Ukrainian armed forces shelling civilian areas of Donetsk

There have been casualties. There is also a video of one of the attacks on a square in the Kiev district of Donetsk. This is not available in the UK.

16.35 (Ukraine time). It was reported that a school was hit by shelling west of Donetsk. Damage and casualties not yet known.

Weapons, many provided by the west and termed in the most egregious example of oxymoron as “lethal aid”, are being used to target residential areas.

What makes it different from the Russian shelling? As well as not attempting to avoid civilian casualties the Ukrainian army is trying to kill former Ukrainian brothers and sisters. And they have been doing it for eight years, since Poroshenko first attacked them. I wrote then in May 2014:

“I cannot see the present situation improving and Vladimir Putin, who has stood back throughout may have to intervene to protect the innocent civilians who have voted in a referendum to become part of the Russian Federation. This is what the US wants, military action everywhere except in the US.”

Photos: From a representative of the Joint Centre of Control and Coordination, Donetsk National Republic

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