Death Caps courtesy of WEF

Anyone using high-tech electronic hardware and software is under attack from those who produce such technology. 21st century gadgets are designed to control society. They can also be used to kill. They are being used to kill.

Computers and phones, and the networks through which they function, form part of a global plan to subjugate the wider populace. Most readers of this blog know that. This technology – with worse to come in the form of the Internet of Things – is the World Economic Forum’s (WEF’s) war on the world.

Death Caps

Being aware of the dangers ourselves will not save us if we cannot get through to those people (the majority) who bought into the Covid-19 nonsense while 4G and 5G masts went up in the middle of the night – without planning permission. In the dark hours masts shot up like stinkhorns to communicate with the multitude of Death Caps – weaponised lamp-posts – used to penetrate our homes, cause cancers and murder, particularly, the “vaccinated”. Here Mark Steele takes a Death Cap apart.

It speaks for itself that videos like the above often cannot be opened by those who would benefit most by seeing them and learning the real purpose of this technology. Those in control direct what messages get into the public domain. And what don’t. The above video, originally on YouTube, very soon got removed.

The pandemic that never was

Below is another video which explains how the fake Covid-19 pandemic was used as a cover to introduce graphene oxide (GO) into our bodies. First it was the elderly, who, according to Ricardo Delgado, were dosed with it when they got their flu vaccines prior to 2020. This deadly ingredient allows for self assembly of nanotechnological circuits through which 4G, 5G and the killer Death Caps can control transhumans.

Like the technology used to interact with GO the vaccines were sold as a benefit to society.

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