Pablo Miller – spyline

1982       According to his LinkedIn account (no longer available) Pablo Miller graduated from Oxford University in 1982 with a degree in Modern Languages and History. Following graduation he attended the British Army officer training academy at Sandhurst.

His commission in the Royal Tank Regiment took him to Germany, Cyprus, Northern Ireland and Brunei.

1984       Lt. Pablo Miller was given some assistance by General Sir Desmond Langley in Cyprus.

1985       Captain Pablo Miller represented his division skiing in a race at which the starter was Princess Anne.  Photos here:

Yulia Skripal was born in Malta.

1995       Sergei Skripal, a colonel in the GRU, and a number of other Russians were recruited by Milller about this time. Russian author, Nikolai Luzan, in his espionage exposure “The Devil’s Counter-intelligence Dozen”, explains how Skripal was brought on board by the MI6 officer, Pablo Miller.

1997  Pablo Miller became First Secretary of the British embassy in Tallinn recruiting under the name of Antonio Alvarez de Hidalgo. As things stood Skripal was already on a nice little earner secretly importing wine from the GRU authorities enabling him to make extended business trips to Malta and Spain. On one of these the GRU colonel was introduced to a Spaniard named Luis. According to Luzan it was Luis who introduced Skripal to Miller (then posing as Antonio Alvarez de Hidalgo) and they went into business together.

Skripal was described as having a “thirst for profit”. He would sometimes take his wife, Lyudmilla, with him on his business trips. It seems however she knew nothing of his extra-business activities. Before entering into their partnership Miller took Skripal to a strip-club but it was not the Russian’s kind of thing and he went back home to his wife. Miller bought Skripal’s loyalty with a cheque-book and before long, using colleagues within the GRU, files had been collated on some 300 GRU employees.

1999       Skripal resigned from the GRU on health grounds. Soon after his resignation he was issued with a passport and went abroad. Again he made contact with Pablo Miller and resumed espionage activities, this time providing details on the structure of the GRU. Skripal was a greedy man. Greedy men are rarely if ever driven by morals in their decision-making. British Intelligence personnel would have known this and Skripal met with MI6 personnel frequently. He met them in the seaside resort of Izmir in Turkey under the pretence of being a tourist.

This year the Tomlinson list of 116 British Intelligence Officers was released. Apparently Pablo Miller’s name is not on the list and the controllers of the World Wide Web have done a creditable job in wiping clean this list from the internet. There are still a few hard copies available.

2000       Valery Oyamae was another recruit of Pablo Miller’s. Oyamae lived in Moscow and made frequent trips to Estonia. At the time Pablo Miller was operating from the British Embassy in Tallinn as its First Secretary – a cover for his intelligence work. On 15 March 2000 at 7 p.m. Oyamae was arrested at the Leningradsky railway station, Moscow, on espionage charges. He had risen through the ranks of the KGB becoming a senior officer. Though Oyamae was not mentioned by name at the time of his arrest, Pablo Miller, his minder, was named in both Russian and English-reading press.

While Skripal’s handler was Pablo Miller, Miller was answering to Christopher Steele in MI6.

Scot William Hain and Estonian Sergei Petrenko (see 2001) were arrested in Tallin on drug-smuggling charges. They were caught in possession of £2.4 million worth of heroin concealed in the fuel tank of the car they were driving. It is not clear if Robert Bruce Wright and Leslie Brown were with them at the time but they never stood trial.

spy hidalgo courtesy vesti

Pablo Miller in his younger de Hidalgo days (Courtesy ВЕСТИ)

2001       On 23 April 2001 Valery Oyamae was sentenced to seven years in prison in a Moscow court under article 275. His property was confiscated. Until sentence was pronounced his name had been kept out of the Russian and western media.

This year there was an extradition request from Estonia to the UK for Robert Bruce Wright (35) and Leslie Brown (44) wanted under suspicion of drug-smuggling in conjunction with William Hain (42) and Sergei Petrenko (41). Nobody knows the dark machinations of our security services but from what I can make out Wright and Brown claimed they were not drug-smugglers but secret-agents working against Russia on behalf of Pablo Miller at the British Embassy in Tallinn.


20:57, 15 августа 2007 Шпион-идальго

It appears the Scot, Hain, and Estonian got 3 to 4 years in prison each and Estonia put in a request for extradition of the British citizens. I cannot find an English article on this drug-smuggling event – though there were some. Originally the BBC reported this story. And it was reported in Scotland. It has since gone dead. It looks like they were probably spooks.

