Breaking – Konstantinovka targets destroyed

There follows a report from Donetsk that airmobile brigade military targets in Konstantinovka have been destroyed. Please bear in mind that in times of conflict everything is not always as it seems. However, one thing you can rely on is that our MSM will only ever present one side depending on the whims of its owners.

Some residents around Konstantinovka have already been without water for four days due to an accident.

Locations of Ukraine’s 81st airmobile brigade in Konstantinovka destroyed 

Donetsk, Mar 2 – DAN. Russian, DPR and LPR joint forces have destroyed the locations of the Ukrainian 90th battalion of the 81st airmobile brigade, DPR Defence’s deputy chief of staff Eduard Basurin said.

“As a result of successful joint action, strikes were delivered on the combined reserve of the command of the JFO HQ, the locations of deployment of the 90th battalion of the 81st airmobile brigade of the armed forces of Ukraine in the city of Konstantinovka were destroyed. Enemy losses are being specified,” he said.

Russia started a special military operation to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine on February 24. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the decision was made after the DPR and LPR Heads addressed him asking for help.

The Russian leader said that Moscow is not planning to occupy Ukrainian territory, the only goal is to protect people who have been continuously shelled and subjected to other forms of genocide by Ukraine for eight years.


The cover image is from the Stalker Zone in 2019 showing AZOV forces raising a Nazi flag. The Stalker Zone says:

“Of course, Kiev and its western masters will say that it is “fake news” or that the DPR militia planted it there themselves.”

This is a clear misunderstanding of the western corporate media. They never draw attention to things like this. It is left to bloggers.

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