was no longer operating. . .”

So it seems it was not a false-flag insomuch as there was an actual Russian air-strike. The dishonesty still comes from Kiev making out it was a deliberate strike on the shopping mall. And where did Zelensky get his 1,000 shoppers from if the shopping mall was “non-functional”?

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  1. It would be decent if you actually addressed the narrative Zelensky and the Western MSM are now pushing, namely the building/buildings were directly hit by two KH-22 (X-22) air launched missiles from a TU-22M3 aircraft – this is blatant nonsense based on the full specifications of the KH-22 anti-ship missile designed to knock out Essex & Kitty Hawk Class aircraft carriers, that is vessels over 40,000 tonnes in weight – two such missiles carrying 3000 kg equivalent TNT would knock out the USA’s current crop of aircraft carriers, whilst a single missile would have no issue sinking the UK’s latest aircraft carrier displacing more than 60,000 tonnes – these are bloody big, bloody powerful and would have obliterated the shopping Mall and surrounding area – notice car park with parked cars and zero blast damage. Obviously. its difficult for well paid MSM propagandists to actually do research and report facts nowadays.
    So, we are to believe that two missiles designed to knock out an aircraft carrier caused some blast damage and killed 16 persons out of allegedly 1000 in the building. You can’t make this crap up I’m afraid.

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  2. Additional information has been helpful, fact remains the Zelensky Regime claimed 2 KH-22’s hit the shopping mall, which, is a ridiculous claim to make, one the Western Imperialist propagandists were only too welcome to parrot.

    So, no missiles struck the shopping mall, missiles, probably KH-32’s, were dispatched and these hit the military target, as a consequence of munitions storedt exploding due to the accurate missile strikes a disused shopping mall caught fire after being hit by flaming debris – gosh, don’t the truth hurt.

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  3. ‘…And where did Zelensky get his 1,000 shoppers from if the shopping mall was “non-functional”?’.
    Same place he’s getting his million-man army to retake the south.


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