Humanitarian aid versus war-crimes

Good and bad exist in the world, during peace and in war. War brings out the most extreme cases of both, cases of courage, comradeship and self-sacrifice on the one hand, and devastation, cruelty and torture on the other. Anybody today believing what our mainstream media tells us is probably still wearing a mask.


All the collective powers of “western democracy” are on high alert to get something concrete out against Russia over its intervention into Ukraine. The International Criminal Court (ICC), another organisation not-fit-for-purpose, is being asked to investigate war-crimes, while the not-fit-for-purpose and subservient BBC reports on the missile strike with a graphic video of what it claims is Kharkov University.

In truth the target was a “complex of buildings housing the Kharkiv regional security service and the regional police” to which the sociology and economics departments of the university adjoin. Of course that successful and precise strike is too pro-Russian and not scary enough to satisfy the viewers of BBC gobbledygook. It needs something like a place of learning being struck to portray the intended image.

This “blame Russia” mentality has gone on for decades and was well-illustrated by the so-called Russian armoured vehicle that ran over a car in Kiev – a video or two went viral. This is the Daily Mail report. That the Russians had been nowhere near Kiev on Friday, and still haven’t gone into that city, did not stop the accusations. Of course, if it really was Russian, a lone vehicle would have been quickly apprehended and demobilised by the Ukrainian army. Where’s that report then? Or was it staged?

Anyway, back to the ICC and war crime accusations. The most likely reason for this western-powers initiative is to try and cover-up, or ameliorate public reaction to the real war-crimes that the Ukrainians have perpetrated against their own people in the east. Some of the most serious are too horrific to describe in detail – like the crucifixions – and most of these crimes are brought about by fascist elements within the Ukrainian armed forces.

The bombing of civilians – going on even now – is a repeated crime of Ukraine’s own making. It is one of the reasons Putin gave for the Russian recognition of Donbass independent republics – and the invasion of Ukraine – to free the Eastern separatists from Kiev, to stop them from murdering their citizens and stealing their land. Next is some of the evidence collected by Russia.

This URL about Ukrainian war-crimes lodged at Geneva does not seem to be working properly. The archived Saker’s link to the dossier has proved to be the best I can find. Perhaps certain entities do not want you to see the content – because as the document says “these materials are extremely graphic! ” It adds: “But so was the life for the citizens of Donbass over the last 8 years…

Happy children – before their lives were taken

The war crimes’ dossier cites attacks on “hospitals, morgues, schools and kindergardens” where the victims had taken shelter.

“As of 2021, more than 16 spontaneous mass and individual burials have been discovered. In total, 295 human remains were recovered, examined and processed during the period August to November 2021. The initial forensic examination of the remains found in all burials in the territories of the DPR and LPR indicate that most of the deceased are women and elderly.”

You might like to ask where the BBC and Daily Mail reporters were when these crimes took place.

Humanitarian Aid

Portrayal of Russia as an enemy, and Putin as a pariah, is a fabrication from those who have an evil agenda. The truth is something entirely different. That is not to say Putin is an angel. Most political leaders are not. However, his endeavours, and those of the Russian Duma are humanitarian. I truly believe that. Anybody who watched and listened to his speech on Thursday last week would know, from his pained facial expressions, that here was a man doing something he did not want to be doing.

Although he is a world leader, with a KGB background, he has religious belief. While his father was a member of the CPSU (Communist Party of the Soviet Union) his mother had him secretly baptised as a child. In recent years he has gone on religious retreats. Christianity plays a part in his life as it does in that of the Belarus president, Alexander Lukashenko. That Putin waited so long until NATO forces were right on his doorstep shows a patience and integrity of the highest calibre. Residents of the Donbas regions were imploring him to come to their aid.

One of the first things that happened following the liberation of Kharkov earlier today was that humanitarian food supplies were distributed to the residents of that city. The cover picture shows Russian soldiers handing out supplies to people of the Kharkov area.

