Big Pharma brings Aussie and French Flus to the UK

“Facebook has just announced that it is employing 10,000 more people to be directly engaged in censorship – ostensibly to weed out “fake news”, which evidently includes disagreement with Israel. The main role will of course be the suppression of any alternative view to the neo-liberal propaganda spewed out by the corporate and state media.” Craig Murray.

Click on the link at the end of this paragraph which is to a Facebook page. That means you probably need to watch it quick before the army of 10,000 are launched upon it. In brief it concerns Big Pharma and vaccines and how these profiteers spread Fake News using MSM. I know there are a lot who swear by vaccines. I believe they are useful to an extent – the elimination (almost) of smallpox for example. However, like statins, Big Pharma wants everyone on them. You’ll love this.

According to the Telegraph flu has increased in the first week of January. “Overall, the rate of hospitalised cases has risen by 51 per cent, the statistics show.  The figures, which cover the week ending on 7 January, show  7.38 cases per 100,000 population, compared with rates of 4.89 per 100,000 the previous week.”

Wait a minute I ask myself wasn’t the previous week Christmas and New Year week, when all the practices were closed and everybody was trying to have a good time? And wasn’t the week after the week when everybody was due back in work? Hmm!

There are other suspect messages in the Telegraph article. For example “The total death toll is now 85, up from 48 in previous reports this season.” Hang on. The total death toll being cumulative is going to increase. It is not going to go down. When were the “previous reports”?

But it’s worse than just Aussie Flu. It is turning into a pandemic because according to the Mirror French Flu is about to hit our shores which is even deadlier than Aussie Flu. Every news article or programme tells you that vaccine is what we all need. “The flu vaccine is the best protection we have, although because flu strains change, it needs to be done every year.” Well getting vaccinated every year is good for Big Pharma but if that is true that we all need vaccinating why it is that – and here the Mirror cites the Telegraph article – “NHS trusts are failing to get medical workers to have flu jabs amid the warnings that the French epidemic could spread to Britain.” Do medical workers know something we don’t?

I had flu in 1957, Asian Flu as it was called. It was very unpleasant. I recall getting out of bed to go to the toilet and my legs collapsing under me. I had a temperature of 104F (40C) and was the second highest on my GP’s list he told me (the highest had polio). Asian flu killed an estimated one million to two million people worldwide. Since then the strain H2N2 has morphed but the death toll has never been so great as it was then. I’m with the nurses and other medics on this one. Even though it is free at my age I’ll take my chance.

Big Pharma has a lot to answer for. See also my article on statins.






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