Pablo Miller – spyline

1982       According to his LinkedIn account (no longer available) Pablo Miller graduated from Oxford University in 1982 with a degree in Modern Languages and History. Following graduation he attended the British Army officer training academy at Sandhurst. His commission in the Royal Tank Regiment took him to Germany, Cyprus, Northern Ireland and Brunei. 1984       Lt.... Continue Reading →

Skripals – the big UK blunder

Call it a farce! Call it a pantomime! Whatever you call it the alleged poisoning of Yulia Skripal and her father, Sergei, was no farce or pantomime for them. But they are not the only victims of this home-grown false-flag event which was not properly thought through. You and I and all UK nationals are... Continue Reading →

Western incarceration of female Russians

Like many others I had never heard of Maria Butina until she was arrested and imprisoned. She is apparently being held in solitary confinement (23 hours a day without contact) in the Alexandria Detention Centre near Washington. As if that is not punishment enough she is allegedly being tortured using sleep-deprivation techniques. This is what... Continue Reading →

The murder of Nikolai Glushkov

Hunting the wren The police have just announced that Russian businessman Nikolai Glushkov, living in London at the time of his death, was murdered by compression to the neck. This came a week after the Skripal case in which, according to our press, there was an attempt by Russia to murder Sergei Skripal and his... Continue Reading →

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