The murder of Nikolai Glushkov

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The police have just announced that Russian businessman Nikolai Glushkov, living in London at the time of his death, was murdered by compression to the neck. This came a week after the Skripal case in which, according to our press, there was an attempt by Russia to murder Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia. Two days ago the Russian newspaper Kommersant (Businessman), owned by oligarch Alisher Usmanov contained an article entitled “Strangulation on the Thames”.

Do I believe the Russians were involved in the so-called attempted murder of the Skripals? No. I believe it was a false flag set up by our government to scupper the World Cup. Do I believe that some Russian agents may have killed Glushkov? Quite possibly. That murder opens up a whole can of worms.

In one way it could have been done to demonstrate to Theresa May just how the Russian secret services commit murder. They have never used a nerve agent in the past and never tried to endanger anybody but the target. If this theory is correct then our government is to blame for Glushkov’s death. Without the Skripal nonsense this murder would have been unnecessary. Of course it may not be the Russians. That we will never know.

As with all real murder enquiries they are rarely solved within days, like the Skripal farrago. Before an arrest is made there needs to be a suspect who can be arrested. That is where Boris Johnson, already a laughing stock on the world stage, made his big mistake claiming a 9.98 out of 10 certainty that Vladimir Putin was to blame. Come on then Boris, tell us who killed Glushkov.

The Can of Worms

Amid all the hype of the Skripal false-flag a real murder took place eight days after that alleged event. Glushkov’s death was formerly denoted as ‘unexplained’ and it took our police two days to say pretty much the same thing as Kommersant had claimed earlier. My purpose here is not to describe the circumstances of Glushkov’s death, though I understand that his daughter found the 68 year old’s body.

Glushkov was a friend of Boris Berezovsky, who allegedly committed suicide. He was part of the get-rich quick oligarch fraternity of Russians who screwed their country and settled in the cesspool of London money-launderers. Some might refer to this clique as the Russian mafia. He had a top executive position with the Russian airline Aeroflot and was found guilty of large-scale fraud. He was sentenced to eight years in a penal colony for siphoning off millions of rubles belonging to Aeroflot.

Now here’s the rub. According to an article in OffGuardian an individual tried to help Glushkov escape from hospital and avoid justice. That individual was Andrei Lugovoi. The OffGuardian article which everyone should read says:

“It also turns out that Lugovoi not only had a close association with Berezovsky right up to the moment of Litvinenko’s death, but was also convicted by a Russian court shortly after Berezovsky fled Russia of trying to arrange the escape of Nikolai Glushkov, one of Berezovsky’s close associates, from a hospital where he was in pre-trial detention on a fraud charge.”

For those who did not follow the Litvinenko farce Lugovoi was one of the two people accused of killing Alexander Litvinenko, the other being Dmitry Kovtun. According to our media, and Sir Robert Owen who pronounced in the Litvinenko Inquiry, these were KGB agents, when in fact they were small-time criminals and friends of Litvinenko, Berezovsky and other oligarchs.

The problems this is likely to cause are massive. This murder will show that the two aforementioned Russians were not responsible for the death of Litvinenko, who was probably smuggling polonium 210 on behalf of Berezovsky. Therefore Russia could have had him murdered to bring to light the injustice of the false accusations against Lugovoi and Kovtun for the murder of Litvinenko. At the same time it shows what a load of tosh the Skripal business is and how much of our taxes have been squandered on the show to scupper the World Cup.

How this will eventually pan out is anyone’s guess but it will take a while and be much harder for fictional detectives like Miss Marples and Boris Johnson to solve in a fortnight. This story really could run and run. At the moment the score is Russia 2 – UK/US 0.


10 thoughts on “The murder of Nikolai Glushkov

  1. The World Cup disruption is small potatoes in this Skripal farrago, altho; it is a sideshow to disrupt goodwill for Russia;
    My belief is THE SKRIPAL AFFAIR was a precursor to a ;false flag; operation in East Ghouta, to enable a USA/NATO/Israeli attack.
    Join the dots, March 4th , attack on the Skripals, massive propaganda and Russian demonisation,
    March 12th, Nikki Haley threatens US attack on Syria should a chemical attack occur.
    March 13th , rapid advance of Syrian forces on East Ghouta and discovery of chemical weapons lab.
    Looks like the Western posse was headed off at the pass.
    Cue foaming at the mouth of the Israeli stooge Haley and the accusation of a possible chemical attack on New York.
    There is now possibility of a ‘false flag’ in NY or elsewhere in the USA to give credence to her statement. The neocons are going postal, dangerous times.


    1. Let’s hope you’re wrong Salford Lad, though you could well be right, especially with the corridors allowing the exodus of many in East Ghouta. Many of us know about the alleged chemical attacks which seem to be a common and emotive diversion set in place by western-funded White Helmets. Thanks for your comment.


  2. Excellent article,Thanks. Also just saw on RT news that Russia announced the training of Syrian rebels in the use of Chlorine gas by US forces and the secret shipment of Chlorine gas via aid convoys to create a false flag,looks like the Russians just revealed to the world the reality in Syria but the question is how many MSM outlets or so called journalists will follow this up in the west ?


    1. Thanks for the kind comment Ricsi and for the added input. Yes, sadly the US as ever is up to its neck in funding opposition to Assad at the behest of its Israeli neighbour.


  3. looks like the skripal/glushkov affair is just a coordinated us-uk diversion and a smoke screen (remember blair’s 45 minute iraqi’s wmd crap)

    russian defense ministry just reported they detected rebels moving volumes of chlorine in ghouta to stage a chemical attack by syrian gov. forces and white helmets moving into the area accompanied by a filming crew.
    and they also reported a us carrier group preparing cruise missile strike on Damascus once the false flag chemical attack is reported in ghouta. well, it’s coming


    1. Frightening Johnny. I remember well Blair’s report on WMDs, the 45 minute capability, and Colin Powell holding up a test-tube before Congress. I was one of the 2 million in Hyde Park opposing the nonsense. Blair ignored us. To my mind Blair introduced “democratic dictatorship”. It should never be forgotten.


  4. Hello John,

    Could it be that Nikolai Glushkov was killed, at an opportune time, due to the noise of the Skripal affair? In addition, at a convenient time, to also be blamed on “Russia”.

    Something else. Boris Beresovsky may have been liquidated with the same modus operandi as Glushkov. Strangulation, can be made to look like suicide, so no proper investigation followed through.

    Glushkov at 68 years old, is quite an age to be offing someone. Quite possibly done by someone, without access to more sophisticated means to off someone.

    The Skripal thing is a scam.


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