A false pandemic of bribes

Those with their ears to the ground, and eyes on the ball, know that something happened this year that has never happened before. Virtually the whole world has bought into a pandemic of fear, social exclusion, ritualistic mask-wearing and government-directed, self-imposed imprisonment. How was this engineered?

At national government level pressure was put on world leaders to accept a bribe which involved its citizens locking-down, wearing masks and adhering to curfews. We know this from the way Russia Today went from being boastful about how the Russian nation had contained COVID-19 to going into lockdown with virtually all the news footage depicting people in masks, with a new narrative direction in line with the rest of Europe.

The bribery was further endorsed when Alexandr Lukashenko, president of Belarus, told the world that he had turned down a bribe from the World Bank. This was another story that never would have made it to the west without social media. Quite clearly the rest of Europe accepted the bribe, including Russia.

Of course bribes are not the only means by which the controllers can potentially pressure governments into complying. Some governments are already in so much debt to the IMF that it might just be a matter of telling them if they do not comply the IMF will not reschedule the debt. That though does not seem to have been the tactic.

Falsifying figures and creating a feeling of panic, a feeling that something terrible is happening, has been the main ploy. It has been endorsed by numerous other means, most of which have emanated from specific international organisations like the WHO (World Health Organisation). Take for example this instruction on qualifying deaths. There has never been anything like it in the history of medicine where a virus can be held responsible for so many probably unrelated deaths.

You can see for yourselves in the examples given that you can be a long-term AIDS sufferer who contracts pneumonia with comcomitant respiratory problems but if you test positive for COVID-19 that’s counted as a COVID-19 death. This graphic is taken from the WHO guidelines.

So you see, a poor patient can have pneumonia for ten days, coronary artery disease for five years, Type 2 diabetes for fourteen years and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease for eight years, yet if COVID-19 is simply suspected twelve days previously it goes down on the death certificate as the underlying cause of death.

Even if the patient had tested positive with the PCR test, which Dr. Pascal Sacré has shown to be wildly unpredictable, there can be no knowing the actual cause of death. There is a sense that the truth is deliberately being masked just like the population.

Hyping up the figures is the real pandemic. We in this country, if we once get tested positive for COVID-19, will very likely have that put down as a cause of death, as Dr. Malcolm Kendrick reveals. In the US bribes were allegedly being offered to hospitals to bump up the COVID-19 death rate with even greater pecuniary incentives to get a patient on a ventilator.

Even with these hyped up and falsified figures 2020 will not be much different from any ordinary year. Note that these are official statistics from the Office of National Statistics for the first six months of 2020 and compare deaths from COVID-19 with those from pneumonia and flu. Below is a wonderful graphic from the official statistics which really should be reproduced everywhere. It tells the complete picture.

We know that COVID-19 deaths (the horizontal line) include deaths from pneumonia, flu and other non-virus induced ailments following the new WHO guidelines designed to hyperinflate the figures. Just look how flu and pneumonia figures have plummeted right at the end of the graph to the lowest since six-monthly figures were kept. While the ONS tells us that COVID-19 deaths are higher than any flu and pneumonia combined figures for the first six months in any year since 1959, it fails to mention that the flu-pneumonia deaths are lower than in any first six months since 1959.

Even if the horizontal line was to be taken on face value the figures are only marginally worse than the first six months of 1976 (swine flu winter). We never locked the country down then. What this graphic illustrates best though is what a real pandemic looks like (1919-20). There is no pandemic today! It is a wonderful graphic.

Bribes everywhere, they have even been offered for towns to lock-down. Take Warrington for example. When interviewed on the BBC Council leader Russ Bowden reminded them on air about the bribe he was offered, probably because he did not really trust the government. Who does? The article just says:

“As part of the tier three move, the council has received a £5.9m support package from the government, incorporating £1.68m for public health and £4.2m for business and employment support.”

Many people and organisations are being bribed to close down the country. The furlough scheme should be understood as a bribe even if everybody does not get furlough money.

What was used to bribe the trades unions I have yet to find out. Weakened by Thatcherism the unions never made a comeback and have since rolled over on their backs and laid down to die. Jack Dash would turn in his grave if he could see what has happened to the trades union movement. I no longer have any time for union officials when I think of all the jobs that will be lost through their incompetence during this fake pandemic. What do you think?

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  1. Well said. I seem to be the only one I know who sees this as you do, but that may be because I can not see many people! I can only hope their plans fail and good sense prevails.


  2. I don’t understand that graph at all. Covid -19 did not officially start to kill people till late 2019 at the earliest. Yet there is no new line with a different colour starting November, December 2019 on through 2020.


  3. It took me a little while Paul. Before 1959 there were no half-yearly figures so the horizontal COVID-19 line compares against the annual figures before that. It is obviously not on about coronavirus figures for those years but comparing against figures for any specific year or half year. It is trying to show how much worse COVID-19 is than pneumonia and flu in previous years. What it actually shows is that pneumonia and flu deaths have been added to the COVID-19 toll. Hope that explains.


  4. There’s a book I’ve been reading called Giants – The Global Power Elite by Peter Phillips.
    It contains a lot of details & info regarding the close relationships of the global central financial power elite, those tied to the IMF, WTO, World Bank, BIS, Federal Reserve, WEF and many other institutions, organizations, NGO’s, etc.

    One can view the WTID graphs (https://wid.world) and see how wealth is becoming so highly concentrated, across so many nations, with many of the largest economies topping the inequality charts (like the U.S., Russia, China, the U.K., etc).

    Money IS power.
    Always has been.

    The same Global Cartel now own most of everything.
    And they are using that ownership of most everything to exercise control over humans.

    The world is facing serious crises, especially given the absolute failures of the very institutions that are supposed to exist for protections of the people, all the people.
    Not only are they not protecting, as intended, they are actually being used/abused to promote greater oppression, inequality, and such.

    These failures are in-turn causing massive cognitive dissonance (people have been told all their lives that organizations, like the WHO, the World Bank, et al exist to protect them, but are now facing failures by those same organizations, and are therefore having problems processing that data, and thus often turn a blind-eye, which is often called the Backfire Effect).

    Too many people see data, like that presented herein this blog essay, and refuse to believe it because it goes against their personal cognitive biases & beliefs, those that have been instilled most all their lives.

    But it is true – these organizations and institutions are failing, as they too have come under the manipulation, influence and control of that Global Power Elite.

    Greed knows no bounds.
    Adam Smith himself warned of this.

    The U.S. Declaration of Independence was a declaration against the Aristocracy that was unduly influencing the British Monarchy.
    British Authors John Trenchard & Thomas Gordon wrote about these abuses in their 18th century essays titled Cato’s Letters.

    I recommend everybody read these essays, as they serve an important lesson on the consequences of highly-concentrated wealth.

    Beyond Trenchard/Gordon and Adam Smith, Vilfredo Pareto warned of these consequences, as did Albert Einstein, Plutarch, Plato, and numerous others.

    But knowledge is power, too.
    People need to forget most of what they think they know, or have been taught by those institutions controlled by that Elite, tune out of the corporate media, and start seeking out more independent, but verifiable info & data.


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