2003       Pablo Miller, at this time calling himself Paul, is credited with having arranged the passage of Vyacheslav Zharko and Alexander Litvinenko (FSB officer) to the UK, which added to the festering cesspool of oligarchs and Mafia-style businessmen already buying political favours and prime properties in London.

Skripal left his latest job in the Russian Department of Foreign Affairs.

2004       Sergei Skripal arrested and detained in custody on charges of espionage. He admitted the charges.

2006       Sergei Skripal convicted of spying and given a 13 year prison sentence. He allegedly confessed to everything. According to the Russian press It would appear that Skripal may have protected his minder because there was no mention of a Miller or Hidalgo by the FSB in 2006. (Source: Kommersant 16.08.2007, p. 4)

Alexander Valterovich Litvinenko died from polonium 210 poisoning.

Pablo Miller took up a post in Bogota, Colombia possibly for his own safety. According to his deleted LinkedIn page he “led the British Government’s flagship project in Bogota, supporting the Colombian state’s programme aimed at countering high-level, drugs-related corruption and impunity.”

2007       Vyacheslav Zharko, a former tax police inspector, spilled the beans in claiming that Pablo Miller recruited him in 2003. He was not caught. Most pertinently he confessed to the FSB when Andrei Lugovoi was accused by the UK of poisoning Alexander Litvinenko. He lost total faith in MI6. It dawned on him that his minders (he named 3 including Pablo Miller) would say anything to try to denigrate Russia and no longer wanted to be part of it.

2009       Pablo Miller’s duty came to an end in Bogota.

Christopher Steele retired as head of the Russian Department of MI6 and founded Orbis Business Intelligence (based in Grosvenor Gardens, London).

2010       Roberto Flórez García convicted in Spain of working for the Russians at the start of the century. It is said he betrayed Skripal as a spy.

Sergei Skripal was exchanged in a deal with the US having served four years of a thirteen year sentence. He came with his wife and daughter to live in Salisbury, the home town of his former minder Pablo Miller.

Pablo Miller was posted to Poland as a counsellor at the British Embassy in Warsaw. On 5 May (shortly before the UK National Election) he wrote a witty tongue-in-cheek letter to the Spectator from Warsaw criticising the apathy of modern youth in being too lazy to vote. This no doubt made his daughters very proud of him!

2011       The Spectator received a letter from Pablo Miller in Poland in praise of Ross Clark and Martin Vander Weyer criticising public sector chief executive salaries compared to those of commanding officers in Helmand, on a mere £70,000 per annum.

2012       Sergei Skripal’s wife, Lyudmilla, died from cancer.

2014       Yulia Skripal returned to Russia.

2015       Pablo Miller received an OBE from Queen Elizabeth II. He retired from MI6 and joined his colleague and former boss Christopher Steele at Orbis Business Intelligence – the company responsible for the “dodgy dossier” on Donald Trump.

2016       Sergei Skripal’s son and older brother of Yulia, Alexander, died from liver failure on a high-speed train in Moscow. This prompted Yulia to remove all family photos from her Facebook account.

Orbis Business Intelligence releases its report on Donald Trump based to a large extent on information supplied by a former Russian intelligence officer.

There are many speculations that this intelligence officer was Skripal, who perhaps should have got out of the game when Zharko did.           

2018       On March 5 the Clinical Services Journal (CSJ) reported “a major incident after two patients were exposed to what was believed to be an opiate . . . an incident . . . in which a man and a woman were exposed to the drug Fentanyl in the city centre.” The drug Fentanyl was redacted later and replaced by “a substance” with the footnote that: “This story was updated on 26 April 2018 to remove suggestion (which was widely speculated and reported at the time of writing) that the substance found was fentanyl.” All credit to the medical journalists who were forced to change the story.

And all credit to the author, Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, of the blog which first exposed the Novichok lie. If I am not mistaken the photographer in the mirror on the first photo bears an uncanny resemblance to the artist’s impression of Pablo Miller in the featured image at the head of this timeline.

Skripals photographer


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  1. The value of the drugs being transported from Estonia is given as £2.4 million.›articles/2007/08/15/spy/

    However at that stage the drugs were opium to be converted to heroin, if I understand correctly, and the value would be more in the region of £1 million..


  2. Not hard to find.
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