Imagine Chris Whitty and Neil Ferguson being sent by the WHO to Tanzania to spread the Gates' Foundation gospel that Big Pharma's death-shots are good for everyone and the best protection anyone can have. This was not the first time the "vaccinate" mentality had been used to try to decimate African tribal populations. Those with... Continue Reading →

Animal Farm come to life

Today I am urging all my readers to consider an article just published by Kit Knightly co-editor of OffGuardian. It is indicative of what is happening in our emerging fascist world. You may have noticed that the slogan during summer was Hands, Face, Space - catchy as the Soviet: Bread, Peace, Land - but now... Continue Reading →

A false pandemic of bribes

Those with their ears to the ground, and eyes on the ball, know that something happened this year that has never happened before. Virtually the whole world has bought into a pandemic of fear, social exclusion, ritualistic mask-wearing and government-directed, self-imposed imprisonment. How was this engineered? At national government level pressure was put on world... Continue Reading →

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