Aid to Kharkov is not the only aid being distributed. To the south of Ukraine aid from Crimea is being handed out in the Genichesk region, where the Russian and Lugansk military authorities are also in total control.

Even when he’s wrong he argues his case well, but whatever Craig Murray says the vast majority of people living in the Don basin, from where Donbas gets its name, are supporters of Putin. With many of his posts I am in agreement but he has got this situation totally wrong. He is probably wrong too in his assumption that this is going to be a protracted war. He wrote this yesterday (2 March) just as Russia was occupying the city.

“You can pretty well stand inside Russia and throw stones into Kharkiv, where Russian is an everyday language (and locals call the place Kharkov), yet Russia has not yet managed to subdue it.”

What surprises me about Craig is his support for Julian Assange who exposed war-crimes in Iraq, yet he cannot come to support Putin for doing the same in Ukraine. He has got his analysis wrong on this occasion. He does not understand the strength of support for Putin in eastern Ukraine where the people voted almost unanimously to separate from Kiev, which is surprising considering his own strong feelings for an independent Scotland.

As a former diplomat Craig Murray will know that talks that went on near the border were not about what the Ukrainian leaders had for breakfast. You can almost bet that the Russians said to Zelensky we are going to hit some infrastructure and will not be targeting civilians. Don’t do anything stupid and we will bring to task some of the fascists which have been a thorn in your side since you came to power.

East and south of the Don is a lot of support for the Russian president. This man wrote on the wall of his house “Putin we are with you. Death to the Bandero followers”.

The Bandero followers (Бандеровцы, literally Bandero sheep) come in all shapes and sizes and from all levels of society. They merge and mingle with the good people who are not fascists and not Nazi sympathisers. There are many of them and it is a sad truth that there are journalists and Orthodox priests proud to be Бандеровцы. They align with NATO and support Ukrainian Nazi sympathiser Stepan Bandero. Annually, such people organise torchlit marches. This is from 1 January 2020.

Having watched that march, and heard those on the march loudhailing the name of Stepan Bandero, you might ask how the BBC can get someone purportedly from Kiev to state that they have never seen a fascist or Bandero supporter beggars belief. When I heard it this morning I nearly choked with laughter on my muesli. And when Boris Johnson praises the Ukrainians with the cry of “Слава Україні” he is using the same “Glory to Ukraine” chant used by the Banderists.

Thankfully, from a separatist point of view, most of the fascists are west of the river Don. Which in my analysis means that once the Donbas region is back in the hands of its residents life can start to get back to normal. That is as things stand now. Unfortunately, western oligarchs, like George Soros, have put a lot of effort and ill-gotten gains into securing Ukraine in order to put more pressure on Russia. I suspect only intervention from the west will prolong the war.

So I pray there is no more intervention from the west. And that the war-criminals are brought to justice.

Let’s finish on a positive note with another picture of aid to people who have struggled in a war-zone in their own land for eight years with not a mention of their plight from the ignoble BBC. Russia is not bad. Russian people are not bad. Putin is trying to save them from more war-crimes.

Getting aid ready for the Genichesk region

2 thoughts on “Humanitarian aid versus war-crimes

  1. UK, European, US, Canada, Australia etc. gover.. are guilty of crimes to humanity. Lawyers have tried to initiate a international prosecution but courts seems corrupted.
    Millions of seniors citizens euthanized in UK, the forced poison injection and continuing lies on their intentions is incredibly astonishing.
    PEOPLE cannot confront the evidence, minds are not strong enough!
    Thank you for your research and integrity may G_d protect you and bring happiness to your life and help humanity to find the light! ♥️


  2. Orli, thank you for your kind comment. Sadly it is true. People in the west are blind to reality. I often ask those brainwashed by our media if they would read an article or watch a video which presented a different viewpoint to that they are exposed to every day. They don’t. They bury their heads in the sand.
    But there are many awake – and slowly others (especially the vaccine-damaged) are waking up. Now, in the UK, the focus has moved to Ukraine with hardly a mention of the so-called “pandemic” which enslaved society for the last 2 years.


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